Ameer Bux Bhutto congrats PTI leadership, workers on historic victory

Sardar Ameer Bux Bhutto

HYDERABAD: Senior vice president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Sardar Ameer Bux Bhutto has congratulated PTI leadership, chairman Imran Khan, workers, and candidates who defeated government-supported candidates under a very difficult situation on historic victory in by-elections of Punjab assembly vacant seats winning about 80 percent of seats defeating the PML of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his son Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz.

In a statement issued Monday, he said this victory proves that the statement of PTI Chief Imran Khan about an international conspiracy against his government and country has proved to be true. He said the example of this victory is unmatchable in the history of elections not only in Pakistan but in the whole world. The voters came out to polling stations in such a big number that its example cannot be found in not only by- elections but also even in general elections. He said the people of Pakistan were now ready to face international exploitative forces.

Sardar Ameer Bux Bhutto added that this victory of PTI proves how so many XYZ ministers and advisors may be in the field but they cannot stand against the Tsunami of people. The result of these by-elections has exposed the real face of the non-popularity of so-called imposed rulers of center and Punjab. He called on defeated federal and Punjab if they feel minor shame they should immediately resign.


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