CDM urged on NHA and C&W for early construction of roads

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CHITRAL: An important meeting of the Chitral Development Movement (CDM) was held in a local hotel. The meeting was presided over by Qazi Ali Murad from Mastuj. This was the first very important meeting of its kind as it was attended by the elders of all the valleys from Arandu to Brogel comprising over representative of different civil societies organization from both districts lower and upper Chitral.

For the first time in the history of the Upper District and Lower Chitral, a joint meeting of all the forums of Chitral was held which were striving to play a role in resolving regional issues beyond political, professional, and personal interests. The meeting was attended by Latkoh Development Forum, Drosh Action Forum, Karimabad Development Forum, Turkho Trich Road Forum, Arandu Action Forum, and Ayun Forum. The five-hour meeting unanimously passed a resolution urging the government and responsible agencies to start immediate implementation of all those schemes which were inaugurated by CM, MPA or other leaders. And its fund must be transferred to the account of the  Deputy Commissioner for whose construction a formal tender has been awarded.

 All contractors should be required to start work immediately after the transfer of land compensation. Immediate and practical work should be started on Chitral Garm Chashma Road which has gone through the stages of inauguration many times. Chitral Shandor Road and Chitral to Bumborat Road, fund for purchase of land should be immediately transferred to the account of Deputy Commissioner and practical work should be started. without any further delay, funds should be provided for the construction of Karimabad and Arkari Road and construction of Shughur, Roji Bridge. With the completion of the construction of Mirkhani Aranando Road, the money of local people’s lands ( owners of houses, shops, and gardens) ie compensation should be paid immediately.

Construction work of Mastuja to Broghul Road should be started. The construction work of Booni Torkhoo Road, which has been going on since 2008, should be completed immediately. A jeepable bridge should be constructed to connect the area with the rest of Chitral, so that school-going children, along with other presenters, could be saved from drowning on an annual basis. Upper Trich UC Road should be handed over to C&W Department ie Communication and Works. Funding for the construction of Shishi Koh-e-Mudaklasht Road should be ensured. NHA officials were demanded that the work of the inauguration has been completed. State institutions were urged to utilize 100% of the IMF and World Bank funds in the public interest. Instead of awarding contracts to those contractors who were given tenders at 10 to 50 percent below, legal action should be taken against them because if work is done on 50 percent Below rate what would be the standard of such works? The contractors mostly left those projects incomplete and run away which becomes a headache for the people. The opening ceremony should be held 10 days after the commencement of any project and should be held at the place where the project is being worked on.

The meeting expressed strong reservations that betraying all the leaders coming to Chitral and unveiling various inaugural boards through them is a betrayal of these leaders and the people of the region. From now on all these forums will not allow any inaugural board to be launched in Chitral city. If any leader has to inaugurate any projects without any funds such boards will be evacuated and will be removed.

Representatives from different areas in the meeting also criticized the elected members of the assembly from Chitral saying that responsibilities of those elected representatives who had reached the assemblies by taking votes from the people but they take no interest in solving public issues and now their duties are also being done by this organization. The meeting also expressed disappointment that recently Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman came to Drosh to see some saffron plants after spending millions of rupees on oil in a government helicopter but even he not consult with the elders of the area regarding their issues and they were also insulted on the occasion. Talking to local journalists, the delegates from different valleys said that most of the accidents in Chitral were occur due to the dilapidated conditions of roads in which many precious lives were lost. CDM Chairman Waqas Advocate, Shabbir Ahmed, Inayatullah Asir, Razit Ba Allah, Maulana Israr-ud-Din Hilal, Liaqat Ali, Engineer Isa Khan, and others spoke on the occasion. The meeting was concluded with prayers which were attended by delegates from Arandu, Trich Mir, Turkho, Molkho, Darosh, Garm Chashma, Karimabad, Arkari, Yarkhon, Brugal and far-flung valleys.


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