Power of Heterosuggestions

Letter to the Editor

Everyone in this world face some difficulties at any stage of life but why such problems or difficulties occur for a long time or why we are unable to handle such problems? Most of the time we focused on negative parts so the most trivial matter seems overwhelming this is because we don’t know how to handle such little or big problems or even we couldn’t find a right advisor and the condition may worsen which leads to a worse effect on mental health and such situations lead to major depressive mental health conditions. If your problem is related to health issues whether it is you or your any friend or family member the method of heterosuggestions with medical treatment is a very useful procedure. There is another suggestion which is called auto-suggestion in which a person is giving suggestions to himself or herself but we talk about it later. Heterosuggestions is a process in which a person is giving suggestions to another person so that his/her subconscious mind accepts it as reality and can perform its work according to suggestions or instructions were given to it. Suppose your child fails every time in a class exam or got poor grades and you want your child to be in a top position in his/her class then you start giving him/her suggestions that you are a very talented child, you are very fond of learning, you can earn good marks, you are brilliant and you can achieve good grades. When you repeat such suggestions daily with talking to your child then after sometimes a child will begin to perform his/her work as you suggested it because the instructions accepted by his subconscious mind understand it as reality. Remember we have two parts of our brain one is the conscious mind and the other is the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is you are aware in a present moment, what you feel now and think now and the subconscious mind controls all the vital functions of your body such as heartbeat, digestion, circulation, respiration, etc, and what you think or feel whether it is negative or positive your subconscious mind accepts it as reality and can perform its functions what it receives from your conscious mind.  Heterosuggestions may be in the form of talking with someone and receive positive suggestions, reading a book, listening to a video related to motivation or affirmations, etc. Heterosuggestions may be destructive or constructive and it is up to you whether you receive or accept negative suggestions or reject it for example if someone says you can’t achieve it then you may ask why I can’t achieve it? I can achieve it because I have the ability and  it is related to my passion so how hard task it is I can achieve it. If there is a cancer patient and doctor finally said that you have no more time you can’t live longer then reject this destructive suggestion and say I can live longer and that is about to happen. People who are suffering from cancer or any other serious disease may say that it is very easy to speak but this disease kills a person actually disease can’t kill a person it is our negative thoughts and assumptions who kill us just take precautions and keep positive thoughts. You may have seen some cancer patients who returned to a healthy life instead of dying why they return to a healthy life because of their positive thoughts they would never have accepted negative suggestions asked by doctors they have pure faith that they will defeat the disease and such people give themselves positive suggestions which is often called affirmations like:
• I am healthy and fit and each organ of my body is functioning well
• My body is healed, restored and filled with energy.
•  I have abundant energy vitality and well-being.
So if someone not here to give positive suggestions to you and you need to listen some positive suggestions for feeling relaxed, happy and motivated just go to YouTube type “daily positive affirmations” and listen to it and believe that all is well around you. 

Written by Afrah Imran

Karachi, Pakistan


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