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Ascend Consumer Finance

Ascend Consumer Finance

When it comes to applying for loans and some extra financial help, there is a plethora of names out there in the finance market. But just how many of them are suitable to your case? Many of these companies come with perks but their cons over throw their eligibility. Then you have companies that only target those of you who have an excellent credit score or earn a good amount per month. You will find a very few companies out there that provide you a balance. When we mention these companies then we should talk more about Ascent Consumer Finance and learn more about them.

Ascend Consumer Finance

Ascent Consumer Finance is a company that began making an effect to the finance world back in 2015. This company wished to change the traditional approach the other lenders had towards personal loans. Ascend Consumer finance is different because it focuses on those consumers who come with lower FICO scores and wish to establish a healthie financial habits. For that purpose Ascend Consumer Finance has introduced a program called RateRewards. This additional and optional program simply helps incentivize a healthier financial habit in their clients such as creating savings account, limiting credit card usage, paying your debts and so on.

Ascend Consumer Finance will also give a wide variety of loans that you can opt for from their website. They also have an online application option that can help you save time and apply for a desired sum right from your home. While there is a variety under Ascend Consumer Finance, this company is known for their personal loans for clients specifically. So, let’s explore them a little.

Ascend Consumer Finance Personal Loans

The personal loans by Ascend Consumer Finance require a minimum FICO score of 580. This score is relatively lower than the requirements of various traditional companies. To be eligible you must earn about $35,000 per year. This helps target the low income earners as well.

Ascend Consumer Finance

The problem with Ascent Consumer Finance personal loan is that you can only go for an amount within $2,600 to $12,500. With that you have to pay a heavy APR too. The APR on your tax comes between the range of 27 percent to 36 percent. However, you are not charged any application fee, origination fee, prepayment fine pay and so on for any type of loan with Ascend Consumer Finance.

What is best is that there is no late fee charges either. So, If you are in Alabama, Utah, Illinois, California, Georgia, Missouri, Utah and Oregon you can apply and get help from Ascent Consumer Finance.


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