Sports festival organized first time in District jail Chitral

Sports festival organized first time in District jail Chitral

CHITRAL:  A two-day sports festival was organized for the prisoners in Chitral District Jail for the first time in the history of Chitral. Prisoners in Chitral jail were given the opportunity to participate in sports and positive activities. This sports gala was organized by District Sports Officer Aamir Zaman with the support of the Directorate of Sports Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the district administration. On the occasion of the opening ceremony, Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Irfanuddin was the chief guest who cut the ribbon and inaugurated this sports festival. In this sports festival at District Jail Chitral, Tug of War, Badminton, Cream Board, Volley Ball, Musical Chair, Musical show, and Sack Race were held. 

In this tournament, two teams were arranged for each game. Teams of prisoners, while  teams of prison staff also participated in these games. 

In the tug-of-war competition, the prison staff team won the final trophy by defeating the official team. Similarly, in the Karim board competition, the staff team (official)  won the trophy from the prisoner team. In the volley Ball competition, the prisoner team won the trophy by defeating the prison staff team. In a musical chair, the prisoner team was declared the winner, while the jail staff team was declared runner-up, and the final trophy was won by the prisoner team. Similarly, the prisoner team won the trophy by defeating the prison staff team in the sack race i.e. running a race with feet locked in a sack. 

On the occasion of the closing ceremony, Deputy Commissioner Chitral Anwarul Haq was the guest who distributed trophies and prizes among the players. There are 90 prisoners including four women in this jail. 

On the occasion of the closing ceremony, the Deputy Commissioner was chief guest who emphasized the participants, especially the prisoners, that no child is born a criminal, when he goes into a bad environment, he commits a crime that leads him to jail.  He said that freedom is a great blessing and that the prisoners here cannot go out of the prison gate. He emphasized to all the prisoners that the purpose of their imprisonment here is to reform them so that when they come out from here, they will live as peaceful and useful citizens and will not commit any kind of sin or crime in the future. On this occasion, shields were also given to journalists Ishtiaq Ahmed and Gul Hamaad Farooqi for their excellent services in the field of journalism. 

Talking to our correspondent, District Sports Officer Aamir Zaman said that the main purpose of organizing sports tournaments for prisoners inside the jail is to keep these prisoners mentally and physically healthy and fit as well as reform them so that when they release from here, they can participate in sports, positive activities and to not commit any crime in the future and become a useful citizen. 

Jail Superintendent Usman Javed said that these kinds of sporting opportunities and healthy activities are very important for these prisoners, because of this way, the psychologically negative effects on their minds will disappear and at the same time they will be reformed and will live as a useful citizen and a good human being. 

Deputy Commissioner Anwar-ul-Haq says that the provincial government is starting a program in all the jails across the province in which these prisoners will be taught skill, craft or any art to make them a profitable as a human being who will work for their livelihood. To be able to earn their livelihood with honor way. He said that the purpose of keeping them in jail is not only to punish, but to reform them. 

The inmates as well as the staff Chitral prison were very happy to organize a sports tournament for the first time in the District Jail of Chitral It is hoped that after this sports gala, these prisoners will also realize and when they release from here, they will not engage in any negative activity or any crime in the future. 


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