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Whataburger is a restaurant that as the name suggests serves burgers and fast food. They have made a promise to their customers to provide them with the best meals and service money can buy. They want to know if the diners feel that promise is being upheld by giving feedback. Through the Whataburger Survey on www.whataburgerfeedback.com the customers can tell them if they are satisfied or not with their visit to the restaurant.

About WhataBurger

Whataburger is an American fast food restaurant chain that is based in San Antonio, Texas. One of their specialties is the hamburger which people usually order. The company was started by Paul Burton and Harmon Dobson. They opened the first restaurant in 1950 in Corpus Christi, Texas.WHATA BURGER Survey Survey Benefits

Whataburger knows that its customers time is precious and they do not want them to make the effort of completing the Whataburger Survey for nothing. Even though it only takes a few minutes to complete they have added the incentive of offering one free burger to everyone who takes the survey. In return for your honest opinion on the staff, taste and ambiance of the place you can get something delicious.

All you have to do is take the Whataburger Survey and use the code given at the end at any branch of the restaurant. Their main goal is to find out the level of satisfaction and work on improving any areas they lack in. Just answer some questions about the experience from when you entered to when you exited the restaurant.


1.       Open the official survey website by clicking on this link www.whataburgerfeedback.com

2.       Provide your personal details to proceed to the survey

3.       Rate the restaurant based on your most recent experience to the restaurant

4.       After the survey you will get the coupon code for a free Whataburger. Copy it down on the receipt and present it to the cashier on your next visit to claim your prizeWHATA BURGER Survey


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