Minority sanitary workers marginalised by HMC, HAD and WASA: Maqbool Masih

Maqbool Masih Khokhar

HYDERABAD: Pakistan People’s Party Minority Wing Vice President Maqbool Masih Khokhar has said that minority employees working on the sanitation side of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Hyderabad Development Authority and WASA were not being treated fairly by officers of the above institutions. Rather minority workers were neither paid the salary fixed by the government i-e Rs.25000 per month instead they are paid Rs.19000/ monthly which is also not paid in time.

Addressing a news conference at the press club here Sunday he said the minority workers of H.D.A and WASA were not paid their salaries since last 14 months.

Accompanied with Dr. Allama Masood Jamal, Younis Gill, Anwer Waryam, and others, said they have tried many times to bring their grievances to the notice of Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Administrator HMC, MD WASA and DG HAD but no one is ready to meet them. He demanded to immediately pay them their outstanding dues including salaries stuck for 14 months and to regularize the services of Katcha minority employees and also increasing salaries to Rs.25000permonth.

They demanded judicious treatment with minority sanitary workers of HMC, HAD and Wasa including salaries of 14 months to H.D.A and WASA sanitary workers.


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