45,000 feet long water supply line in Nishkoh area of upper Chitral completed

Chitral longest water supply scheme completed at Upper Chitral

CHITRAL: The longest pipeline in the upper Chitral of Nishkoh area ​​ has been completed which will provide drinking water  to 350 house holds  of the area. Muhammad Asif, sub-engineer of the public health engineering  department, and representatives of the construction company along with elites of the area inspected the project from source.

According to Engineer Asif, this is the longest pipeline which is 45000 feet long it  completed with a  cost of Rs. 450 million.. He said that the tender for this scheme was awarded in 2015 but the work on it was stopped several times due to resentment and differences among the people of the area.

He further said that Secretary Public Health and senior officers had also come for the success of this scheme but some people were not ready to leave this pipeline from their land and were seeking employment in this project. However, a jirga of local dignitaries was formed and they were persuaded that a pipeline would be carried through their land.

He said that this water comes from a river but the local labors  had made the water tank and water drain defective for which they were strongly instructed to rebuild it according to work order standard.

Local dignitaries and former councilors also inspected the scheme. Now the water falls into the tank and in the next few weeks the water will be delivered door to door through the pipeline.

Azam Khan, former councilor of the area, said that earlier we were forced to drink the muddy water of the river and our women used to bring water in  fetch from far-flung areas.

Pesh Imam  of the Jama Masjid in the area also expressed happiness and satisfaction over the completion of the project, saying that 70% work has been completed and only 30% is left, including straightening the pipeline in different places The project will be completed after concealing the pipe to burry , and delivering water to homes through the pipeline, as well as repairing the water channel and tank where the water comes from.

On this occasion, Haji Mehboob Azam, Chief Executive of the construction company, in his  telephonic message to the people, said that they should resolve their differences and work together to make this project a success. He assured that he would not leave the project until it  completed and water reaches door to door and even if he  face  to loss even than he will not left it incomplete it. He is ready for the same but the people are requested to refrain from creating unnecessary hurdles and pray for the success of this project.

People in the area thanked Mehboob Azam and  public health department and hoped that the project would be completed in the next few weeks and clean drinking water would be reach their homes. It is worth to mention here that there was acute shortage of drinking water in this area and people were forced to drink dirty water of river. Some people used to bring drinking water from far flung areas in buckets, coolers and pots in vehicles. With the completion of this project  people will get rid of thesedifficulties.


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