HCCI VP concern on night time power load shedding

night time power load shedding

HYDERABAD: Senior vice president Hyderabad chamber of commerce and industry Muhammad Shakir Memon has taken exception to the load shedding of electricity by HESCO since few days despite fact that more than 80% of business and government offices remain closed while on the other coronavirus affected people were being treated at isolation centers set up by government including at hospitals. In such a situation it was out of senses to carry out power outage which was increasing worries and miseries of people.

In a statement issued here, Muhammad Shakir Memon said during load shedding at night hours people are forced to come out of their homes due to intensive heat.

He said long and unscheduled load shedding was causing fright among people as they fear the number of coronavirus patients might increase. He deplored that for the last 3 years HESCO continues to tease citizens as its tradition. He said HCCI demands from the administration to ask HESCO to refrain from load shedding.


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