TikTok warns users: Security breach exposed personal data of hundreds of millions users

TikTok user

Hundreds of millions of TikTok users have been exposed to hacker; hacks due to a major flaw in application security. Cybercriminals could have accessed personal data such as private addresses, emails, birth dates or the full names of Internet users.

TikTok warns its hundreds of millions of users: a major security breach in the application system has exposed them to a serious risk of hacking. Experts say the hackers could have accessed personal data such as private addresses, emails or dates of birth. The information is reported by our colleagues from The Mirror.

Technical bugs have since been fixed. These flaws had been reported to Byte Dance, the Chinese company that manages TikTok, by cybersecurity researchers from Check Point. Hackers may have sent fake text messages, under the guise of TikTok, to the victims. By clicking on the link contained in the message, malicious people could have accessed users’ accounts, allowing them to delete or upload videos.

According to TikTok, a review of the customer support files did not indicate that any attack actually took place.


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