About Us - The Lahore Times

The Lahore Times is the first Pakistan-based online and printable Asian News Media, introduced in February 2011. The Lahore Times is also the online multicultural English Newspaper that covers international, national and ethnic communities’ news, views, Interviews and all related issues.

The Lahore Times is independently run by well-known international journalists, media analysts, writers and educationists and a team of IT personnel, expert in all essential computer fields.

The Lahore Times is not associated to any political or religious party or group and has its neutral and independent editorial policy.

The Lahore Times also organizes political forums, educational seminars and community events in different parts of world, particularly in Pakistan.

The Lahore Times will also publish special supplements on International and National Days and events and Times Sunday Pakistan.

The Lahore Times is News Media group of Young and educated experienced professionals, who import training to adopt unbiased attitude in filing, editing and publishing the news.

As far as news coverage is concerned, The Lahore Times neither has any favorite(s) nor any enemies. The Lahore Times is a different from contemporary Pakistani news organization in many ways. There has been a very strong feeling in the outside world that there is no credible and independent source of information in Pakistan.

More than one decade of experience in the domain of journalism and web media has made The Lahore Times more confident to deliver excellent services by breaking news from around the country round the clock.

It was in this background that professionals and experienced icons setting up news networking credibility at home as well as in the foreign world. All the received material is edited and translated by a Proficient team of sub-editors/Journalists on priority basis and the communication wing of The Lahore Times transmits the same at the end. Besides, the reporters in regional offices as well as overseas correspondents are free to file their respective stories immediately to the regional office and Head office.

Since its launch, The Lahore Times is successfully news pictures via Email by ensuring speedy transmission and fast service first-ever Pakistani news English. A comprehensive national and international News/photo coverage dominates news pages in most of the newspaper coming out from Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and internationally.

The Lahore Times is proud to claim that it encourages and welcomes youth, educated and committed, to join journalism and to get practical training in it’s headquarter as well as the bureau offices throughout the country. Today, we are proud to operate The Lahore Times through mutual and collective struggle by our entire media related professionals.