Online Shopping Developing as Addictive Habit in Millennial

Pakistani Women Tend to Shop More Than Men

The world has changed massively with the advent of technology. Our dependency on gadgetries has reached up to a point where spending our lives without them seems impossible. Interestingly, we do not even realize this dependency has become addictive now. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until the time we go to bed at night, we perform hundreds of task with the help of electronic items and shopping is one of those. The online shopping is now developing as an addictive habit in millennial. In this post, we will look into the reasons why people are obsessed with the Internet buying. Online Shopping Comes with a Bundle of Bounties Long gone are the days when people had to take the pain of traveling long distances for buying a single mundane item. The pain used to be excessive for those who lived in remote areas where there weren’t lavish malls available. Now, they can buy anything they want without worrying about anything except for the charges they have to pay. The online shopping has allowed them to sit in their rooms with comfort and buy anything. Apart from comfort, they are never time bound to buy anything. Unlike brick-and-mortar shops, one can order things absolutely anytime at all. You don’t have to care whether its early morning or late night; shop at your feasibility and convenience as that’s the beauty of online shopping. Mobile Apps, Newsletters, and Social Media Make Online Shopping Fun Yet Addictive The online shopping becomes a lot easier when you use apps and social media platforms. Moreover, you may also subscribe to the email newsletters to remain updated. These medium make shopping not only easy but fun. You are notified of the newly updated collection of your favorite brand without even searching for it. Websites like Getnow and Yayvo use notification pops up your phone’s screen even when your phone isn’t in use. Similarly, a newsletter email is dropped into your inbox updating you on the latest collection or discount package. Something similar happens when you log in to your Facebook or Instagram as the ads and pictures flow through your newsfeed. All this make resistance to shopping a hell of a challenge. As a result, you end up being addictive to online shopping. Once an Online Customer, Always an Online Customer I remember the time I didn’t rely on online shopping as I was never comfortable with the inability to touch and feel the products. Thanks to the reliable online stores that I have been shopping from the web since the time I first did. The easiness that you get while buying from the web spoils you so much that it becomes irritating for you to go out for shopping. From my small cosmetics items to the kitchen products, I buy everything online and my life is so much at peace now. A person who once shops online get addictive to it as it becomes more of a fun than a task to be performed. There’s no doubt in the fact that once an online buyer, always an online buyer.


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