Lahore DC Rafia Haidar holds 8 price control magistrates accountable for negligence

DC Lahore Meeting

LAHORE: District Administration Lahore is taking strong steps to ensure that essential commodities are being sold at government-approved rates during the Holy Month of Ramadan. In an effort to curb illegal profiteering and hoarding, DC Lahore Rafia Haidar has sought explanations from eight Price Control Magistrates who neglected their duties.

On April 1st, DC Lahore Rafia held a meeting to review the performance of Price Control Magistrates and the prices of essential commodities. During the meeting, it was discovered that eight Magistrates were absent without any explanation. As a result, DC Lahore sought explanations from the Magistrates who were absent from the meeting.

The eight Price Control Magistrates who received explanations are: Rao Nimat Ali Khan State Management Officer MCL, Shelok Anwar Drug Inspector Aziz Bhatti Town, Price Control Magistrate Muhammad Ali Janjua Social Welfare Officer, Price Control Magistrate Anam Choudhary Assistant Director Local Government Model Town, Waqar Rehman Assistant Director PHA, Faisal Vatto Tehsil Sports Officer, Price Control Magistrate Paras Zuberi Chief Officer Shalimar Town and Umar Nawaz Cheema ADLR Raiwind.

DC Lahore made it clear that no negligence would be tolerated when it comes to the prices of essential commodities. She warned that necessary steps would be taken against profiteers and hoarders, and illegal profiteering and hoarding would not be tolerated under any circumstances.

She instructed administration officers to ensure strict monitoring of prices of essential commodities in the field instead of sitting in offices. She also directed them to display the rate list on prominent places for public convenience.

Furthermore, she emphasized that providing all necessary facilities to citizens during the Holy Month is a top priority for the district administration. She also directed all Price Control Magistrates to conduct a strict crackdown against overcharging, especially during the Holy Month of Ramazan.

The district administration has been taking several measures to ensure that essential commodities are available at government-approved rates. In addition to cracking down on profiteers and hoarders, they have also been conducting raids on shops and stores to ensure compliance with the price control regulations.

During these raids, several shopkeepers were found to be selling essential commodities at inflated prices, leading to fines and penalties being imposed on them. The district administration has also been working closely with traders and shopkeepers to ensure that they understand the importance of selling essential commodities at reasonable prices during the Holy Month.

Overall, the district administration’s efforts to control prices during the Holy Month of Ramadan are being widely appreciated by the public. With strict measures in place to crack down on profiteering and hoarding, citizens can be assured that they will be able to buy essential commodities at fair prices throughout the Holy Month.


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