Daulatram Lohana asks people to refrain from mocking lockdown

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HYDERABAD, April 28, 2020: President Hyderabad Chamber of small traders and small industries Daulatram Lohana has asked people not to make a mockery of the lockdown the sep government has taken to protect people from pandemic coronavirus.

Daulatram Lohana said as so far no vaccine of this virus has been invented as such the only way to remain safe was in adopting precautionary measures including social distancing. He said much adoption of measures we can remain safe from the effects of it.

He asked federal and provincial governments to rush aid packages and relief to common people so that they can get benefits from packages and can remain at homes. He made an appeal to traders, industrialists, and other philanthropists to provide cash and ration items to poor and needy in their areas so people can remain at homes.


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