5 Ways To Boost Security at an Outdoor Concert

A security guard watching a line of concert-goers waiting in line for the event. He has a walkie-talkie clipped to his jeans.

Outdoor concerts have a unique vibe that’s difficult to fully capture at times. Something about the open air, the crowd mingling freely, and the music filling up every corner makes the experience truly unique. However, the event only comes together if you can ensure everyone’s safety. Once you know what it means to be a leader, it’ll be easier to understand the importance of a solid security plan. To ensure your guests are as safe as they can be, here are five effective ways to boost security at your next outdoor concert and keep the good times rolling safely for everyone involved.

1. Create Plans for Emergencies

The first step to a secure event is planning. This means having a comprehensive strategy for emergencies that could range from severe weather conditions to unexpected crowd surges. Establish clear evacuation routes and make sure all staff members are aware of the proper protocols. Communication is key, so equip your team with walkie-talkies or other devices that won’t fail you when you need them most.

2. Set Up a Perimeter With Checkpoints

Creating a secure perimeter does wonders for controlling access to the concert area. Use temporary fencing to delineate your concert’s boundaries. While the name might not imply it, temporary fences are perfect for safety and security during these kinds of events. Be sure to also establish checkpoints for entry and exit. These checkpoints serve as the first line of defense against unwanted items and behaviors. Equipping these points with metal detectors or having bag checks will further ensure attendees only bring in approved items.

3. Hire Official Security Guards

Sometimes, the mere presence of authority is enough to deter problematic behaviors. Hiring professional security guards gives your event an extra layer of protection. These professionals are trained to spot and diffuse potential threats before they escalate. Position them strategically throughout the venue, especially in areas where crowds are likely to gather.

4. Utilize a Wristband System

Keeping track of who’s who gets challenging in large crowds. Implementing a wristband system is a great way to manage this. Different color bands can signify various levels of access, making it easy for security personnel to spot someone who might be in a restricted area. Plus, wristbands are a visual deterrent to gatecrashers looking to blend in.

5. Only Give Full Access to Those Who Need It

While you might want to focus on troublesome guests when looking for ways to boost the security of an outdoor concert, staff members might be the true troublemakers during the event. Limiting access to certain areas of your event will significantly reduce these types of security risks. Ensure that only staff and personnel who need to be backstage or in equipment areas can get there. Limiting access not only minimizes the potential for theft or vandalism but also reduces the risk of accidents or unexpected disruptions to your event.


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