Women urged to self-examine on daily basis to avoid falling prey to breast cancer

Seminar on Breast Cancer

HYDERABAD: A one-day seminar to create awareness regarding breast cancer was organized by the Institute of Gender Studies, University of Sindh Jamshoro here on Tuesday.

Chairperson Department of Radiology, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro Professor Dr. Anila Sheeba urged women to self-examine on a daily basis so that breast cancer might be detected at an early stage and they might be effectively treated in a bid to save their precious lives.

She said that breast cancer was happening not only in women but also in men and currently there were many male patients in Pakistan.

“Women who menstruate prematurely, marry late, have children delayed, do not breastfeed, do not sleep for at least 8 hours, take poor diet or do not walk, they need to self-examine and if they feel any unusual movement or lump/ protuberance in their breasts, they should go to the doctor immediately”, Dr. Anila Sheeba advised.

She said that only meat or chicken was not necessary for getting proteins but pulses and vegetables also contained enough protein adding that if the body got the right amount of protein, poisonous materials will not accumulate inside the body and the human could remain healthy and the chances of cancer were reduced.

She said that the youth should avoid smoking and drinking wine. These were the things that led to various types of cancer, including breast cancer.

“Due to lack of timely diagnosis, the disease worsens and then the death of the patient is inevitable”, she said and added doing housework was not a walk, but a walk meant continuous brisk walking for at least 30 minutes, which might make the heart beat faster.

Dr. Anila Sheeba added that currently 40 percent of breast cancer patients were under the age of 45 in the country; therefore, she said it will not be correct to say that cancer was a disease contracting in old age only.

“This disease is affecting people of all ages”, she said and added that women should self-examine their breasts and they should examine the breast bulge and nipples with their fingers.

“Women & girls should press the breasts with their fingers and see if there is any lump. If something like this is felt, medical examination and breast ultrasound should be done immediately”, she advised. She said that two things for the safety of precious life- shame and fear must be brought to an end and women in such situations should immediately inform their families so that their treatment might begin in time and at an early stage.

“There is no need to fear from cancer. It is a disease like other ailments. Facing it is important, because cancer is a curable disease”, she said.

The seminar was chaired by the Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Professor Dr. Hamadullah Kakepoto nominated by the Vice-Chancellor. The Director of the Institute of Gender Studies Professor Dr. Misbah Bibi Qureshi welcomed the guests and thanked SU Vice-Chancellor Professor (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro and Registrar Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto for their cooperation in organizing the event.

In the seminar, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Technology Professor Dr. Khalilur Rehman Khoumbati, Professor Dr. Arfana Begum Mallah, Dr. Rabia Isma Memon who defeated breast cancer through her perseverance and timely diagnosis, Dr. Kiran Sami Memon, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Khatwani, Dr. Naheed Arain, Dr. Jabeen Bhutto, Miss Sadaf Soomro, Dr. Aftab Rajar, Dr. Ameer Ali Buriro, Dr. Najma Gopang, Miss Asma Kalhoro and a number of male & female students participated.


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