Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yasin Calls for Action Against Meat Price Hikes

Bilal Yasin meeting with Poultry Association representatives

LAHORE: A crucial meeting led by Punjab’s Food Minister, Bilal Yasin, at the Livestock Complex addressed soaring chicken meat prices. The meeting, aimed at reviewing the pricing and quality of chicken meat, saw the Food Minister calling on the Poultry Association to significantly reduce prices, particularly during the holy month, to alleviate financial strain on consumers. The association committed to taking necessary steps to lower chicken rates.

Attended by key stakeholders, including representatives from the Pakistan Poultry Association, Poultry Traders Association, Farms Association, and officials from the livestock and district administration, the assembly underscored the urgency of monitoring meat prices and quality.

The Food Minister emphasized a zero-tolerance policy for artificial inflation and ordered daily price reviews. Despite previous agreements for price reductions in Ramadan markets and the open market, the lack of implementation raised concerns.

Bilal Yasin’s directive for immediate price adjustments reflects a concerted effort to combat profiteering and ensure affordable food prices for Punjab’s residents.


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