10 food points sealed over PFA act violations

Punjab Food Authority

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed 10 food points and discarded thousands of kilograms unwholesome food while carrying out a grand operation against adulterators across Punjab here on Tuesday.

The operation was launched on the directions of PFA Director General Irfan Memon. The purpose of the inspection was to ensure healthy and safe food in the market. Food safety teams have visited dozens of eateries and examined the hygiene issues and food quality in a daylong operation.

According to details, PFA has sealed Riasat Sweets in Gujjar Khan for preparing sweets in rancid oil. Meanwhile, PFA Rawalpindi team closed down Rajpoor Dairy due to selling impure and substandard milk. In another raid, food safety team raided New Karachi Samosa Patti and sealed it over the presence of insects in the production area and poor cleanliness arrangements.

In South Punjab, PFA has sealed Al-Habib, Gujjar Foods, Momina Foods and NWH Foods. PFA has sent samples of Mango Flavours, Rooh Afza and Al-Habib Sting Drink for laboratory analyses. DG said that further action would be taken against them in light of the laboratory test report.

He said that NWH Foods was closed down for preparing toffees with hazardous ingredients. The raiding team was also witnessed the poor cleanliness arrangements and the presence of insets. During the operation, PFA’s watchdog confiscated 7,500 empty bottles; 1,675 coloured toffees; 677kg beverages, 75kg non-food graded items, 300 litre substandard juice, 300 litre Rooh Afza and 48 litres flavours.

PFA Sargodha team raided Kooh-e-Noor Vermicelli unit and sealed it over the presence of rats in the production area, prepared vermicelli with poor quality ingredients and over fake labelling of popular brands. A team of PFA also shut down Ittihad Dairy for selling adulterated milk. Further, PFA has sealed two general stores due to selling expired spices. The provincial food regulatory body has seized 514kg vermicelli; 1,100kg flour, two machines and oven along with discarded 400-litre substandard milk

Irfan Memon said that PFA will not tolerate adulteration in eatables and took strict action against violators as per the provincial food law. He said that food safety teams are vigilantly monitoring to ensure the provision of healthy and save food during the holy month of Ramadan.


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