Russian nurse Nadia, 23, who wore only lingerie in transparent protective gown went viral

Russian nurse Nadia

Think about the agenda of the world recently in Russia and there was a very talked-about buzz. In a hospital in Tula, Russia, a nurse, Nadia, who wore only lingerie in transparent protective clothing has been went viral across the internet. The nurse had received a warning penalty for risking both patients’ and their own health. The identity of the nurse, which confuses the whole world, has been determined.

In Russia, the nurse who treated patients by wearing only underwear in transparent protective clothing has become the focus of the reactions.

New developments took place in the incident that the world spoke to. The identity of the nurse has been revealed. It turned out that the nurse the world spoke to was a young woman named Nadia, who was learned to be 23 years old.

Russian nurse Nadia

Nadia, 23, who received a warning sentence, declined to comment after the incident, and one of her co-workers shared, “We are not photographs in your gallery, stop taking our pictures”.

A citizen speaking to Tula News; “You’ll definitely get angry with Nadia. Don’t be angry at the management that doesn’t keep the hospital cool enough,” he said.

The Russian nurse defended herself by saying that she acted like she was overwhelmed by working in hot weather conditions, but due to this incident, an investigation was started and a warning sentence was given to the nurse.


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