Punjab Cracks Down on Substandard Meat Sales

Bilal Yasin in action alongwith PFA teams

LAHORE: In a significant move to ensure food safety, Punjab’s Food Minister Bilal Yasin spearheaded a crackdown on the sale of substandard meat across the province. Accompanied by teams from the Punjab Food Authority (PFA), Bilal Yasin led inspections in various markets, resulting in the disposal of 2,500 kilograms of expired and unfit meat, predominantly in Lahore.

The operation, aimed at upholding food standards, also saw the issuance of warning notices to vendors found in violation of health regulations.

During the inspections, particularly noted in Lahore’s Mughalpura area, the teams encountered meat products that were not only expired but also stored in unhygienic conditions, prompting immediate seizure.

Bilal Yasin highlighted the issues of poor storage, including foul-smelling meat kept in dirty freezers and the presence of insects in some shops, underscoring the critical need for cleanliness and proper food handling practices.

The Food Minister emphasized the government’s commitment to tracing the source of meat products throughout Punjab to ensure the health and safety of its citizens, especially during the holy month. This initiative aligns with the Chief Minister of Punjab’s directives to combat the counterfeit food mafia, ensuring that the PFA remains vigilant in its enforcement activities.

Bilal Yasin also urged the public to play an active role in this mission by reporting any instances of food adulteration or substandard practices, ensuring swift action by the authorities.

This crackdown is part of a broader effort to enhance food safety standards in Punjab, reflecting the government’s dedication to protecting public health and ensuring the integrity of the food supply chain.


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