COVID-19 in Pakistan

Letter to the Editor

As the world is fighting against the COVID-19 today, Pakistan is also terribly facing the impacts of pandemic COVID-19.  If we go back and talk about last 5 months, we are constantly listening the horrible news of the novel COVID-19 and its impacts on the human body that shaken the whole world’s economy and spread the fear and terror all over the world. 

Most of the countries did not take this pandemic seriously, while it was spreading in its early stages, consequently they bear heavy loses of the human lives. Pakistan also one of them, who did not take it seriously.  Ultimately it was spread rapidly and now there are 62,000 + cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan; 20,231 patients are recovered and 1,260 are died in just 60 days.

The reason of rapid spreading of Coronavirus in our country is not surely following the SOPs laid down by the government. Even lockdown is fully imposed and business activities are suspended but the number of cases are growing constantly.

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not followed by the people even Supreme Court’s ordered for the relaxation in the lockdown.

We know that this pandemic is existing in our environment and it would be remained for more months as it has been seen due to its rapid spread. 

In this context, I would urge to the people of Pakistan kindly take precautionary measures to avoid this pandemic for the safe and healthy society. 

Similarly, I would urge to the health ministry to make sure necessary arrangements and awareness in the society to avoid this pandemic and make clear all rumors spreading in this context of the pandemic in the mind of the people. 

Ashna Syed 



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