HMC passes 3.02 billions budget for 2020-21


HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC) in its council session held here passed budget amounting to Rs.3.02 billions for the year 2020-21. Council session was chaired by HMC Mayor Syed Tayyab Hussain and was attended by all members of HMC council. Budget has shown big amounts on  expenses  including on drainage, construction and repair and desilting, construction of roads and their repair and maintenance, parks, playgrounds, tree plantation, beautification of city, construction ,repair and maintenance of residential quarters of HMC employees, maintenance and repair of Jinnah Council Hall and adjoining offices, repair and maintenance of Eidgah and graveyards Muslims and minorities, facilities, pensions, gratuity of HMC employees and construction of bus stand .

Addressing council session Mayor Syed Tayyab Hussain said during last 4 years they were facing difficulties in providing facilities and basic needs to citizens due to lack of finances for which Sindh government never was serious. He said even for rain emergency and removal and disposal of offals on Eidul Azha Sindh Minister promised to provide financial help but such an important work was also done on its own by HMC. He said you all know that HMC was not getting its share of OZT which become Rs.2 billion and 36.3 million but they only get 112 million. He said to pay HMC its legal share does not mean it is meant for elected representatives but only for development of city. But they were neglected on political grounds by provincial government. He said his aims and objects were meant to provide basic needs to city and citizens.

City Mayor said the where coronavirus had paralyzed whole world including our country. HMC had to incur huge amounts on lock down as also was affected by its income. Despite these conditions we believe in continued struggle and our aim has been to serve city and its citizens on equal terms without discrimination of race and ethnicity. He announced until they were in authorities Me and every council member of MQM and also HMC employees were destined to use our energies to convert Hyderabad as an exemplary and beautiful city.

He thanked to all council members, friends, officers, employees and others for their cooperation as members of one family during last 4 years. He also thanked to journalists for suggestions and pointing his shortcomings. He thanked leader of opposition Pasha Kazi and council members Javed Jabbar, Ayaz Arain and other council members for their cooperation.

He presented budget for 2020-21 to council session which was approved unanimously. Municipal Commissioner Anis Dasti was also present on rostrum while council officer Mohsin Shaikh performed duty of all announcements from opening session to its closing.


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