Lahore reports 32 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours

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COVID-19 cases on the rise in Lahore

Lahore hospitals treating 11 COVID-19 patients

Experts advise caution as coronavirus spreads in Lahore

Children’s Hospital and Hameed Latif Hospital treating COVID-19 patients in Lahore

Mayo, Sheikh Zaid, and National Hospital admit 3 COVID-19 patients each in Lahore

LAHORE: The situation of coronavirus in Lahore city is alarming as the number of new COVID-19 patients continues to rise. During the last 24 hours, 32 new coronavirus patients have been confirmed, indicating the dangerous spread of the virus.

Out of the total confirmed cases, 11 coronavirus patients are currently under treatment in different hospitals of Lahore. Additionally, Mayo, Sheikh Zaid, and National Hospital have admitted three patients each, while one patient each is under treatment in Children’s Hospital and Hameed Latif Hospital.

As the situation worsens, experts have strongly advised citizens to take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The citizens have been advised to stay at home as much as possible and avoid going out unnecessarily. They have also been recommended to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and practice good hygiene to protect themselves and others from the virus.

It is crucial for citizens to understand the severity of the situation and act responsibly to control the spread of coronavirus. With the increasing number of cases, it is essential to follow safety guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading further and causing more harm to society.


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