PFA disposes of 12,600 litre formalin contaminated milk

Punjab Food Authority

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has lodged a First Information Report against seven accused on account of adulteration in food and violations of the Punjab Pure Food Regulations.

On the tipoff of the vigilance cell, a food safety team of PFA raided a factory on Kasur Road and caught a group of milk adulteration mafia with 12,600 litres of fabricated milk which was produced with hazardous and harmful chemicals. The team also recovered 50kg skimmed milk, 32 liter oil and a huge quantity of chemicals during the raid.

This was informed by PFA Director General Mudassar Riaz Malik. He said that the authority took action against the enemies of public health over proven contamination of formalin or formaldehyde in hundreds of maunds of milk that causes digestive disorders and even cancer.

Mudassar said that formalin is a toxic material that is commonly used to preserve dead bodies in mortuaries. He said 20,000 litres of fabricated milk was produced on a daily basis and supplied to different local shops in small milk storage drums just to deceive the authority.

PFA has been working on to make a strict legislation so as to eliminate the scourge of milk adulteration from Punjab while the authority will make all-around efforts to ensure sound legislation.

He has directed FBOs to follow the Punjab Pure Food Regulations otherwise, lawbreakers would be dealt with iron-handedly. He has appealed to citizens to inform PFA on its helpline (080080500), Facebook and mobile application in case of witnessed adulteration or to register their complaints.


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