What should we do in Quarantine (COVID-19)

Letter to the Editor

Parents always complain about their children, that they spend most of their time on mobile phones, video games, television instead of spending time with their families. They don’t take part in any physical activity at all, which can lead to different types of health problems such as the increased risk of brain cancer, sleep disorders, neurological disorders, blurred vision, neck and back pain, etc among the youngsters. The parents always have their children’s best interests at heart. Even then at times, their verdict can be flawed. Children just want to have fun, and a lot of times the parent’s criticism of the overuse of social media and other digital recreations tends to drive the kids and youngsters away.  

It is a sad thing that kids and youngsters these days do not find their family’s company very desirable and tend to plug themselves in their rooms or prefer secrecy. Due to this mutual contempt among family members, children often don’t feel very comfortable sharing their confidential esprit at home. Therefore, they turn to their playmates for the ease that is withheld at home. Without a trusting bond between parents and their children, it is easy for the later to go crooked. It is essential for parents to set boundaries with their children, but at the same time, they should pose some flexibility to develop a comfort zone for the children so they can come and share their everyday activities with their family members without the fear of harsh verdicts and punishments. That way parents can nudge their children in the straight direction and can safely maintain an eye on the company that they keep.

It is extremely important to find mutual ground and for that reason, parents should try spending some time doing activities that their children enjoy or at least try to understand why they enjoy these pastimes. If the kids see their parents taking interest in their personal lives it might urge them to return the favor and take a step towards getting to know their families. Once we change our viewpoint there are a ton of things that can strengthen family bonds. I believe this quarantine time would be perfect to reignite familial bonding. We can always take time off from our daily chores and other unnecessary stuff to spend some quality time with our beloved family members, playing games, watching movies and tv shows, reading books and novels, telling stories, cooking, helping each other in house chores and talking with each other. This pandemic has made it very clear that we do not have extensive time left with our beloved family members. What we take for granted every day can be taken as a blessing during this quarantine to create everlasting remembrances with the people who are bound with us through blood and love us unequivocally in this universe. 

Muhammad Shahmir Owais

Wah Cantt, Taxila


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