PFA unearths fabricated milk unit, discards 700 litre adulterated milk

Punjab Food Authority

LAHORE: In a bid to control the wicked practice of milk adulteration, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) continued its operation in Punjab and disposed of 700 litres of fabricated milk during a raid on Khalid Dairy in Khuddiyan Khas.

PFA Director General Raja Jahangir Anwar said that PFA’s dairy safety team raided a unit and caught the milk adulteration mafia red-handed producing fabricated milk besides confiscating a vehicle (LES 7422) and machinery.

The raiding team also lodged an FIR against the culprits on account of adulteration in the nearest police station after discarding tainted milk, 25kg powder, 16kg ghee and prohibited chemicals, he added.

He further said that fabricated milk was being produced with the help of whey powder, vegetable oil, and harmful chemicals while the raiding team ruined their unholy ambitions by taking timely action.

Raja Jahangir Anwar said that the harmful ingredients were used to increase the thickness and sustain the fat level of milk Moreover, hundreds of litres of fabricated milk were to be supplied to different milk shops and milkmen in Lahore.

The consumption of poor milk causes stomach and intestinal diseases in children and adults, he added.

DG PFA said the Punjab Food Authority is bringing an international-style policy for the supply of pure milk. He appealed to the public to keep an eye on adulteration in their surroundings and to inform PFA on the 1223 helpline number or PFA Facebook page in case of witnessing any suspicious activities related to the food.


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