World Hemophilia Day Celebrated by HPWS with DRAP Lahore

World Hemophilia Day Celebrated

As World Hemophilia Day was observed on April 17th, 2023, the Hemophilia Patient Welfare Society® (HPWS) organized an event to celebrate. The event was attended by patients, healthcare professionals, and representatives from the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP) in Lahore. DRAP officers, including Ms. Majida Mujahid (Additional Director), Mr. Shiekh Rasheed (Federal Drug Inspector), Mr. Nafees ur Rehman (Assistant Drug Controller), Mr. Ishtiaq Shafique (Assistant Drug Controller), Mr. Akram ul Haq (Assistant Drug Controller), and Mr. Farooq Aslam (Assistant Drug Controller), were presented with honorary shields from Dr. Ayesha and Dr. Nouman A. Malik, members of the Medical Advisory Board of HPWS.

During the event, a DRAP Lahore representative spoke about the organization’s efforts to ensure that drugs used in the treatment of hemophilia are safe and effective. They highlighted the importance of adhering to strict regulatory standards to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. The representative also engaged with patients and healthcare professionals in attendance, listening to their concerns and answering any questions they had about drug regulation.

Dr. Shahla Tariq Sohail, the Patron and Medical Director of HPWS, expressed gratitude for DRAP Lahore’s participation in the event, stating that their presence helped to raise awareness about the importance of drug regulation in the treatment of hemophilia.

Overall, the event was a success, with attendees expressing their appreciation for the support and resources provided by HPWS. It is hoped that events like these will continue to raise awareness about hemophilia and other rare diseases, and help to improve the lives of those affected by these conditions.


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