Jessica Minh Anh’s story provides hope to young entrepreneurs during the pandemic

Jessica Minh Anh

You might remember an iconic photo featuring a fashion model wearing the American Flag on level 63 of the unfinished One World Trade Center. Jessica Minh Anh brought a positive image of unity and diversity to the new symbol of resiliency and strength for America with an impressive catwalk production six months before the tower officially opened. The famed catwalk producer started her unique career during the Great Recession. Her inspiring story and success provide HOPE to young entrepreneurs, who are currently facing similar challenges in a time of fear and uncertainty.

In her recent TEDx Talk “EMBRACE PRESSURE TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD”, producer and supermodel Jessica Minh Anh shared her journey of starting her career in the UK during the Great Recession. As a young foreign graduate, Jessica found her job prospects limited as a result of a worldwide economic meltdown and staff reductions. A creative risk taker, Jessica saw an opportunity to craft her own career path as an unconventional fashion show producer using her skills, knowledge and experience in event management, PR, and IT. She pitched her ideas of combining art, architecture, culture, fashion, and technology atop the world’s most iconic monuments to major companies. 11 years later, Jessica Minh Anh is famously known for revolutionizing modern catwalks with extraordinary visual concepts and powerful messages. A sustainability advocate, she has not only made history on the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, Grand Canyon Skywalk, and One World Trade Center, but also successfully promoted renewable energy atop Hoover Dam, GemaSOLAR power plant, and Race For Water solar-wind-hydro powered vessel to name a few. Her most recent “Runway on the Runway”, which took place at the JFK in New York right before the lockdown, highlighted the globally sustainable supply chain,

Today, the COVID-19 Pandemic has created another crisis of epic proportions. Yet as, it is an opportunity for entrepreneurs like Jessica to innovate and reinvent their businesses.

Jessica has continuously diversified her productions aside from her many catwalks. She created a Fashion x Sustainability travel series to explore and promote upcycling, bioGREEN technology, renewable energy, and technology that transforms waste into electricity or water in the Maldives, Malaysia, and USA. In 2020, she plans to produce a docuseries featuring behind-the-scenes of her exciting yet challenging productions with a major network, as well as active collaborate with advanced technological fashion brands, gaming platforms, and robotics.

“Jessica Minh Anh is a powerful driving force from concept to flawless execution. Her ability to get things done under the most challenging circumstances is unparalleled. She is a great brand ambassador in relaying the sustainability message and promoting innovation. I believe she will lead the way for the young generation cut to the heart of the global challenge after the pandemic”, said Reiner Wolfs, Vice President & General Manager, DHL Express USA.


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