Pure Living launches the first Hong Kong-developed melt-blown fabric production machine to support the Hong Kong community

Pure Living launches the first Hong Kong-developed melt-blown fabric production machine to support the Hong Kong community

Pure Living masks received ASTM Level 1 certification


HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 8 June 2020 – Pure Living, a Hong Kong-based chemical engineering
company, has launched one-stop melt-blown fabric solutions designed by local
experts for Hong Kong. The solution offers melt-blown fabric manufacturing machines,
innovative techniques and processes for mask production. This is an important
milestone for mask manufacturing in Hong Kong, offering a steady supply of material
to meet the needs of the local market. Pure Living has successfully launched MBHK01,
its self-developed melt-blown fabric manufacturing machine, and has top notch testing
and quality control. The high quality protective masks manufactured by Pure
Living have obtained ASTM Level 1 certification. 


One-stop solution offers quality masks with
ASTM Level 1 certification  


At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, Pure Living planned
to produce masks to supply customers we had been cooperating with for many
years, including hospitals, universities, and some institutions. But there was
a shortage of masks available to the general public and major manufacturers because
of a failure to ensure a stable supply of melt-blown fabrics. With the
inconsistency in the quality of melt-blown fabric supplied by traders it was be
difficult to assure the overall quality.


Our team hoped to purchase small-scale equipment to produce
melt-blown fabric, but we discovered the design and performance of the
melt-blown fabric equipment and accessories on the market made it difficult to
melt polypropylene and create microfibers, and the spray heads could easily become
blocked and crystallize the cloth, causing some masks to fail the ASTM Test.


Pure Living made use of its strong network of raw materials
suppliers from all around the world and developed our own melt-blown fabric
production to develop a one-stop solution for the production of mask materials in
Hong Kong. The masks made by Pure Living obtained ASTM Level 1 certification,
and the fabric permeability is better than most masks, which allows for easier
breathing. (please refer to the attachment on test report)


Horizontal machine design supports local small-
and medium-sized mask manufacturers


Vanessa Ho, CEO of Pure Living, said, “At the beginning of
the outbreak, many of our business partners faced great challenges with
sourcing high-quality melt-blown fabric. Therefore, we believed there was an
imminent need to develop the capability to produce high-quality melt-blown
fabric locally, to provide manufacturers with an effective solution. Our Pure
Living team is comprised of talents with expertise in scientific research and
solid industry experience. From materials sourcing to machine assembly, we have
taken a pragmatic approach by combining our experience, knowledge, and
technology. Our goal is to develop and launch a production line for
high-quality melt-blown fabric. With tireless efforts over the past four
months, Pure Living has now met a significant milestone in the research and development
of high-quality melt-blown fabric production in Hong Kong.”


To address the challenges faced by local small and
medium-sized mask manufacturers, we focused on the research and development of
horizontal melt-blown fabric equipment to replace the traditional vertical design.
The MBHK01 first generation melt-blown fabric production machine can be set up
in spaces with lower ceilings and, at the same time, it requires less space. Small
and medium-sized mask manufacturers can now become self-sufficient with the
capability to produce melt-blown fabric with lower set up costs and less
space.  They will be able to supply Hong
Kong with quality and cost-effective masks for the long-term.  


Mastering melt-blown technology to control product quality


This project required a high level of industry expertise
and technical sophistication in different disciplines at every step, including
project planning, design, development of production line, selection of
materials, and production. Finally, quality assurance checks and controls are
the most important elements of the process.  


Pure Living invited Professor Hu Jinlian of the Department
of Biomedical Engineering of the City University of Hong Kong to take part in
the project as a technical consultant. Professor Hu gave recommendations on the
parameters of formulation for production and production line enhancement. She
also led the testing and analysis of product quality, which is essential in
enhancing the production process and assuring the product quality meets
international standards.  


The production process of Pure Living high-quality
melt-blown fabric is rigorous and precise. 
The raw polypropylene is melted in the extruder at high temperatures and
filtered by multi-layer fine metal mesh to isolate impurities. Following that,
the polypropylene is ejected from a nozzle through a series of fine holes at
high pressure to produce a filiform shape. These filaments are collected and
cooled by a transportation belt, and the original filaments soon become a dense
melt-blown fabric. Finally, the melt-blown fabric is double-electrostatically
treated to enhance filtering and permeability. Then, it is cut and collected
into rolls of the required size. 


Committed to scientific research for Hong Kong


Vanessa Ho added, “Although we have seen an increase in
overall supply of melt-blown fabric in the market and adjustments in pricing,
we noticed that the public is increasingly attentive to the quality of the
materials used for mask production. The market demand for high-quality
melt-blown fabric will continue unabated. 
Pure Living developed a one-stop solution for melt-blown fabric for masks,
through our own research and development capabilities.


This provides local mask manufacturers with suitable equipment,
high-quality materials and the process to finetune their production lines.  Local manufacturers will be able to manage the
quality control to enhance filterability of masks.  The lower production costs allow local mask manufacturers
to adopt a more long-term and sustainable business approach.”    


Moreover, the protective masks produced by Pure Living have
obtained ASTM Level 1 certification.  Currently,
Pure Living is a supplier of masks to major local organizations such as the
University of Hong Kong.  The company
also exports the masks to overseas markets.   


“As a Hong Kong-based science and technology enterprise, we
are committed and passionate about contributing to Hong Kong with our strengths
in the chemical industry. 

We are pleased that our R & D results will enable local
mask manufacturers to produce high-quality melt-blown fabric going-forward.”
Vanessa Ho added. 


About Pure Living

Pure Living, founded in 2017, is one of
the key technology training companies in Hong Kong Science Park’s Incu-Tech
Program. It mainly sells automated sub packaging systems (EPR, Enhanced
Programmed Re-Bottler) and high-purity chemical reagents. The company aims to
develop and launch innovative products with excellent scientific research and a
deep understanding of the machinery and chemical industries. The company is
composed of senior professionals in the chemical industry, with over 20 years
of marketing experience. They have served with self-developed technologies and
advanced systems, providing laboratories worldwide with fully automated,
environmental-friendly, safe and cost-efficient technical solutions.


The increasing demand for testing and accreditation
today increases the demand for reagents and glass bottles. Pure Living uses its
unique skill to make glass bottles recyclable, offers cost savings for
customers, and utilizes a fully automatic process that helps improve safety
during production. The company has also successfully applied for several
funding projects from the Innovation and Technology Commission, including
participating in the Public Sector Trial Scheme in 2019, being approved to
prototype the EPR and carrying out the pilot scheme in the public sector.

Rhenus Increases Scalable Storage Options for Customers in India with New Mega Warehouse

Rhenus Increases Scalable Storage Options for Customers in India with New Mega Warehouse

Rhenus opens a new mega warehouse in India, bringing its total warehousing space across the country to 1.9 million square feet.


– Media OutReach – 8 June
2020 – Leading global logistics
service provider Rhenus Logistics has opened
a new Mega Warehouse at Gurugram, near the Delhi NCR region in North India. The
350,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility will enable Rhenus to provide
more scalable storage options and solutions, strengthening its integrated
logistics services and solutions offerings for customers across the country.

“With 69 offices in India and more
than 1,600 employees nationwide, Rhenus India is committed to be the first choice
for an Integrated Logistics Solution and Service provider. We partner with our
customers to be the single point-of-contact for the entire Supply Chain, trusted
with our advantage in terms of our trained manpower, consistent systems and processes.
The strategically-located new warehouse affirms our commitment to our
customers, as we step up on our offerings, and raise the bar for warehouses
here,” said Vivek Arya, Managing Director of Rhenus Logistics India.

The new warehouse, with
a capacity of 30,000 pallet positions, offers enhanced 24-hour security measures combining manned security
and comprehensive CCTV monitoring within and around the facility. It offers
easy accessibility to Delhi and other parts of North India via the Jaipur Highway,
the KMP (Kundli-Nabesar-Palwal Expressway), and further connects into the DMC (Delhi
— Mumbai Industrial Corridor). It also includes 19 docks with dock levelers, and
plans to implement proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) with EDI integration.

On the sustainability front, green
landscaping lines the perimeter and common areas of the facility, solar roofs are
installed, and recharge pits and measures to recycle STP treated water are implemented.

With India being a key market of Rhenus’ Intra-Asia
growth plans, Rhenus India offers an integrated logistics approach with a
one-stop logistics solution that covers the entire process chain. To date, it
has more than 30 warehouses nationwide, and provides in-plant services as well
to help customers outsource some of their internal processes.

About Rhenus

Rhenus Group is a leading logistics service provider with global business
operations and an annual turnover of EUR 5.5 billion. Rhenus has business sites
at 750 locations worldwide and employs 33,000 people. The Rhenus Group provides
solutions for a wide variety of different sectors along the complete supply
chain; they include multimodal transport operations, warehousing, customs
clearance as well as innovative value-added services.

AsiaPac Group joins Criteo’s Comprehensive Global Channel Partner Program

AsiaPac Group joins Criteo’s Comprehensive Global Channel Partner Program

 – 8 June 2020 – Today, AsiaPac Net Media Limited and AdTech
Innovation Limited
— agencies under AsiaPac Group leading
Asia’s digital marketing with self-developed AI tools and big data — received Criteo
Partner status in APAC covering Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore
and Malaysia markets.

Criteo Partners is a global partnership
program launched by Criteo, the
global technology company powering the world’s marketers with trusted and
impactful advertising. It is dedicated to helping channel partners better
utilize the company’s advertising platform to grow and expand their customer

Daniel Chan, AsiaPac Group’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Criteo is
renowned for its dynamic retargeting and rich data. We look forward to this
exciting partnership with Criteo so as to drive and convert sales at a larger
scale for our Asia and global clients.”

Criteo’s technology solutions power ad campaigns for over 20,000
advertisers worldwide, with a Shopper Graph providing
insight into two billion monthly active users. Through Criteo Partners,
agencies like AsiaPac Net Media Limited and AdTech Innovation Limited are
enabled with additional strategy and service expertise to activate Criteo’s
data and solutions to grow their business, boost recognition and drive
additional value to their clients.

“This is an exciting win-win partnership with AsiaPac. We see great
value in the opportunity for agency partners like AsiaPac to provide us with
feedback and input to directly influence the evolution of our product roadmap,”
said Yu-Sien Low, Head of Commercial, Hong Kong and Taiwan at Criteo.

About AsiaPac Group

Supported by self-developed AI tools and big data, AsiaPac Net Media and
AdTech Innovation — both under the AsiaPac Group — are highly recognized for
the excellence in providing total performance-driven digital marketing
solutions to 2,500+ businesses across Asia and global corporates targeting Asia
markets, across industries such as ecommerce, education, gaming, travel,
finance, retail, beauty, FMCG, health products etc. For more information on
AsiaPac Net Media and AdTech Innovation, please visit or or contact at or

About Criteo

Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO) is the global technology company powering the
world’s marketers with trusted and impactful advertising. 2,700 Criteo team
members partner with over 20,000 customers and thousands of publishers around
the globe to deliver effective advertising across all channels, by applying
advanced machine learning to unparalleled data sets. Criteo empowers companies
of all sizes with the technology they need to better know and serve their
customers. For more information, please visit

CIFI issues 185 million new shares to world-leading Institutional Investors

CIFI issues 185 million new shares to world-leading Institutional Investors

Introduce well-known international institutional investors and further optimize the company’s shareholder structure


CHINA – Media OutReach – 8 June 2020 – CIFI Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd. (“CIFI” or the “Group”, HKEx
stock code: 884), a leading real estate developer engaged in the property
development and investment business in the first-, second- and robust
third-tier cities in China, announced that the Group issues 185 million new
shares to a number of well-known international institutional investors and
long-term funds, aiming to optimize the company’s shareholder structure. Substantial
majority of the 185 million shares were subscribed by a world leading institution.


The placing price is HK$6.28 per share. It is only
1.26% discount to the closing price of previous trading day and has a premium
over the average price of previous ten trading days, reflecting the confidence
of institutional investors in CIFI.


The net proceeds of the placing are approximately
HK$1,153 million, which the Group intends to use the proceeds for development
of projects and as working capital and general corporate purposes.


About CIFI (Group):

Headquartered in Shanghai, CIFI is one of China’s top real estate
developers. CIFI principally focuses on developing high-quality properties in
first-, second- and selective third-tier cities in China. CIFI develops various
types of properties, including residential, office and commercial complexes.


To learn more about the Company, please visit
CIFI’s website at:

Hugill & Ip adds a new Partner in the Corporate & Commercial team

Hugill & Ip adds a new Partner in the Corporate & Commercial team

 – 8 June 2020 – Undeniably
the recent months have been exceptional both in Hong Kong and globally, however
in less than two years Hugill & Ip has grown from two founding partners –
Adam Hugill and Alfred Ip – and a total of fifteen headcount to seven partners,
with Jade Tang being the most recent to join. She further strengthens the
Corporate & Commercial team, together with co-heads Christopher Hooley and
Gary Wong.

The firm now has thirty staff and
plans to further boost the Family and Matrimonial practice in the near future. Notwithstanding
its rapid expansion, Hugill & Ip wishes to remain a focused boutique firm offering
bespoke legal services, while keeping a readily adaptable attitude, an
innovative approach and offer value for its clients.

The benefit of being a boutique firm and
the advantage of being specialised allow the firm to provide tailor-made solutions
and exceptional service in its core business areas while focusing on putting
clients’ interests first.

A great level of flexibility and
renewed joy has been at the firm’s core since the beginning, also given the fundamental
choice of concentrating in Hugill & Ip’s five main practice areas: Private
Client, Probate & Trust – Family – Employment & Immigration – Corporate
& Commercial – Dispute Resolution.

Christopher Hooley and Gary Wong commented:
“In the past twelve months we have experienced a counter-trend in that our
Corporate & Commercial practice has seen growth notwithstanding the general
downturn as a result of a tense political and economic environment. Our M&A
and general commercial work has solidly increased, and we are thrilled that
Jade seamlessly complements us in terms of additional capability in Corporate,
M&A, Employment and regulatory work”.    

Adam Hugill highlighted: “Jade is
an exceptionally talented lawyer who clients trust unreservedly. It was a joy
to work with her previously and I know she will be a fantastic asset to our
Corporate & Commercial and Employment teams, strengthening our ability to
service clients in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan and throughout the region”.  

The Firm

Hugill & Ip’s view is long term and
endeavours to build lasting client relationships based on trust,
professionalism and discretion.

Although a young independent law firm,
its lawyers bring decades of experience providing personalized legal advice and
outstanding client service to individuals, families, entrepreneurs and
businesses, in Hong Kong and internationally.

Hugill & Ip promotes a collegial
atmosphere in which all individuals are encouraged to learn, improve and excel
and to become leaders in the legal, business and civic communities. Moreover, the
firm is deeply involved in several pro-bono and CSR activities.

Kungfu Durian

How Kungfu Durian Blazed the Trail for Durian eCommerce in Singapore

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 8 June 2020 – Singapore-based business Kungfu Durian’s owner Jay Lee was eagerly anticipating durian season this year. It was a time where durian lovers came together to feast on the king of fruits. 


But alas – with stricter health measures to combat the COVID-19 Outbreak came a new world characterised by norms like social distancing and self-isolation. 


Against all odds, Jay was determined to bring the joy of a yearly durian feast to all durian fans by implementing a robust eCommerce strategy that would leave a permanent digital footprint in the niche but saturated durian market.


Combating the Thorny Situation with Technology


In the digital age where online shopping makes up the bulk of commerce, businesses like Kungfu Durian must adapt to the ballooning trends to keep up with changing consumer behaviours. 


The monumental shift from offline to online shopping had already begun early in the year as online shopping for food and groceries exploded during the Circuit Breaker. 


Furthermore, with procurement disruptions due to lockdowns and travel restrictions in other countries, Jay wasted no time in devising a unique durian eCommerce strategy which promoted effective social distancing and assured that durian junkies across Singapore could get their fix in the comfort of their own homes. 


The first of its kind in the lion city, shoppers could easily choose from a full spectrum of durians from the grand Mao Shan Wang or the lesser-known but mouth-watering S17. 


Making ‘Cool’ Durian Feasts a Reality at Home


Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in food & beverage eCommerce is handling perishables.


To preserve the maximum freshness of his stocks, Jay and the Kungfu Durian team unveiled a full batch of frozen durians that could last for 3 months in the freezer. All frozen items were vacuum-packed while all fresh ones were carefully sealed in airtight boxes to prolong the freshness and keep the sui generis flavour and texture of the fruit intact. 


Customers were able to enjoy these delicate frozen gems as they were or defrost them for a durian feast at home with their loved ones.  


On top of providing an extensive catalogue of fresh and frozen durians, Jay and the team introduced same-day delivery. This allowed customers to receive their orders within the same day after payment confirmation.


Sharing Festive Cheer this Durian Season 


“Our game plan isn’t too focused on profits. Instead, we are keeping at it because we want to spread some good cheer to our likeminded durian lovers this durian season,” declared Jay. 


Online shopping revenue continues to peak as the year wears on and the world adjusts to the new normal. Jay and his team are staying on their toes to manage all inbound orders as promptly as they can. 


“Sure, a durian feast needs durians. But what’s more important is the experience and joy that comes out of feasting. We want to send some positive vibes to everyone this season.” 

About Kungfu Durian

Kungfu Durian is Singapore’s prime durian online store. Their online catalogue incorporates highly sought-after Mao Shan Wang, XO and so much more. They also supply pastes and purees made from 100% pure durian. For more information, please head to 

Space-Grade FPGAs from Xilinx Supported by Latest Additions to Teledyne e2v’s Semiconductor Product Portfolio

Space-Grade FPGAs from Xilinx Supported by Latest Additions to Teledyne e2v’s Semiconductor Product Portfolio

GRENOBLE, FRANCE – Media OutReach – 5 June 2020 – Teledyne e2v, in cooperation with Xilinx, Inc., has
developed cutting-edge solutions that are optimized to work with brand new
innovations now emerging in space-grade programmable logic. These engineering
advances relate specifically to the accompanying data storage, data processing
and data conversion elements.

The Xilinx Radiation
Tolerant (RT) Kintex UltraScale XQRKU060 was just released and implements
exclusive features in terms of flexibility, performance and adaptability. Using
this ground-breaking FPGA based on a 20nm semiconductor process node will
certainly allow designers to build mission-critical systems required by the
space industry with more ease.

Following the
introduction of this device, Teledyne-e2v is in a position to offer novel
ka-band digital-to-analog converters (DACs) such as EV12DD700 and multi-channel analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) such
as EV12AQ600. This offer is completed by the company’s radiation tolerant
quad core ARM A72 companion processor and its recently-announced  Radiation Tolerant Space DDR4 memory — which has a total data storage
capacity of 4GByte, plus built-in sophisticated error correction code (ECC),
and can achieve 2GT/s transfer speeds. All of these products demonstrate the
required levels of tolerance to radiation effects, thereby ensuring that
reliable processing, superior signal integrity and data retention benchmarks
are always maintained in Space applications.

In addition the
company strengthens its System-in-a-Package capability to integrate the above
devices together with the XQRKU060 FPGA in a SiP assembly, either as a
pre-built DVB-S2X solution or other SiP designs combining with XQRKU060 the
company’s microwave data conversion dice up to KA-Band, its companion Quad ARM
A72 processor and its DDR4 memory. With this offer Teledyne e2v Semiconductors
aim to allow innovative system designers to develop more powerful systems based
on XQRKU060.

More details on

“Xilinx is setting the
pace when it comes to powerful space-grade FPGA devices, and we are proud to
offer complementary building blocks as well as SiP integration solutions to
help system designers to further leverage the potential of the Xilinx XQRKU060
FPGA in their innovative space systems” says Thierry Bissuel, Business Unit
Director, Data and Signal Processing Solutions at Teledyne e2v Semiconductors.
“Leveraging our focused engineering capabilities and our established technology
partnerships, we have been able to make this possible.”

“With the changing
needs of flexible architectures for high bandwidth, high throughput satellites,
designers have to make size, weight and power trade-offs,” said Minal Sawant,
space systems architect, Aerospace and Defense Vertical Marketing, at Xilinx.
“Working closely with Teledyne e2v to provide support for our new Radiation
Tolerant XQRKU060 FPGA with their SiP solutions will allow designers to
significantly shorten development cycles, save size and weight, and mitigate
engineering costs.”

About Teledyne e2v

Teledyne e2v’s
innovations lead developments in healthcare, life sciences, space,
transportation, defence and security and industrial markets. Teledyne e2v’s
unique approach involves listening to the market and application challenges of
customers and partnering with them to provide innovative standard, semi-custom
or fully-custom solutions, bringing increased value to their systems.


Pegasus Development AG: Green light for multiple production sites worldwide

Pegasus Development AG: Green light for multiple production sites worldwide

Announcement: Expansion of the Pegastril-Nuevo production facility


CHUR, SWITZERLAND – EQS Newswire – 5 June 2020 – Under the leadership of board member Roberto Spano, the management of Pegasus
Development AG
has decided to further expand Pegastril-Nuevo
production facilities.

New production facilities will be set up at several locations across the world
and the site in Turkey is being expanded. These investments will also create
new jobs.

The takeover and expansion of the following production facilities are
planned in all 20 countries of Latin America, as well as France, Spain,
Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique,
Angola, Mauritius, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tome, and Mongolia.

The demand for disinfectants has skyrocketed as a result of the coronavirus.
Especially high revenues are expected from products which are based on
vegetable surfactants and are alcohol-free, such as Nuevo. This was the
decisive factor in the management’s decision to further expand the quantity and
range of Nuevo products.

Development AG
promptly secured the exclusive rights by investing
in Nuevo, thereby developing the Pegastril-Nuevo brand. You can find more
information about the products at: With new technologies
and innovative ideas, Pegastril-Nuevo is working to prevent the further spread
of the coronavirus and any future pandemics. Among other things, disinfection
booths have been developed that can spray the whole body with disinfectant
within a few seconds. These cabins are primarily intended for use at airports,
train stations, and public places. A single tank of disinfectant would be
enough to disinfect 10,000 people, each taking ten to twenty seconds to treat.

Pegastril-Nuevo already supplies Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and
Nigeria in addition to the European countries.

In future, virus protection will be the top priority in all business areas.
It is becoming obvious that every restaurant and shopping centre will be
required to place such a disinfectant cabin at its entrance. This is the
precisely where revenue is expected to grow in the future. The cabins will
allow brick & mortar shops to remain competitive against e-commerce sites.

This will open up an immense market for Pegasus Development AG that promises
tremendous growth.

The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

84000 Launches an Animation Video to Preserve Buddhist Texts

84000 Launches an Animation Video to Preserve Buddhist Texts

British actress Joanna Lumley lends voice to save cultural heritage


New York City – Media OutReach – June 5, 2020 – 84000:
Translating the Words of the Buddha
, a global non-profit initiative to translate and preserve the Tibetan
Buddhist Canon, is launching a video campaign to raise awareness around one of
the world’s largest and oldest collections of writings: With 230,000 pages
locked within the fading Classical Tibetan language, the world is on the brink
of losing access to a priceless archive of wisdom. This launch marks 84000’s 10th


In 2009, a conference of the world’s leading Tibetan Buddhist teachers, translators,
and academics concluded that less than 5% of the Canon had ever been
translated into a language spoken today. That 5% of writings has already
offered the modern world much insight into the mind, human psychology,
relationships, and ethics.


Since its founding, 84000 has awarded over US$6
million in grants to translation teams around the world–from UCSB, Oxford, the University
of Vienna, through to Rangjung Yeshe Institute (Nepal)–who work to decipher the
Tibetan Buddhist Canon.


“The number of scholars who are both proficient in
Classical Tibetan and trained to interpret this profound philosophy, is
fast-fading,” explains Huang Jing-Rui, 84000’s executive director. “If we don’t
act now, imagine how much wisdom might be lost forever, locked within this
ancient language.”


In just ten years, 84000 has translated over 30% of the sūtras. It has the endorsement of all four major sects of
Tibetan Buddhism, and continues to work with the support of some of the most
learned, living teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.


This historic initiative makes freely available for
the first time, primary-source material in English that is proving invaluable
for international scholarship on Buddhist history, philosophy, and insight into
the development and transfer of cultures across Asia. And 84000 continually
integrates new technologies with its digital library giving its readers access to multi-language
glossaries, and source-text, bilingual reading ability. The translated Tibetan
Buddhist Canon is made available freely to the public to enjoy.

The launch of this 3-min animation, voiced
by award-winning, British
actress Joanna Lumley, is accompanied by a weekend “Like and Share” campaign from June 5th (5am EST/5pm SG) till June 7th (5pm EST/June 8 5am SG).
With millions confined to their homes, 84000 urges everyone to make their screen
time count: With one click, help preserve the world’s largest archive of


“It’s entirely possible that the survival of the
Buddhadharma could depend on it being translated into other languages,” notes
the Founding Chair, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche known for his long-sighted
vision and innovation in an arena that still highly values conservatism. “By
translating and making available the Tibetan Buddhist texts to modern people, a
vast swath of Buddhist civilization and culture may be saved from annihilation.”


Today’s launch coincides with Saga Dawa, a day
celebrated by Buddhists around the world to commemorate the Buddha’s birth,
enlightenment, and passing.



Directed by: Queena Li

Produced by: Blacksugar

Voiceover by: Joanna Lumley (English), Leah Dou (Chinese)