Raw, Passionate & Empowering: Saba Jaswal doesn’t hold back with her latest single “Brave it”

Saba Jaswal

ISLAMABAD: Saba Jaswal’s latest single “Brave it” is the anthem everyone needs to hear especially women: Dedicated to those who have been exploited at the hands of an abuser. It is a song which reminds them to look within themselves, to understand their strength, their resolve and the determination to do better. To stand strong against the tormentors and not just survive but to thrive. The song implores the abused to get up, take control and make their own decisions. A confident individual can be invincible and is capable of so much more than the world thinks. Take your destiny in your own hands and make it what you want it to be. 

Penned by the vocalist, the upbeat disco era inspired tune is Saba Jaswal’s second single and produced by Natasha Humera Ejaz. The music combined with Saba Jaswal’s fierce and deep vocals results in a track imbibed with confidence and unwavering strength. Directed by Adnan Aslam & Umair Mushtaq, the video of “Brave it” is a pictorial representation of power, confidence and asserting independence. Starring Imaan Shahid, Saba Bano Malik, Sundus Jamil and the singer herself, the visual captures the multiple emotions of strength.

The song demands accountability and justice from the harassers/abusers. It confronts their methods and announces determination to stand tall against injustice.

Saba Jaswal on the release of “Brave it” and the inspiration on the singing & writing the single said, “This single is very close to my heart, it is my way of honouring everyone especially women who have gone through the ordeals of abuse & harassment and found the courage to move beyond it and grow, flourish & prosper. With this song, I would like those who might be in terrifying situations of abuse to know that it is possible to get away, recover and start a new.”

Saba Jaswal is a singer/songwriter based out of Islamabad, she released her debut single, “You & I” featuring Abdullah Siddiqui last year to much acclaim and recognition. Saba Jaswal is a development expert by profession and has been working at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK since 2011. A career she feels has taught her the realities of life for so many and the trials & tribulations they face on a daily basis.

Music is part of her family, married to Yasir Jaswal, a singer, writer, filmmaker, and award-winning music director. While her brothers-in-law, Umair and Uzair Jaswal have made a name for themselves in Pakistan as Musicians. Saba Jaswal had a flair for music since her childhood, especially singing. Recently, she has focused on her interest in writing and singing and hopes to continue making more music.


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