Oasys Launches Decentralized Governance Framework to Drive Blockchain Gaming Growth

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 19 January 2023 – Oasys, a gaming-optimized blockchain for gamers and developers to build on Web3, today announces the launch of its new decentralized governance framework, which will empower project stakeholders to play a leading role in determining the future of the Oasys blockchain and drive growth of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

The governance framework is an important first step for Oasys to realize its vision of being fully decentralized and autonomous blockchain gaming ecosystems. Decentralization is one of the core tenets of Oasys, and will enable the wider gaming community to participate in the decision-making process to determine the direction and development of the blockchain.

Oasys will implement its governance framework in a series of strategic phases, starting in 1Q 2023 and continuing until 2Q 2024. This phased approach will gradually delegate decision-making authority to Oasys tokenholders in a democratic and transparent manner. The phased approach will also allow Oasys and its partners to address security and centralisation risks, leading to better decisions that will help enhance overall industry standards.


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