How to Pack Your Digital Survival Kit

Digital Survival Kit

The world today is in chaos, and anything can happen at any time. Whether it’s a natural calamity like a hurricane, flood, etc., or an economic/political disaster that forces you to leave everything and just run for your survival. In any case, you wouldn’t want to be unprepared at all!

For that, you’ll need a “go bag” or a “go kit” at hand. It should be full of the essentials that’ll help you survive tough times.

In this article, we will tell you the essential tech stuff you should carry in this go bag that can help you in every kind of unprecedented emergency.

Why is it important to have your digital survival kit close to you?

Simply because you want everything within your reach-everything that is going to help you in surviving the toughest situations.

Imagine a scenario here. A hurricane hits your state, and your life is at risk. In such times, you’ll panic and extremely anxious. Thousands of things will be going through your mind. You won’t have time to pack anything. So, in such a crucial time, when you decide to flee, instead of going empty-handed, if you have a go bag or survival kit prepared, you can just grab it and run for your life.

What is a Digital Tech Kit?

Mostly the essentials that people think of in such emergencies include non-perishable food items, extra clothing, some basic medication, and a first aid kit.

However, you’ll also have to consider some items that can make your living easier in tough times.

These include some basic digital tech items that will help you restore contact with the world if destiny ushers you into the wilderness.

Another important point that needs to be mentioned here is that a well-prepared tech kit can be very handy for you even in “non-emergency” situations. For example, when you plan a vacation, amongst other things that you pack, you should pack your tech kit also with the things that can help you stay connected with the world.

Items in your Digital Tech Survival Kit:

A secure bag:

First and foremost, the items that you want in your go bag or survival kit must be put in a safe environment, ideally a waterproof and dustproof bag or case.

Most of the digital items that we use these days are not waterproof. So, that is definitely a must. Imagine yourself finally reaching an island after a long swim. You’re tired and want to connect instantly so that you can call for help. You are relying on your survival kit. But when you open it, all your hopes die as you see half of the items inside gone bad because of the water!

So, the most important thing to keep your stuff secure is a good duffel bag or a sports bag that is waterproof and dustproof too.

External Data Collection Devices:

You may not always remember to carry your documents. But if you have external data storage devices, they can come in handy in tough situations.

For that, you’ll need to keep at least two to three pen drives or USB devices. Save the soft copies of all your important documents like passports, identity cards, driving licenses, birth/marriage certificates, all insurance documents and deed papers, educational documents, etc.

You can use one device to store all your medical information, which can help you get medical aid in emergencies.

Other items:

You can add extra SD cards, readers, portable operating systems, and adapters to this list too.

Items for Recharging and Reconnecting:

1-     Power banks:

This is extremely important. You’ll need all your tech stuff to recharge. And for that, portable power banks are a must. If they are wireless, that’s even better.

Make sure to invest in a good quality brand that can keep the power bank charged for a longer period.

2-     Multi-adapters and USB cables:

If you are stuck at an airport, or a faraway café, you’ll probably get access to their computer. But you may need to connect to their system that has different slots or USB ports. In such a case, you can use your universal adapters or multi-adapters for connection.

So, make sure to invest in a really good one here. Preferably buy the one with USB-A and USB-C modalities.

3-     Spare batteries:

Keep all types of dry batteries that you can think of- AA, AAA, C, D, button batteries, etc.

4-     Extra phones:

To reconnect with the world, you’ll need a phone. Buy a good mobile phone that has all the basic tech functionalities that can make your survival easier.

Apart from a normal mobile phone, you should have a satellite phone also, in case you do not have coverage. These phones can be used only in emergencies, but you should always have one in your digital survival kit.

5-     Accessory sim card:

Have extra sim cards with prepaid credit to make calling easier, even if you are in another country.

6-     Wi-Fi Hotspot:

A portable Wi-Fi hotspot device will help you connect easily, without draining your phone batteries.

Every person’s needs are different. But a good tech survival kit should carry all the items that are mentioned in this article. You can add some more if you think of any.


Tips to remember while preparing your tech survival kit are:

  • Prepare all your documents beforehand
  • Get all your items in the checklist first and then buy the bag/case.

Remember this, you are going to carry this bag yourself. So, make sure that while it contains all the important stuff, it’s still easy for you to carry. You may not have access to any conveyance, and you are probably on foot for some time. So, make sure that this bag is not too heavy that it becomes impossible for you to carry even!

  • Don’t focus on the cost – focus on the longevity and quality of your items.
  • Lastly, in any situation, focus on saving your life first. Other things are important but not as important as your life!


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Lahore Times.

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