The companion of your ride that won’t let you down: Philips 66 Fuel Survey

While planning a long ride a lot of things are to be kept in mind and under consideration to have a relaxed and trouble free tour. Your ride should be well maintained and serviced to give you a nice experience of traveling. But the question is how can you maintain and have a good experience on your vehicle? The answer is Philip66. Yes you heard it right. The Philip 66 is the best you can do to your vehicle. It is consumed less on longer rides. It makes it long lasting. The Philip 66 keeps your engine energetic and healthy. It is available all around US after every few kilometers to keep up with you and be there when you need them. To share your experience with Philip 66 fill in the Philip 66 Fuel Survey at

About Philips 66

The Philips 66 petroleum company was found a century ago in 1917. It is a US based energy and petroleum company. Its headquarters are based in Texas, Houston and Westchase. They have the best petroleum service and quality in US and other parts of the world. Its products are petroleum, natural gas, aviation fuels, motor fuels and lubricants.

Philips 66 Fuel Survey

Instructions with images

You can share your experience at the Philips 66 pump station with us on Philips 66 Survey. The survey is simple and intends to get the insight of your experience at the Philips 66 and to make improvements in their service and quality. To take the Philips 66 Fuel Survey you are to follow the procedure explained below in short steps along with images to help you.

  1. Open the Philips 66 Fuel Survey page on your browser
  2. The web page will open and look like this
  3. On this page you have to enter the asked data in order to proceed with the Philips 66 Fuel survey
  4. Enter the ZIP code at the bottom dialogue box at the left.
  5. You can find your zip code on the receipt typed at the top
  6. If you don’t know your zip code then kindly look at the option on the right side
  7. Choose the right options from the fields and enter the Start button to begin the Philips 66 Survey.

Philips 66 Fuel Survey

Are you Eligible?

To prevent the unwanted entrees the Philips 66 Fuel Survey has decided some parameters that are to be met to fill in the survey. The parameters are simple and are must to follow. No leniency will be shown in this.

The participant must;

  • Be 18 years of age or older than this
  • Be a legal resident of US
  • Also be an identity card holder
  • Have a driving license
  • Have the legal papers of the vehicle

If someone fulfills the above mentioned eligibility criteria then they are all set to take the Philips 66 Survey.

Winner Notification

Every month 60 prizes will be given away and you can be one lucky winner. The winner will be decided on the basis of lucky draw. So all the game depends on your luck. The winner will win a $25 gas card. The winners will be notified about the results by posting the list of the winners on every Philips 66 pump. The winners will also be informed on SMS, email and call. They’ll be contacted on the information provided at the time of form filling of the Philips 66 Survey.

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