Water level rose at River Indus, 90 villages were inundated in Katcho area of Dadu and Jamshoro districts

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DADU: Water level is rising in River Indus and it has inundated a total of 90 villages at different places of Katcho areas in Dadu and Jamshoro districts. Water level was rising in river Indus near Jhaloo, Moundar, Amniani, Lakky Shah Saddar, Talti, Sann and Manjhand towns in Katcho area. People have started to evacuate their houses in the Katcho area.  

During a visit at River Indus near Dadu, speaking with this correspondent Chief Engineer Sukkur barrage Irshad Ali Memon said that water level was rising at River Indus and watching was started at vulnerable portions of dykes at left and right sides. He said that patrolling along with LS-Larkana Sehwan dyke was also started by irrigation officials and still water has not touched LS bund.

 He said that water level at upstream of Guddu Barrage 458199 cusecs, downstream Guddu 451471 cusecs were recorded. He said that water level at upstream Sukkur Barrage was 359878 cusecs and downstream Sukkur Barrage was 339338 cusecs. He said that water level at Kotri Barrage upstream was 176892 cusecs and downstream was cusecs 176092.

He said that water level was rising in river Indus at Dadu-Moro Bridge and level of water raised till 124.9 RL.

Speaking with correspondent Mohammad Ayoob Soomro, Chief Engineer irrigation department and deputy Project Director of rehabilitation of Sindh Barrages Improvement Project of Sukkur and Guddu Barrages funded by World Bank said that all portions of Guddu and Sukkur Barrages were safe and flood water was passing without any harm. He said that all dykes along with Guddu Barrage and Sukkur Barrages were safe and flow of water was passing from Guddu, Sukkur and Kotri barrages under watch of irrigation department.  

“Water level was rising rapidly but boats were not provided by district administration Dadu to evacuate their houses and bring their family members at safe places,” said Mohammad Hassan Chandio resident of Dano Chandio village of Katcho area of Dadu taluka.

“Water of river Indus was moving towards their village after inundating waste area of Katcho area but tents were not provided by district administration Dadu a villagers wanted to shift their families at LS bund near Dadu,” said Mst Shahidan Khirl resident o village Khiral of Dadu.

“Situation will be more worsened as flow of water was high and it was raising rapidly and it will cause heavy loss of property and lives if the district administration will not take immediate steps to shift the people from Katcho area to Pakoo area,” said Razi Khan resident of village Shaikh Gulab of Katcho area.

“No one single officer from district administration Dadu and irrigation department was seen to patrol along with LS bund to look into situation of water or to guide people from protection of flood water in advance,” said Nadeem Ahmed Syal resident of village Syal.

“Not a single elected representative had visited area to support and help the people of Katcho area “ “said Ali Mohammad Chohan resident of village Chohan”. While, water level is raising in River Indus at dadu-moro bridge and it was developing pressure at J Spur near Dadu-Moro bridge.


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