Harry and Meghan Markle blasted for ‘feeding the press’ with their antics

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been getting blasted by the public ever since they decided to severe their ties with the royal family.

In the latest row, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have drawn flak over their behavior since they moved across the pond to Los Angeles.

Royal commentator James Max hit out at the two during a row on the Jeremy Vine Show as he claimed that the pair has made a number of mistakes ever since they moved to LA by fueling the media scrutiny with their larks.

“The terrible thing about this is it is a horrible tragedy. It is a mess for the constitution, Royal Family and for personal relations between those in the Royal Family. It is almost a massive cry for help as if history is repeating itself,” said Max.

He further pondered on the reasons why the two decided to step back from their roles as senior royals.

“What is even worse about it though is if Meghan and Harry wanted to go away and to move away from the Royal Family because they didn’t want that kind of responsibility there are different places other than LA to go. There are different ways to behave if you don’t want oxygen,” he said.

“What Meghan and Harry are really saying to us is we want to do things in the way we want. They are saying we don’t want to be questioned or criticised for what we do. In particular, when they have talked about the environment don’t then go get on a private plane because you can. We are talking about people who are exceptionally privileged,” he added.

Jeremy Vine defending the couple said, “Maybe the environment thing was a mistake, let us give them that.”

“Why not leave the Royal Family and go to where you can get acting work for Meghan? That place is LA, why not do that? There is a logic there,” Vine further defended.

“The environment thing wasn’t the only mistake. It is just the fact Meghan and Harry have form on feeding the press,” argued an unconvinced Max. 


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