ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition 2024: Elevate Your Drive with Premium Features!

ISUZU D-Max V-Cross

Ghandhara Industries Limited upholds its tradition of introducing new iterations of the ISUZU D-Max frequently, and this year, 2024 marks the introduction of the highly anticipated ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition. The underlying concept of the GTX edition is to enhance the driving experience of the D-Max, focusing on outstanding durability, driving ergonomics, safety, comfort, and advanced features.

The ISUZU D-Max 4×4 V-Cross 3.0L already stands out with intelligent features such as climate control, cruise control, hill start assists, hill descent control, and more. The newly unveiled Limited GTX Edition aims to elevate this already luxurious experience to unprecedented levels.

What’s New?

The Limited GTX Edition introduces a range of user-friendly add-ons and accessories carefully designed to enhance your journeys, providing a comfortable experience.

  1. Sonar Sensors: Facilitating drivers in reverse maneuvers, the Sonar Rear Sensors emit a warning if objects approach too closely, enhancing safety during backward movements.
  2. Cargo Extender: Enhancing the rear deck design, the Cargo Extender complements the overall rear view of the vehicle.
  3. Piano Black Interior: Improving the dashboard aesthetics, the Interior Black Panel provides an executive black feel to the users.
  4. Bonnet Deflector: The Hood Deflector deflects road debris, such as stones and insects, preventing them from hitting the vehicle hood and windshield.
  5. Mobile Wireless Charger: The latest variant provides wireless charging functionality for mobile phones, eliminating the necessity for cables or concerns about dead phone batteries. Effortlessly place your mobile device on the charging pad, and you can charge on the go without any hassle.
  6. Bonnet Shocker: The Hood Lifter is a convenient accessory that makes it easier to lift the hood and access the engine.
  7. Deck Rubber Mat: Protecting both the bed liner and luggage from unwanted scratches, the Bed Rubber Mat helps maintain the genuine feel and value of the deck.
  8. Spare Tyre Lock: Exclusively introduced in response to customer requests, the Spare Tyre Lock provides added security, safeguarding spare tires from potential theft.
  9. Tail Gate Sling Up: The metallic string, Sling Up, facilitates easy and smooth handling of the heavy tail gate. The metallic string reduces the perceived weight of the tail gate and facilitates easy access to the truck bed.
  10. Tailgate Ornament: Adding a stylish finishing touch to the rear design, the new tailgate ornament completes the aesthetic appeal.
  11. Rear Lamp Garnish: Safeguarding the rear lights while introducing a stylish accent, the Rear Combi Lamp Guard stands out as a significant addition.
  12. Illuminated Rocker Plates: Protecting the doorstep from scratches, the Illuminated Rocker Plates enhance the interior luxury of the vehicle.
ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition

Price: What makes the Limited GTX Edition even more enticing is that it comes at no additional cost. The price of the ISUZU D-Max V-Cross Limited GTX Edition is 12,400,000/-.

Imran Rasheed, Senior General Manager – Sales and Marketing at ISUZU Pakistan, shares, “In the automotive industry, Japanese dominance has been the norm. ISUZU’s constant innovation and dedication to excellence set the D-Max apart. This inspired the Limited GTX Edition, aiming to provide customers with an enhanced experience, not only in terms of engine power but also in overall comfort and driving thrill. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering booked vehicles within two weeks.”

The ISUZU V-Cross Limited GTX Edition is engineered to be the strongest, toughest, and most productive D-Max yet in Pakistan. This new edition is meticulously designed to meet your needs, offering user-friendly features that deliver phenomenal power alongside a stunning exterior and a sleek interior.


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