Punjab’s Food Minister Enforces Quality Control in Ramadan Bazaars and Markets

Bilal Yasin visits Ramadan bazaars

LAHORE: Punjab’s Food Minister, Bilal Yasin, undertook a rigorous inspection tour of several Ramadan bazaars, leading marts, and food factories on Sunday to ensure the quality and affordability of essential commodities for the public.

During his visits to China Scheme and Sabzazar Ramadan markets, Bilal Yasin closely reviewed the prices and quality of food items, engaging with citizens to gather their feedback.

The food minister expressed satisfaction with the availability of quality food items at government-fixed prices in the Ramadan bazaars. He emphasized the government’s efforts in increasing the supply of essential goods to lower prices, stating, “This is a permanent process that will continue to ensure the sale of cheap and quality items across the province.”

However, the day was not without its enforcement actions. In the Shadman and Gulberg areas, two leading marts faced heavy fines for violating regulatory standards. Authorities discarded significant quantities of substandard oil and spices discovered during the inspections.

Highlighting the seriousness of the offenses, Bilal Yasin directed the administration to take strict action against the adulteration mafia, using all available resources to combat the sale of non-standard, expired, and adulterated items.

“Those who compromise the health of the fasting population during the holy month deserve no leniency,” he stated, emphasizing the government’s commitment to safeguarding public health during Ramadan.


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