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Our house normally includes all of our treasured belongings and memories. Decorations and furniture are almost everywhere. It is a place where the family usually gets together and makes memories. Our home is where we eat, work and sleep. It is also where we store some of our monetary possessions too. That is why we should be very careful about the security of it. It is not uncommon for a robbery to take place every once in a while. Most neighbourhoods are safe although some at the edge of town may need assistance. 

There are several ways we can make our house foolproof. It is just a matter of judging which one is best for you. When living in shady neighbourhoods it is always better to invest in security. This makes the chances of getting robbed much slimmer. The added security measures also make the resale value increase. Here are a few ways you can enhance the security of your home. 

Inexpensive Ways

When it comes to security, many believe they would have to spend a lot of money. However, there are also several ways to make your house more secure without spending. Some of them are as follows. 

Lock The Doors And Windows

An effortless habit that you need to establish is to lock your doors and windows. This ensures that your house is as secure as can be without spending. It is important to lock your doors at night before you sleep. Similarly, many people forget to close their windows at night. Setting up reminders to do both can be very helpful. At the very least, this makes sure the robbers don’t have any easy way in. 

Have Night Lights Set-Up

The sight of lights often directs any possible robbers away. It shows a lively household that is less than ideal for robbers. Setting up lights that illuminate your garden at night can make a very big difference. Having a few lights on in rooms that are visible from the outside is also helpful. 

Encrypt Your Wifi

A simple yet effective way to keep robbers and potential hackers outside is to get better wifi security. It is important on researching how to get better wifi security to use on yours. This is especially useful if you use smart home appliances that work on wifi. Hackers can hack and manipulate your appliances too. That is why you should invest your time in higher wifi security. 

Security Cameras 

Security cameras are the ideal security system that many households use. Factories that house automatic robotics such as a palletizing robot arm also have security cameras. Similarly, installing these cameras in key areas around and inside your house is vital. Security cameras are ideal for home systems mainly because they can be controlled via a phone. 

Depending on the quality of your security camera they may have other features too. Some features include night vision and motion detection too. Alerts are usually sent to your mobile device to notify you. The bare minimum needed for a security system is a security camera. Robbers will often avoid these security setups. 

Alarm System

It is helpful to purchase alarm systems in and outside your house. These can include a fire alarm system for accidental fires too. This is helpful for households where there are kids. Some people include an alarm system fitted to the main door too. This can be activated at night to improve security. Anyone trying to get in at night will set the alarm off alerting you. 

Invest In A Safe

A very good security measure is to purchase a safe for your house. A small portable safe can be used to store all your valuable belongings. Expensive jewelry and cash will be safer inside than outside. While this is not a foolproof method of protecting your belongings, it is better than nothing. Portable safes are not very expensive and will be a good addition to a security system. 

Other Small Additions

On top of security cameras and alarms, there are several other small ways to enhance security. These are as follows.

New Door Locks

Some locks can be weak and break easily. It is important to check out all the door and window locks. If any come up as weaker, invest in newer locks for doors and windows. These are a small addition but make a big difference. 

Trim The Hedges

Taking care of your garden is also necessary for safety. Trimming the hedges can diminish hiding spots for burglars. It will also lead to a cleaner and better garden to go with your house. This can turn into a healthy habit of yours too. 

Electric Meter Enclosure

Many houses have an electrical meter located outside. It is easy to manipulate and tamper with that meter. This can be mitigated by investing in a better enclosure for the meter. It is recommended to purchase from trusted electrical meter box manufacturers. This ensures no one will tamper with your meter. 


It helps significantly to safeguard your home, even if just a little bit. These methods make sure your house is protected and your belongings safe. Now you know there are both inexpensive and dedicated methods to security. We hope you implement a few to make your home better and safer for the future.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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