Cheque distribution ceremony to Kalash Qazi, Orphans held at Rumboor

Cheque distribution ceremony to Kalash Qazi, Orphans held at Rumboor

CHITRAL: To support financially religious leaders of the Kalash community Qazi and community cheque distribution ceremony was held at Rumboor valley. Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Minority Affairs Wazir Zada ​​Kailash said that we celebrate all the festivals of the minority community officially because the minority people also have equal citizens rights in Pakistan. He said that we include three festivals of Kailash, which is being supported financially by the Provincial Government Department of Auqaf and Minority Affairs and KP govt cooperates fully with these people so that they can celebrate their religious rituals without any hindrance. Cheques of Rs.4800 per head were distributed to 550 people as financial help to them so that they could prepare to celebrate their festivals in a full manner. They were also given cash so that they would not be burdened. Similarly, relief cheques were also distributed among the orphans of Kalash tribe. Along with this, the religious leaders of the Kailash tribe, who are called Qazis, were also given cash, and the new Qazis who were appointed were also given Rs 50000. The Department of Awqaf and Minority Affairs has extended support to the Kailash tribe to celebrate their annual religious festival, Uchal, so that they can celebrate their centuries-old ritual with enthusiasm. These views were expressed by Wazir Zada ​​Kailash Special Assistant to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s on Minority Affairs, while talking to our correspondent during an event at Rumboor.

He further said that the people of Kailash tribe living in three valleys who celebrate this ritual festival were also given three thousand hundred rupees in cash through the Chief Qazi as financial aid because Kailash people slaughter goats during this festival. They perform sacrifices and perform other rituals along with it which also incurs their expenses. He said that three and a half Kanals of land have been purchased in Patrikvillage for the people of Kailash to celebrate their annual festivals, for the construction of which 450 Million of rupees have been released and tendered also auctioned, which will facilitate the tourists.

In this regard, a function was also held in Kailash valley Rambur. On this occasion, Dr. Shoaib Siddal, Chairman One Man Commission for Minority Affairs was the chief guest while Additional Secretary Awqaf Khyber PakhtoonKhes Mahmood Aslam, Deputy Commissioner Anwar Haq, Additional Deputy Commissioner Finance Anwar Akbar, SP Investigation Khalid Khan, and other officers were also present in the ceremony. The ceremony started with the prayer words of a Qazi from the Kailash tribe, after which other Qazis expressed their gratitude to the provincial government for granting of honorarium for them for the first time and for celebrating their religious festivals.

Cheques were also given to the new Qazis and Chief Qazi was also given three lakh rupees in cash for the Kailash people living in the three valleys. Representatives of Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other minorities also participated in the event. A shield was also given to a volunteer from Greece during the ceremony for his meritorious services at Kalash valleys.

According to the Kailash traditions, the guests were also dressed in a Chitrali cap and the religious robe (cloak) of Kailash which is considered a sign of respect. Talking on this occasion, Wazirzada also thanked the Muslim community for their love and cooperation, the number of Kailash people, who were earlier twelve hundred, has now increased to four thousand. This is only done by the support of our Muslim brothers he added.  Apart from Kailash men and women, representatives of other religions and Muslims also participated in the ceremony.


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