Sex boost on-field performance

Dhoni’s Men in Blue won Cricket World Cup in 2011

Experts discuss the merits of the unconventional tip to boost on-field performance 

Does having sex before a match boost a player’s performance? Yes, according to Paddy Upton, who worked as the Strength and Conditioning Coach with Dhoni’s Men in Blue who won the World Cup in 2011. But not everyone agrees. 

Upton has said in his book ‘The Barefoot Coach’ that he had advised the members of the Indian team to have sex before their matches. 

The South Africa-born coach is now with Rohit Sharma’s World Cup squad in Australia. Does his advice hold good? 

“Sex is a power booster and the players should try it”, believes India’s renowned sexologist Prakash Kothari. “Satisfactory sex can help players achieve good results on the field. This has been proved. My late friend, the world famous US sexologist Wardell Pomeroy, told me this, based on his interviews with a few sportsmen who won gold medals after  they enjoyed sex with their partners,” he added.  

What if the players are not accompanied by their partners, we ask. “Masturbate,” was the psychologist’s suggestion.  

However, Dr. Sanjay Deshpande, chairman of the Council of Sex Education & Parenthood (International) (CSEPI), feels that the effect of sex could go both ways.    

“The performance in sports after sexual intercourse has not been studied in great detail in medical science. For some people, sex is a stress-buster and they feel relaxed after having good sex. But for others, the pleasure of sexual activity on the eve of a game can be affected by the pressure of high expectations from them on the field the next day. It’s subjective and players should be advised appropriately,” Dr. Deshpande says, adding, “Let every player choose what he/she wants.” 

Dr. Narayan Reddy, a sexologist and also a former CSEPI Chairman, believes that sex before a sporting event is neither beneficial nor detrimental. However, he says, “I will recommend that they don’t participate in sports 2 hours after sexual intercourse. The reason is that sex is an exercise and tires the body, and they will need to recoup. It is observed that the levels of the male hormone Testosterone fall immediately after intercourse. It will take up to 2 hours for the level to return to the original status. Testosterone is necessary for aggressiveness which in turn is necessary for any competitive sport,” he explains.  

“Also, it is important that players have at least 7 hours of good sleep to get adequate rest. If they indulge in sexual activity for the greater part of the night, they will not have sufficient sleep/rest and hence will not be fit to do their best on the field”, Dr. Reddy adds.


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