The New Moon: A New Platform Celebrating A Discerning Approach To Wellness Rituals

A sophisticated, minimalist edit of objects to enhance home and self-care rituals, coupled with a focused content offering that delves into contemporary wellness culture


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 24 March 2021 – The New Moon is a new retail and content platform. The distinctive online space seeks to bring a sense of luxury and avant-garde style to the world of wellness, with an succinct edit of products chosen as much for form as function.

The New Moon’s edits can guide you in selecting the correct gift for the modern mystic in your life

The New Moon’s curated boutique presents the items that become an indispensable part of any wellness journey; objects that are minimalist and luxurious, selected to elevate the home while bringing forth positive energy through the principles of good design. The approach further extends from the tangible to the intangible – through an explorative editorial platform, The New Moon will also investigate wellness practices through the eyes of healers, practitioners, industry luminaries and real women.

As the founder of an interior design firm, Kaye Dong was driven to create The New Moon after noticing a dearth of design-driven home-rituals items that added visual gratification to her home altar, deciding to pull together an edit of sophisticated objects that unite form, function and the flow of energy. These range from diffusers and incense burners to healing crystals, as well as an inspiring selection of books that cover a variety of wellness topics, from moon bathing to astrology, mindfulness to slow living, all selected with a highly discerning eye.


Many of the brands found on The New Moon are conceived with passion and intention from creatives whose imagination crosses disciplines, or artisans who are influenced by other fields.

Left to right: Hyssop Concrete Dome Diffuser by Photogenics + Co., Circa Mineral Incense Burner by Cinnamon Projects; Cubic Oil Burner by Addition Studio

The line-up includes minimal yet subversive diffusers and scented products by LA-based model agency Photogenics + Co.; geometrically riveting incense stands by branding firm Cinnamon Projects; Brutalist, sculptural stone aromatherapy burners by furniture designer Addition Studio; and a series of ornate, gilded nesting bowls by ceramicist Christina Liu that have been custom created for The New Moon.


The New Moon has created an edit of gifting suggestions that follow themes relevant to the modern urban sophisticate.

And a little extra zen is surely welcome in every household. Aromatherapy and crystals that promote relaxation are a perenial good choice – we recommend kyanite or the more unusual black amethyst, and oils such as Japanese scent specialist @aroma’s For Rose Dream to assist in easy slumber.

Those who need a little bit of luck in love will feel an immediate connection to spodumene kunzite, a healing crystal that allows its recipient to accept love, from others as well as the self. For daily confidence and guidance, using the beautifully illustrated Inner Compass Cards is a reassuring way to start every day with a positive attitude to manifest love.

Grounding is also of great importance, in order to set strong foundations and achieve goals. Stone aromatherapy burners from Addition Studio have a natural grounding effect, while stones such as black tourmaline can assist in connecting to the earth. Bodha’s Vibration Perfume No. 1 plunges the olfactory sense into a stable, natural environment.

With the trials and tribulations of 2020, cleansing rituals are of particular importance to clear negative energies, leaving room to usher in positivity and new beginnings. Our palo santo is larger than the average, with more oils infused into each stick, making for a more fragrant session. Besides clear quartz, stones such as vivianite, hematite and glass fluorite also have natural cleansing abilities.


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