Celebrating 10 years of #KpopTwitter in 20 markets worldwide

Celebrating 10 years of #KpopTwitter in 20 markets worldwide

  • 6.1
    billion K-Pop-related Tweets in the past 12 months worldwide
  • Over
    300 K-Pop Topics (by artist names) that can be followed on Twitter
  • #KpopTwitter World Map shows most mentioned K-Pop
    artists, most mentioned songs and fastest-rising artists in 20 markets
  • Exclusive
    “Decade of #KpopTwitter” global live party in Twitter’s Blueroom
    to reward fans

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Media OutReach – 22
September 2020 – Over
the past 10 years, Twitter and K-Pop have grown side by side to become a true dream
team and #KpopTwitter is one of the largest global conversations on Twitter
today. Despite the global COVID outbreak, there were 6.1 billion K-Pop related
Tweets in the past 12 months worldwide. Now with over 300 K-Pop Topics (by
artist names) that can be followed on Twitter, fans around the world can
immediately see the best Tweets and easily join the global conversation about
their favorite artists.

YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-Pop Partnerships at
Twitter said, “All we can say is thank you — it’s been a pleasure to watch and
participate in the growth of K-Pop over the past 10 years. When K-Pop artists want
to reach a global audience, they go on Twitter to connect with their passionate
fans who want to be the first to see and talk about what’s happening. These
fans — many who are young and based all over the world — are flocking to
Twitter to join these fun #KpopTwitter conversations to feel connected to a global fan

To celebrate 10 years of #KpopTwitter success, Twitter has partnered with K-Pop
to release K-Pop data
across 20 markets to show how the passionate global K-Pop community shares
their love and connects with their favorite artists around the world. In
addition, Twitter has organized an exclusive “Decade of #KpopTwitter” global live party in Twitter’s Blueroom, bringing
together several of the K-Pop pioneers (Sunmi,
Wonder Girls), global top stars (Kihyun and Hyungwon, MONSTA
) and fast-rising artists (Bang Chan, Stray Kids) in a fun talk-show format to discuss the past 10 years
of K-Pop and Twitter. K-Pop fans can submit questions using the #AskKpopTwitter hashtag and join the livestream at @TwitterLive or @TwitterKorea starting at 12pm KST on September 22, 2020.

Twitter continues to be the best way for music fans to see
and talk about what’s happening. That’s especially true in the K-Pop world,
from legends like PSY, Big Bang, Super Junior, Wonder
, Girls Generation and 2NE1; to today’s superstars such as BTS, EXO, GOT7, BLACKPINK, NCT
, and MONSTA
; to the next-generation talent including
and AB6IX. K-Pop fans use Twitter to get the latest updates from
the artists they love; connect with other stans anytime and anywhere in real
time; and express their appreciation for the music, dancing and ‘Hallyu (Korean
Wave)’ culture that has taken the world by storm.

#KpopTwitter is truly a global community as the top 20 markets with
the most K-Pop-related conversations (from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020) cover
every region in the world today:


While BTS is the most mentioned K-Pop artist in every market
(except for Thailand where GOT7
topped the leaderboard), the rest of the top 10 most-mentioned K-Pop artists
varied by market, showing the diversity of the K-Pop fandom on Twitter around
the world (from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020):


For the first-time ever, Twitter and K-Pop Radar are
jointly releasing K-Pop data across 20 markets worldwide. These were the
most-mentioned K-Pop artists (by total Tweets), most-mentioned K-Pop songs (by
total Tweets) and fastest-rising K-Pop artists (by highest growth in Tweets) on
Twitter globally (from July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020):


YeonJeong added, “Even during this COVID-19 pandemic when
K-Pop concerts, global tours and fan appreciation events have been cancelled,
we haven’t seen any drop in #KpopTwitter conversations. K-Pop stans want to stay connected with
each other and have their voices heard on Twitter, whether they are cheering
for their favorite artist’s new song or participating in movements like #BlackLivesMatter. We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years of K-Pop and
Twitter bring to the world.”


Come and join the fun #KpopTwitter conversations today to
see and talk about your favourite K-Pop artists or follow any of the 300+ K-Pop
Topics on Twitter to stay connected every day with other fans around the world!

About Twitter

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) is
what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about right now. From
breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests,
see every side of the story. Join the open conversation. Watch live streaming
events. Available in more than 40 languages around the world, the service can
be accessed via, an array of mobile devices, and Twitter Lite ( For more information,
please visit, follow @Twitter and the official Twitter blog, and download both the
Twitter and Periscope apps at and

Sphene Capital Starts Research Coverage of SunMirror Shares / Recommendation to Buy, Price Target €68.90

Sphene Capital Starts Research Coverage of SunMirror Shares / Recommendation to Buy, Price Target €68.90

ZUG, SWITZERLAND – EQS Newswire – 21 September 2020 – Munich-based research agency Sphene Capital has started to cover SunMirror AG. The analysts of the agency focusing on small and mid caps award a buy rating to SunMirror shares at a price target of €68.90. In doing so, the determination of the price target is based on a 50:50 mix of a sum-of-the-parts valuation, which Sphene Capital developed from the single assessment of SunMirror’s three commodity assets, and publicly available valuation reports dealing with the three raw material regions concerned.

The analysts arrived at the conclusion that particular strengths are inherent in SunMirror’s strategy to exclusively acquire investments in developed countries, thereby avoiding country-specific risks in politically instable regions.

The entire report will be available in the course of the day on SunMirror AG’s website at and also at

The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

About SunMirror AG

Founded in 2017, SunMirror AG is a strategic equity investment company for natural resources focusing on gold and other metals and minerals powering demand for sustainable next-generation technologies.

About Sphene Capital

Founded in 2010, Sphene Capital GmbH has positioned itself as the quality leader among German research agencies. The agency’s initiation reports usually have between 40 and 80 pages, while the event-driven updates that the agency will publish about SunMirror following each of the latter’s relevant corporate press releases will have between eight and 30 pages. In addition, Sphene Capital attaches great importance to the exact wording of its equity stories, a thorough understanding of market and competition as well as well-founded and error-free company valuations. Two years ago Sphene Capital was selected by Euronext as its exclusive research partner for all companies listed at Euronext Frankfurt which operate in the areas of biotech/pharmaceuticals, internet and technology.

CIC-Zero Carbon Park Presents: “Art in Construction” Exhibition with 3D Virtual Tour

CIC-Zero Carbon Park Presents: “Art in Construction” Exhibition with 3D Virtual Tour

  • The
    Art of Innovative Construction
  • Explore sustainable green living with Hong Kong artists

– Media OutReach – 21
September 2020 – Construction Industry Council — Zero Carbon Park (CIC-ZCP) proudly
presents: “Art in Construction”, an exhibition that gathers local
artists to explore and showcase the connection and creativity between
construction and art through various forms including sculptures, installations,
paintings, photography, and workshops. Starting from today, “Art in
is held at the CIC-ZCP in Kowloon Bay and supported by a free
online virtual exhibition and a guided tour video. By incorporating 360-degree
camera technology, the exhibition allows everyone to experience the creativity
of construction, engage with art, and sample what it’s like to live a greener

The Art of Innovative

The evolution of
construction throughout history demonstrates mankind’s creativity and
commitment to sustainability. From building houses and cities with wood and
stone to today’s use of innovative technology and sustainable methods to
establish communities living in harmony with nature. CIC-ZCP is pleased to
present “Art in Construction”, an exhibition and a series of activities that
showcases the synergy between construction and green living. Like art, the
imagination and creativity of construction are both impressive and breath-taking.

Mr. CHONG Kin-lit,
Paul, Chairman of CIC-ZCP, remarked in the exhibition’s promotional video: “Climate
change is one of the biggest challenges confronting mankind. CIC-ZCP is a
pioneering and inspiring project serving as a knowledge-sharing platform for
industry practitioners in low carbon building design and technologies. By
organising various types of promotional activities, it is our mission to increase
public awareness of low carbon living. Recently, CIC-ZCP has been completely
renovated with several innovative green initiatives. Allied with the art pieces,
we hope to bring an exciting facelift.”

‘Construction’ is more
than an industry. The word itself evokes a sense of mankind’s inventive spirit in
order to keep up with modern times. Located at CIC-ZCP, ‘Art in
highlights the creativity of construction and the part technology
plays in turning high-quality green homes into a reality. This gives the public
a better insight into the philosophies that go into sustainable design, and
better appreciation for the creativity and vision behind them”. Mr CHONG


Construction and art
never stops, even during the pandemic. “Art in Construction” is also
available for free as a virtual tour at By browsing the virtual
exhibition, visitors can
get a 360-degree view of the exhibits. In addition, a guided tour video
will launch on 25 September, during which the curator and artists will take the
public into the world of art and construction to understand the stories behind CIC-ZCP
and the exhibits.

four themes of “Art in Construction”:


Art and Construction:
A Crossover Experience

While high-rises and
parks are designed meticulously by architects, building desirable homes
requires concerted effort from the community. With painting, toys and building
blocks, Artist LAM Tung-pang constructs his ideal city–complete with
hills, people and high-rises–in the installation, Things Happened on the
. He invites visitors to rearrange components to build the city together
with him, a process evocative of the collaboration and rapport behind green
communities and innovative technology in urban development.

Fusing Oriental and
Natural Charm

Sustainable development and green living
seem to be relatively modern concepts. In fact, since ancient times, the
Chinese have long believed in the importance of the symbiosis between man and
nature. Referencing natural elements like water and wind, veteran Hong Kong
Sculptor LEE Chin-fai, Danny has created Urban Waterscape, a
group of outdoor sculptures that double as benches for public use. Artist LAU
Hok-shing, Hanison
has combined Penjing, or miniature landscapes in Sitting Table — Hong Kong, with Chinese Ta, a type of platform
seating, to create a space for outdoor recreation where people can meet and
relax. With artistic craftsmanship, Lee and Lau demonstrate mankind’s philosophy
of co-existing with all things in nature, whilst also preserving tradition and
illustrating the possibilities of green living.

Concerns about Environmental Issues

This year, temperatures in the Arctic
Circle reached a new peak of 20 degrees Celsius, while carbon emissions in
various regions are still on the rise. As people pursue their ideal homes,
global warming and the greenhouse effect remain acute issues that need to be
addressed. Many artists around the world are emphasising the importance of
environmental protection with their art. Photographer LAU Chi-chung has
been portraying the countryside for many years. In Landscaped Artifacts,
he has created a beautiful composition of woods and village houses that convey
the tension between human expansion and the forces of nature. Painter YUEN
Chun-tai, Ivy
has spent half a year walking through multiple hiking trails
alongside reservoirs in Hong Kong. A series of drawings named Forestry illustrates
the rise and fall of Hong Kong’s horsetail pine population and how it parallels
the city’s urbanisation, as well as increase in plantation projects and the
threat of pests.

Sculptor MOK Yat-san
often depicts polar bears, one of the victims of global warming, in various forms.
The name of the art piece Beware of the P
is a humorous but thought-provoking reminder to bear in mind the
severity of climate change. Another one of MOK’s exhibits, Lovingkindness,
resembles traditional Penjing (the ancient Chinese art of depicting
trees and landscape in miniature) by condensing architecture and juxtaposing
the mini-scenery with a polar bear. Visitors can then get a bird’s eye view of
the landscape from above, shedding their physical limitations, and exploring
the organic relationships between landscape, trees and rocks in miniature form.
The intention of using Penjing is also so that visitors can visualise
themselves taking a leisurely stroll through the scenery.

Practise Green Living

Humans are like builders of life. Similarly,
artists are mindful of sustainability in their everyday lives and practices too.
In Modern Landscape, Artist WONG
Chun-yam, Leo
upcycles rocks and cement fragments collected from
construction sites to form sculptures, recreating the stories once told by the
structures themselves. Meanwhile, Artist Duo MUDWORK invites visitors to
practise green living through their artistic creation, Tree Call which makes
use of wood fragments to create small DIY bird whistles. Farmside Art
Research Lab
(Part-farmer, part-artist Monti LAI and cross-disciplinary artist Meiki
) is inviting the public to
participate in the Roving with Bamboo Ink — Nature Is Art workshop. The
workshop is designed to take place in the familiarity of home and to initiate
one’s connection with nature through breathing exercises, creative poetry, and
drawings created by ink pressed from vegetable leaves.

Photos Download

“Art in
Construction” Programmes

Date                                18 September (Friday) to 17 October 2020 (Saturday)

Location                        Construction
Industry Council — Zero Carbon Park

                                        8 Sheung
Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Time                               09:00
— 20:00 (Indoor) ; 07:00 — 20:00 (Outdoor)


Guided Tour Video    Launch on 25 September 2020 (Friday)

Workshop Video         Roving
with Bamboo Ink — Nature Is Art

on 26 September 2020 (Saturday)



Art in Construction” Exhibits and Workshop Highlight


Things Happened on the Island

Acrylics, charcoal, pencil, scale model
and wooden toys on plywood

LAM combines painting with a three-dimensional
model and invites visitors to join the creative process in a humorous and
interesting way. Visitors can use the toy blocks to create their own ideal
cities as an extension to the scene.

LEE Chin-fai, Danny:

Urban Waterscape

Stainless steel, iron

Derived from the concept of
three-dimensional papercutting, the installation tries to capture the movement
of flowing water by simulating the silhouette of waves and ripples, forming an
interesting and welcoming urban waterscape.

LAU Hok-shing, Hanison:

Sitting Table — Hong Kong

Wood, daily objects

An art piece that doubles as a bench
that people can sit or lay on. By using regularly available materials and
discarded items found on the street, elements of a garden are combined to
create mountains and rivers in order to demonstrate enjoyment in life is not
merely based on materialism.

LAU Chi-chung:

Landscaped Artifacts


Seasonal changes make the process of
creation a volatile one. By capturing the ruins found in nature, LAU’s work
bears witness to lived lives and passed time. Mankind made his mark on the land
he walked, but Mother Nature is now taking her turn to give it a makeover.
Though unable to turn back the clock, she has transformed the land into an
environmental sculpture.

YUEN Chun-tai, Ivy:



After reading through century-old
reports from the Hong Kong Botanical and Afforestation Department, YUEN walked
along reservoirs small and large, trying to find the remaining horsetail pines
(Pinus Massoniana) in Hong Kong — hundreds of thousands of which had
been planted (now gone) in order to present the tree-planting history of
previous generations.


MOK Yat-sun:

Be Aware of the P Bear

Painted fibreglass

It seems surreal that a polar bear is lying
on an open space in the heart of an urban metropolis. Although we are many
miles from the Arctic, as a member of the “Global Village”, how can we turn a
blind eye to the threat of global warming? The surreal artwork reminds us of
the need to strike a balance between urban development and nature conservation.

MOK Yat-sun:


Stainless steel & gold sheets

MOK’s work resembles the design of
Chinese Penjing with a view to portraying an elegant world within a
microscopic setting. Visitors can get a bird’s eye view of the landscape and explore
the organic relationships between landscape, trees and rocks amongst the
miniatures. A close look further helps unlock the imagination, taking the mind
on a leisurely stroll of the garden.

WONG Chun-yam, Leo:

Modern Landscape

Mixed media

WONG upcycles rocks and cement fragments
collected from construction sites into architectural sculptures, recreating the
stories once told by the structures themselves.


Tree Call


The trees may remember the birds singing
and the birds may remember the trees. However, the birds can no longer be
heard. Through processing local wood and turning it into bird whistles, the
tune of nature can be heard again.


Side Art Research Lab: Roving with Bamboo Ink — Nature Is Art


The Bamboo Ink — Nature Is Art workshop is designed to take place in the
familiarity of home and to initiate one’s connection with nature through
breathing exercises, creative poetry, and drawings created by ink pressed from
vegetable leaves.

About the Construction Industry Council

The Construction Industry Council (CIC)
was formed in 2007 under the Construction Industry Council Ordinance (Cap.
587). The CIC consists of a chairman and 24 members representing various
sectors of the industry including employers, professionals, academics,
contractors, workers, independent persons and Government officials.

The main functions of the CIC are to
forge consensus on long-term strategic issues, convey the industry’s needs and
aspirations to the Government, provide professional training and registration services,
and serve as a communication channel between the Government and the
construction industry. Please visit for further details.

About CIC-Zero Carbon Park

in June 2012 and located in 8 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, CIC-Zero Carbon
Park (CIC-ZCP) is the first zero carbon building in Hong Kong developed by the
Construction Industry Council (CIC) in collaboration with the Government.
CIC-ZCP is an exhibition and education centre for advanced ecological building
design, as well as an information centre for low/zero carbon building
technologies, promoting low carbon living and the development of smart city in
Hong Kong.






STC International lights up the rural area in ASEAN

STC International lights up the rural area in ASEAN

– 21 September 2020 – STC International, a
Taiwanese company specialized in solar energy system integration, under the assistance
of GTPO (Green Trade Project
Office) and ITRI, successfully built its presence from the ground up in the
ASEAN market. From Cambodia’s rural area to Malaysia, from NGOs to retail
restaurants, STC’s solutions are being adopted in ASEAN nations thanks to its
leading technology and services. STC is a perfect example of a SME bringing its
flexibilities and niche focus into full play.

 Green Energy Solution in Cambodia by STC


It all started in 2017
when STC International took part in ITRI’s trade promotion delegation and
visited the rural village in Cambodia, the aim of the trip was to build solar power
system for a local NGO. This NGO regularly invites doctors to the village to
provide volunteer medical services. Electronic devices and cooling equipment
for medical purpose require basic power supply, but local power supply is very
unstable and power outages are frequent.’


After ITRI introduced STC
International to the Cambodian NGO, STC International soon put together a
comprehensive system including illumination, fans, solar panels, energy storage
and cooling devices for this customer. “As soon as the system entered service, the NGO is the only
place that is brightly lit after sunset with a few miles around the
neighborhood. Local businesses and stores were amazed and came to us for solar
system infrastructure. Coffee shops, Chinese-language cram schools and other
business operators all become his customers,” said Mr. Polun Chen, General
Manager of STC International.


Mr. Chen also said that
before STC came, local community used to have a false impression that solar
system was expensive and dangerous. With the NGO became a model site, people
quickly accepted solar energy with confidence.


Until now, STC’s energy
solutions have been adopted in farming irrigation systems, retail and catering,
and small factories. Take irrigation for example, diesel generators were widely
used by farmers for groundwater mining, which created rumbling noises and air
pollution. Also, replenishing diesel fuel was inconvenient. All these problems
are solved after solar panel and storage was installed.

Malaysia is another
market where STC International has solid gains. Polun Chen indicated that Malaysia is totally
different in market environment from Cambodia. In Cambodia, power outages are
common and power grids still cannot reach a lot of area. In contrast, Malaysia
has sufficient power supply and the electricity cost is low. STC International
obviously needs to adopt different strategy in Malaysia. With the help of the
ITRI, STC International established relations with Malaysia’s official
energy-saving certification agency GreenTech, which has a goal to introduce
green energy to the country. Until now, STC International had
designed comprehensive energy storage system in Malaysia.


STC International is
focusing on small-scale pilot projects. Similar projects are abundant out
there for Taiwanese companies to win.

AIA Singapore creates up to 500 new career opportunities for  fresh graduates and mid-career switchers impacted by COVID-19

AIA Singapore creates up to 500 new career opportunities for fresh graduates and mid-career switchers impacted by COVID-19

AIA Financial Career Scheme 2020 will provide eligible candidates with comprehensive financial services training as well as vital financial support whilst undertaking the programme


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 21 September 2020 – AIA
today announced the creation of up to 500 new career opportunities,
in-depth training and financial support aimed at fresh graduates and mid-career
switchers, amid ongoing economic uncertainty and increasing unemployment as a
result of COVID-19. AIA’s Financial Career Scheme 2020 is a reinforcement of
the continued efforts by the government of Singapore to create and sustain job
opportunities for Singaporeans, as the number of retrenchments more than
doubled in the second quarter of this year[1].


Ms Wong Sze Keed, Chief Executive Officer of AIA
, said, “At a time when so many are impacted by
retrenchment or are struggling to find jobs, it is vital that we support
Singaporeans and permanent residents by creating sustainable and long-term career


AIA Financial Career Scheme 2020 equips individuals with the skills and
necessary financial knowledge to pursue a new career path in the financial
services industry. By sharing our expertise and industry knowledge, candidates will
embark on fulfilling and successful careers, contributing to Singapore’s economic
future well beyond COVID-19,” she said.


strategic collaboration between AIA Singapore Private Limited (inclusive of its
wholly-owned subsidiary,
AIA Financial Advisers Private Limited) and AIA Group’s flagship asset management
company, AIA
Investment Management Private Limited (AIAIM)
the AIA Financial Career Scheme 2020 aims to provide support to individuals seeking
careers in Singapore’s financial services sector. Eligible candidates will
undertake soft and technical skills training to enhance their industry
employability, as well as receive financial support to sustain them whilst
enrolled in the programme. Financial support will be provided to qualifying
individuals across six financial allowance schemes, ranging from S$2,000 —
S$5,000 per month[2],
with a bonus earned upon successful completion of certain training modules.


“The programme is
designed to equip candidates with sound financial and investment knowledge,
which will enhance their employability as well as better serve the long-term
needs of their clients.” said Mr Cheong
Poh Kin, Chief Executive Officer of AIAIM


candidates who meet AIA’s requirements will be enrolled progressively over a
period from 15 September 2020 to
31 March 2021, where successful individuals will receive structured training over
an initial 10-month period leading to three certifications comprising:

Financial Planner (AFPCM) / Associate Financial Consultant (AFC) certification,
as part of the AIA Premier[3]

Institute of Banking and Finance
(IBF) Level 1 certification

Investment Certification accreditation by AIAIM.


the initial 10-month period, further training programmes will be offered over
the total two-year period based on individual candidate preferences and
development needs.  


addition, all successful candidates enrolled in the programme will be assigned
a mentor who will partner and guide them toward successful completion of the
programme and potentially a rewarding career with AIA Singapore or AIA Financial
Advisers as an AIA Premier Consultant.   


six consecutive years, the AIA Group has achieved the largest number of MDRT
members becoming the only multinational company in the world to have done so. We
also maintained our market leadership in agency distribution for six
consecutive years, with the largest number of MDRT registered members in
Singapore. Internationally recognised as the standard of excellence in life
insurance and financial services, AIA’s agency force represents the industry
pinnacle in professional knowledge, ethical conduct and outstanding client
service. AIA Singapore is also the Winner of The Insurance & Risk
Management Sector of the Singapore’s 100 leading graduate employers in 2019/2020
for three consecutive years.


candidates can contact us via this link and we will be in touch to share more
about the AIA Financial Career Scheme 2020, and how to build a rewarding career
with AIA Singapore or AIA Financial Advisers:



[2] Financial allowance is subject to terms and conditions and meeting certain sales

[3] AIA Premier
is a structured programme with a comprehensive training and support system to
groom new AIA Financial Services Consultants to achieve Million Dollar Round
Table (MDRT) within 2 years.

About AIA

AIA Group Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively “AIA” or the
“Group”) comprise the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life
insurance group. It has a presence in 18 markets in Asia-Pacific — wholly-owned
branches and subsidiaries in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR[4], Thailand, Singapore,
Malaysia, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, South
Korea, Taiwan (China), Vietnam, Brunei, Macau SAR[5], New Zealand, a 99 per
cent subsidiary in Sri Lanka, and a 49 per cent joint venture in India.


The business that is now AIA was first established in Shanghai more
than a century ago in 1919. It is a market leader in the Asia-Pacific region
(ex-Japan) based on life insurance premiums and holds leading positions across
the majority of its markets. It had total assets of US$291 billion as of 30 June


AIA meets the long-term savings and protection needs of individuals by
offering a range of products and services including life insurance, accident
and health insurance and savings plans. The Group also provides employee
benefits, credit life and pension services to corporate clients. Through an
extensive network of agents, partners and employees across Asia-Pacific, AIA
serves the holders of more than 36 million individual policies and over 16
million participating members of group insurance schemes.


Group Limited is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong
Limited under the stock code “1299” with American Depositary Receipts (Level 1)
traded on the over-the-counter market (ticker symbol: “AAGIY”).

Kong SAR refers to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

SAR refers to Macau Special Administrative Region

About AIA Investment Management Private Limited

AIA Investment Management Private Limited (AIAIM) was
incorporated in Singapore in 2016 as the hub for regional investment management
and central trading for AIA.  AIAIM holds
a Capital Markets Services Licence for Fund Management, and Dealing in Capital
Markets Products from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As of 30 June 2020,
AIAIM manages around US$118.2 bn across asset classes and has 111 employees.
Since incorporation, AIAIM has built specialist teams to supporting and manage
asset classes across geographies, having strong research capabilities in
Equities, Fixed Income and Alternative Investments. AIAIM solely caters to AIA
and dedicate its investment resources to manage the assets of AIA.

Aoyuan Healthy Acquires 55% Equity Interest in Leading Medical Aesthetic Services Group Liantianmei

Aoyuan Healthy Acquires 55% Equity Interest in Leading Medical Aesthetic Services Group Liantianmei

  • The Acquisition Fulfills Aoyuan Healthy’s Deployment
    of Resources for Developing its Medical Beauty Business and Furthers the Development
    of its General Health and Wellness Business
  • The Move also Enhances Synergy Between its Businesses
    of Property Management, Commercial Property Operation and General Health and Wellness

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 21 September 2020 – Aoyuan Healthy Life Group Company Limited (“Aoyuan Healthy” or the “Group”; SEHK stock code: 3662), a reputable provider
of property management service and commercial property operation service in the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), is
pleased to announce that the Group’s indirect wholly-owned subsidiary,
Guangdong Xinyuerong Industrial Investment Company Limited, has agreed to
acquire a 55% equity interest in Zhejiang Liantianmei Corporate Management
Company Limited
(“Liantianmei”) for a consideration of RMB 691.0 million. Aoyuan
Healthy has been holding a 5% equity interest indirectly in Liantianmei. After
the acquisition is completed, the Group’s holding in Liantianmei will increase
to 60%. The Group plans to position Liantianmei as a leading medical aesthetic company.
The move serves to fulfill Aoyuan Healthy’s deployment of resources for the
development of its medical beauty business, which will enable the Group to provide
healthy lifestyle services for the homeowners at the estates managed by the
Group and consumers alike. The acquisition will also allow the Group to give its businesses of property
management and commercial property operation full play and enhance the synergy
between Aoyuan Healthy’s three core businesses.


Liantianmei is a leading medical aesthetic service
group in Zhejiang province with a history of 37 years. As one of the pioneers in
China’s medical aesthetic industry, Liantianmei has
been providing comprehensive medical aesthetic services, including aesthetic surgery
services, minimally-invisive aesthetic services and aesthetic dermatology services.
It currently operates two private medical aesthetic hospitals with an aggregate
operating area of approximately 30,000 square metres. They have qualifications
to operate as formal medical institutions, and have attained both the “5A” Rating
Management standards of management and possess the operational qualifications for
standardized medical institutions, including the Qualification of Level 4 High Complexity
Surgery. They also have a total of 24 registered patents. Liantianmei has won
more than 60 accolades in recognition of its strong technical capabilities, strong
brand, and competitiveness. It also has more than 300,000 customers.


Despite the epidemic outbreak, Liantianmei
recorded unaudited turnover of RMB 211.7 million and net profit after taxation
of RMB 46.2 million in the first half of 2020. The financial results exceeded
expectations mainly on the back of rent control, employees’ resumption of work
in stages, and arrangements on advertising cost, this has reflected the professionalism
and systemic nature of a leading company, the rebounding needs of the existing
customers, and the robust demand in the medical aesthetic industry.  


The management of Aoyuan Healthy said that Aoyuan
Healthy had been proactively seeking potential acquisition and cooperation
opportunities. The Group has also been deepening and expanding diversified
healthcare services. The acquisition of Liantianmei is part of the Group’s move to further develop its medical
beauty business and to broaden and diversify its income stream, which is in
line with Group’s development strategies to complement its property management
services and commercial operational services. The Group believes that Liantianmei’s
brand reputation and operation results will enhance the synergy between its
three core businesses effectively, thereby fueling the Group’s business growth
and strengthening its profitability. Looking ahead, Aoyuan Healthy will continue
to develop its community healthcare and medical beauty services so as to provide
its customers with a healthy living and social environment, and build a comprehensive
healthy life platform. All these are the Group’s efforts to build a business that
provides comprehensive healthy lifestyle services, which also serve to complement
the Group’s businesses of property management services and commercial property operation.
This can consolidate the Group’s leading positions in the respective industries
and enables it to maximize the returns to shareholders.  


The consideration for the
acquisition will be paid and funded by a combination of the unutilized Net
Proceeds, Group’s internal resources and bank borrowings. Meanwhile, in order
to better utilize its financial resources capture favourable investment opportunities,
the Group has decided to reallocate the proceeds from its global offering for
the purposes of its business development — RMB 132.4 million of the unutilized net proceeds will be used for acquisition
or investment in other commercial operational service and property management service
providers, and 215.0 million of the proceeds for the acquisition or investment in
service providers providing services complementary to the Group’s commercial operational
services and property management services. The Group believes that the reallocation
is consistent with its business strategy and will be conducive to its consistent
and rapid development. The move will facilitate the Group’s deployment of its
resources for the development of its existing businesses and is in the interest
of the shareholders.

About Aoyuan Healthy Life Group Company Limited

Aoyuan Healthy
Life Group Company Limited is a reputable property management service and
commercial property operation service provider in the PRC offering diverse
property management services for residential and non-residential properties and
a full range of commercial property operation services for shopping malls, with
a focus on mid-range and high-end properties and mixed-use properties. The
Group provides healthcare services in the properties under management, strives
to develop a featured TCM and medical beauty community, and is also actively
expanding its value-added services to enhance customer satisfaction.

Suncity Group Named Title Sponsor for Local Arts Events

Suncity Group Named Title Sponsor for Local Arts Events

Fully Supports Macau’s Cultural Industry and the Recovery of Macau


MACAU, CHINA – Media OutReach – 20 September 2020 – To revitalize the development of
Macau’s cultural industry, Suncity Group fully supports the local arts event, rooting
for Macau citizens and local artists through series of astonishing and
diversified music entertaining events. ‘Suncity Group Rooting for Macau – SIM!
Music Festival 2020’ is the first musical performance of series events title
sponsored by Suncity Group, ended perfectly at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Macau
on September 19.

Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of Macau Government Tourist Office, Mr. Kevin Ho, Macau Deputy to the National People’s Congress of PRC, Mr. Alvin Chau, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group and President of Macau Artistes Association, Dr. Wilfred Wong, President and Executive Director of Sands China Ltd. attended the event 

‘Best Performance Award’ was awarded to Classic heritage- The Final Trigger by Mr. Alvin Chau

Local singers, artists, dancers and more than 200 people from the industry were assembled to organise this music festival


With the purpose
of ‘reigniting the local performing arts power’, a group of outstanding local
singers, artists, dancers and more than 200 people from the industry were
assembled to organise this music festival. A total of 12 units did their utmost
to compete in the same stage with singing and dancing. There was no cessation
to the excitement and the symphony of applause and cheers in the whole night.


The organisers have
specially invited Mr. Kevin Ho, Macau Deputy to the National People’s Congress of
PRC, Dr. Wilfred Wong, President and Executive Director of Sands China Ltd.,
Mr. Alvin Chau, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group and
President of Macau Artistes Association to serve as adjudicators and
presenters, witnessing and supporting this diversified music festival that
belongs to Macau with the other officiating guests. It shot in the arm of
Macau’s cultural industry which has been gradually recovering after the
pandemic. After a series of stiff competitions and wonderful performances by
the participating units, the ‘Best Styling Award’ went to Walk with Scamper,
the ‘Best Teamwork Award’ was awarded to Girls Rock, the ‘Best Positive Energy’
was given to Bacalhau Talkshow & Band, and finally the ‘Best Performance
Award’ was awarded to Classic heritage- The Final Trigger by Mr. Alvin Chau.


Mr. Chau said,
‘2020 is the year full of difficulties. With the impact of the pandemic,
performing arts and cultural industries in mainland China and Macau have been
hard hit. Most of the large-scale musical performances have also been suspended.
“Suncity Group
Rooting for Macau – SIM! Music Festival 2020” as the first music festival of
this year, it undoubtedly brings more positive energy to Macau society as well
as the cultural industry, pro-actively supporting the development of Macau’s
industrial diversification.’


As the first
extraordinary music feast of series events ended, ‘Suncity Group Rooting for
Macau – SIM! Full Band festival 2020’, also title sponsored by Suncity Group,
comes immediately thereafter and will be held on September 26. 13 teams of
local rock bands will spare no effort to inspire local Macau citizens and
awaken their rocking soul. There are also DJ performances, cold beer and snacks
at that night, creating a diversified and dynamic rock music festival with
hyper performances and mouth-watering delicacies. It once again roots for the
recovery of Macau’s economy.


As an enterprise
rooted in Macau, Suncity Group is committed to the motherland and Macau. With
actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, the Group strives to support
the recovery of cultural industry in mainland China and Macau as well as the
diversified development of Macau in cooperating to national policies and
long-term development of China. Through the title sponsorship of the series
arts events, Suncity Group hopes to bring more positive energy and get the
uptick of confidence to the Macau society.


images can be downloaded in the gallery:

About Suncity Group

Group was founded in 2007. Since establishment, Suncity Group has been striving
to provide the extraordinary VIP entertainment service for our guests, and we
then opened a number of VIP Clubs in various 6-star hotels and resorts
throughout Macau with the rapid growth of our business. Meanwhile, we
successively set up exclusive VIP Clubs in Manila, Seoul, Incheon, Phnom Penh
and Da Nang, etc.


Adhering to
the spirit of “Innovating With Diversity, Striving For Success”, Suncity Group
spared no effort to develop high-end entertainment services and products as
well as roll out global VIP loyalty program for the selected members to enjoy
entertainment, travel, catering services, luxury shopping and motion picture.
Today, the scope of our business covers most sectors, especially in the fields
of global travel, film production, concert and event planning, catering and
luxury goods.


As a Macau
born and bred enterprise, Suncity Group is not only devoted to develop the
Asian market, but also oriented to expand the global network. In the future, we
will surely continue to diversify our VIP entertainment services, attract more
exclusive members and make every effort to promote our business in every corner
of the world.


Official Website |

VOLUNTARY ANNOUNCEMENT: Uni-GLP Development in Treatment of COVID-19 and Other Indications

VOLUNTARY ANNOUNCEMENT: Uni-GLP Development in Treatment of COVID-19 and Other Indications

HONG KONG, CHINA – EQS Newswire – 18 September 2020 – The board of directors (the “Board”) of Uni-Bio Science Group Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce updates on the developmental potential of the Group’s innovative biologic self-developed drug Recombinant Exendin-4 Injection (“Uni-GLP”).


About Uni-GLP

Uni-GLP, a class of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (“GLP-1 RAs”), can reduce high blood glucose by increasing insulin and decreasing glucagon secretion, is effective in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (“T2DM”). GLP-1 RAs are particularly advantageous because of their incretin effect which can lower risk of hypoglycemia. In addition, GLP-1 RAs is one of the only classes of diabetic drugs shown to cause significant weight loss. The application for clinical trial of Uni-GLP submitted by the Company has been accepted by National Medical Products Administration (“NMPA”) on 14 July 2020. Currently, the Group’s professional and technical personnel are making great efforts to prepare for clinical trial-related works.


New Progress and Opportunities of GLP-1 RAs

Based on new data presented in the scientific community, GLP-1 RAs can treat a wide range of high value indications such as obesity, cardiovascular disease (“CVD”), nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (“NAFLD”) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (“NASH”), Alzheimer’s disease (“AD”), as well as new coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19”; caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, “SARS-CoV-2”), where there are significant unmet medical needs.


As obesity is a common comorbidity of T2DM, this class is effective in T2DM patients who are overweight, accounting for at least 30% of all diabetes patients in the PRC according to IMS primary research. In addition, GLP-1 RAs has further been shown to have beneficial impact on cardiovascular function independent of its role in peripheral glycemic control, through increasing myocardial glucose uptake, preserving myocardial function following ischemic injury. Moreover, evidence suggests that GLP-1 secretion is impaired in patients with NAFLD and NASH-the aggressive form of NAFLD that can lead to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, highlighting the role of GLP-1 RAs as potential candidates for NAFLD treatment. Furthermore, emerging evidences have shown that AD, caused by “starvation” of the brain, is associated with insulin resistance. When the brain cannot use glucose due to insulin resistance, it can lead to inflammation and deposition of plaques and tangles. Nevertheless, GLP-1 RAs can prevent the decline of brain glucose consumption, causing synaptogenesis and neurogenesis, thereby improving memory behavior.


Most recently, it has been hypothesized that GLP-1 RAs have been considered excellent candidates for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 with or without T2DM owing to their multiple beneficial effects on excessive inflammation-induced acute lung injury. Multiple preclinical studies performed in mice and rats with experimental induced lung injury demonstrated that GLP-1 RAs attenuate pulmonary inflammation, through inhibitory activity on cytokine release, as a result of their interference with nuclear factor-κB (“NF-κB”) signaling pathways. More recently, several studies have demonstrated the capacity of GLP-1 RAs to enhance the activity of the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (“ACE2”)→ angiotensin (1–7)(”A(1–7)”)→Mas receptor (“MasR”) axis by directly stimulating ACE2 expression would contribute to reduce the progression of inflammatory and thrombotic processes frequently associated with the poor prognosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection, through the fostering of an antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory milieu. Lung injury and inflammation is seen in more severe COVID-19 infected patients, and a leading cause of COVID-19 related fatalities. The advantage compared with vaccine is that the GLP-1 RAs can continue to protect lung function even when coronavirus mutates.


Next Steps for Uni-GLP

The Board is optimistic about Uni-GLP’s potential in new therapeutic areas. The Group has already kicked off partnerships with several universities in PRC to conduct preclinical research of Uni-GLP in obesity, as well as to formulate a new innovative oral or 3rd generation Uni-GLP. Armed with the recent data of GLP-1 RA in treatment of CVD, NAFLD, NASH, AD and COVID-19, the Group is currently in talks with NMPA and prospective partners to expand Uni-GLP into these new areas.

About Uni-Bio Science Group Limited

Uni-Bio Science Group Limited is principally engaged in the research and development, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The research and development center is fully equipped with a complete system for the development of genetically-engineered products with a pilot plant test base which is in line with NMPA requirements. The Group also has two GMP manufacturing bases in Beijing and Shenzhen. The Group is focused on the development of novel treatments and innovative drugs addressing the therapeutic areas of diabetes, ophthalmology and dermatology.


Uni-Bio Science Group Limited was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 12, 2001. Stock code: 0690.

Citi Steps Up Its Commitment to Youth Employment, Skills Development and Innovation across Asia Pacific

Citi Steps Up Its Commitment to Youth Employment, Skills Development and Innovation across Asia Pacific

  • As part of the expanded global Pathways to
    initiative, Citi and the Citi Foundation to collectively invest US$35
    million in philanthropic contributions and grants to improve the employability
    of youth from low-income and underserved communities in Asia by 2023
  • Citi Asia Pacific to offer 6,000 jobs and 60,000
    job-skills training opportunities for youth over the next three years 
  • Young people to continue to be positioned front and center in tackling
    most pressing challenges in Asia and accelerating progress towards the United Nations’
    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 18 September 2020 – Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) – Citi Asia Pacific and the Citi
Foundation today announced a collective commitment of US$35 million in philanthropic investments
to advance economic opportunities and employability for youth from low-income
and underserved communities in the region by 2023.  In addition, the bank will offer 6,000 jobs
and 60,000 job skills training opportunities for young people at Citi Asia over
the next three years. 


The regional
commitments are part of Citi’s expanded global Pathways to Progress initiative. This initiative is designed to equip young people with the
skills and confidence to improve their employment and entrepreneurship
opportunities and make a positive impact in their lives and their communities
in rapidly
changing economies.


The increased
commitment is in response to the impact of COVID-19 on youth employment in the
region. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), Asia Pacific
is home to more than half of the world’s youth population, with 700 million
youth aged 15 to 24 years. While they represent 20 per cent of the total
working-age population, this youth segment accounts for almost half of the Asia
Pacific’s jobless. The pandemic and resulting economic crisis has further
challenged this issue. Projections through the end of 2020 in 13 countries show
sizable jumps, with youth unemployment rates doubling the 2019 rate in some


“Communities in Asia Pacific are facing a youth
unemployment crisis, especially among low-income and underserved groups, due to
the impact of COVID-19. The expanded Pathways to Progress initiative underlines
our effort to tackle this urgent issue by equipping and empowering young people
with skills to improve their employment outcomes. Young people are key to Asia
Pacific’s COVID-19 recovery and this investment will help them advance their
economic opportunities and support inclusive growth in the region,” said Peter
Babej, Citi’s Asia Pacific CEO.


On its employment and
training, Citi has committed to over the next three years to offer 6,000
jobs and 60,000 skills training opportunities across Citi’s retail and
institutional businesses in Asia Pacific through its summer internship program,
full-time analyst and associate roles, on-campus programs and opportunities
with Citi® University Partnerships in Innovation & Discovery
(CUPID) Program.


The CUPID program engages diverse students on a range of innovation
projects across the company.  To provide students
the opportunity to experience banking despite the pandemic, Citi Asia Pacific
launched a first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality Intern Experience program, open
for enrolment to students around the world.


The program offers ‘lifelike’ on-the-job tasks and skills training
relevant to an analyst role across three different businesses at Citi – Banking,
Capital Markets and Advisory (BCMA), Markets and Securities Services, and
Consumer Banking.


Citi Foundation grant investments
will focus on programs that serve low-income and underserved communities who have been disproportionately
impacted by COVID-19, including young women at risk, migrant youth, minorities and youth
with disabilities.


addition, Pathways to Progress programming on youth leadership and innovation will be strengthened, to recognize the
role youth can play in enabling progress and finding solutions for the most
pressing challenges faced by society. 


In Asia Pacific, examples of Pathways to Progress programming
funded in 2020 include: 


  • Youth
    Co:Lab, a project co-created by Citi Foundation and the United Nations
    Development Programme (UNDP), to continue bringing governments and stakeholders
    together to support young social entrepreneurs in starting and growing
    businesses that accelerate achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable
    Development Goals in more than 25 countries and territories across the region
  • Citi’s US$10 million commitment in India to deliver
    demand-driven future skills training to 200,000 low-income youth and providing
    at least 70% of them with employment across India’s growth industries
  • Paid internships
    supported by Citi through Hong Kong Council of Social Services and Kyung Hee
    University in South Korea to provide university students the opportunity to
    gain work experiences at nonprofit organizations
  • Citi Foundation partnership
    with AIME in Australia to help Indigenous high school youth further their
    education or transition to job training and employment
  • Citi Foundation partnership
    with the Philippine Business for Education through First Future, which unlocks
    the first careers of K to 12 graduates by connecting education to concrete
    economic opportunities
  • Citi
    Foundation partnership with UCEP Bangladesh to ensure decent employment of
    underprivileged women by providing demand-driven skills training, nationally
    recognized certification and job placement support
  • Citi
    Foundation partnership with The Garden of Hope Foundation in Taiwan to help
    teenage girls who have experienced domestic violence or exploitation to explore
    future employment opportunities and professional interests
  • Citi
    Foundation partnership with UNESCO in Indonesia to build an enabling ecosystem
    and contribute to sustainable livelihoods for young entrepreneurs in creative
    industries living in and around Indonesia’s heritage sites


Since 1999, the Citi
Foundation, has been actively engaged across Asia Pacific, investing over $280
million in grant funds. In Pathways to
Progress: Insights from Six Years of Programming
, the Citi
Foundation summarizes the learnings
and insights gathered that have helped inform the programming and evolution of
this initiative.


Pathways to Progress also engages thousands of Citi employee volunteers,
who lend their time and talent to serve as mentors, coaches and role models to
many young people. 



Tackling the COVID-19 youth employment crisis in
Asia and the Pacific: ILO and ADB, 2020


the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and
does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides
consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of
financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit,
corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services,
and wealth management.


Additional information
may be found at | Twitter: @Citi | YouTube: | Blog: | Facebook: | LinkedIn:

Citi Foundation

Citi Foundation works to promote economic progress and improve the lives of
people in low-income communities around the world. We invest in efforts that increase
financial inclusion, catalyze job opportunities for youth, and reimagine
approaches to building economically vibrant communities. The Citi Foundation’s
“More than Philanthropy” approach deploys the enormous expertise of
Citi and its people to fulfill our mission and drive thought leadership and

Infinix partners with Sally Karagon a Renowned Fashion icon on Zero 8 Launch in the Kenyan market

Infinix partners with Sally Karagon a Renowned Fashion icon on Zero 8 Launch in the Kenyan market

 – 18
September 2020 – Infinix, a global leader in consumer electronics
market, has launched the ZERO 8 in the Kenyan market. ZERO 8 is the company’s
flagship series for 2020/21. Though targeting the high-end market, Zero 8 will
retail at a relatively affordable price of Kshs 28,999.

launch has been conducted in partnership with Sally Karago, a renowned international fashion
designer. This partnership with a high-end designer is geared towards raising
the Infinix’s brand position and perception in the market as a high end phone.
This is also part of a broader push to combine tech with fashion to create
products that are a fusion of design and innovation.


“Infinix is taking a step to be more premium and
able to compete and be the face of this new direction as a fashion-conscious
brand. This direction is very much in tandem with our target customers, whose
lifestyle can be described as image and fashion-conscious and trendy, with a
taste for high end gadgets”, said Mike Zhang, Infinix Kenya Brand Manager.


Using her international acclaim and experience,
Sally has designed garments for the three celebrities who graced the launch,
namely the gorgeous songstress Tanasha Donna, celebrated chef Ali Mandhry and
Catherine Kamau, an award-winning actress. Inspired by the Turkana culture,
Sally’s fashion collection has been made using local African fabrics and beads
for accessories (all drawn from the Turkana culture). The design features
diamond-shaped elements which are the main design concept for the Zero 8 smartphone.


(From left, singer Tanasha Donna, Chef Ali Mandhry and actress Catherine Kamau)


The accessories, including beads, also drawn from
Sally’s Turkana collection experience, feature the main colours of the Infinix
brand, which are green, black, and white.

Explore more about the story

Tanasha Donna wearing the Sally Karago designed
garment for Infinix Zero 8 Launch


Sally also designed special shirts as uniforms to
be worn by Infinix sales representatives in various Infinix outlets. These
feature an ethnic fabric strip on the button section of the shirt. The ethnic
fabric color drawn from the Turkana culture is close to green, a key Infinix
brand color.  They spot the Infinix brand
logo across the chest pocket region giving a simplistic finish and an appealing
look. These uniforms communicate a much-improved customer care approach to
Infinix consumers and are a symbol of improved brand professionalism.

Infinix sales representatives wearing the Sally
Karago designed shirts


stylish and fashion-focused Infinix Zero 8 runs on Android v10 operating system, with its key
feature being the presence of a Media Tek Helio G90
processor. This, combined with
128 GB ROM and 8 GB RAM, will enable consumers to experience improved speeds
and overall device performance, including quick upload and download times and
an amazing experience with the apps, compared to the Zero 6. The 90Hz Full HD
Display and G90T processor also means enhanced performance on the screen and
for the cameras, including the wide angle, ultra-wide angle and rear cameras
that will take photographic performance to a new level.
On the front, for the first time ever,
Infinix has released a device with two selfie cameras (48 + 8MP), fitting them
in a punch-hole setup. At the back, there’s a 64-megapixel main sensor
headlining the quad-camera setup housed in the diamond-style bump.


Smartphones have become
a key aspect in everyday life, enabling many people to run their businesses
from the comforts of their seats and giving them access to the outside world. Over the last few years, the partnership
between tech companies (especially device manufacturers), and fashion houses
has witnessed a tremendous growth.


Infinix is also set to venture into a new product
category with launched Infinix TV, aimed at fulfilling smart lifestyle living
in accordance with modern trends. With Android TV™, the high-quality viewing
experience, and the AIoT technology, the new smart TV will develop the new
business line for the company and take the entertainment of local customers to
a new level.

The Infinix X1 will retail at a relatively
affordable price of KES 31,990(43-inch)/KES 19,490(32-inch) and will be covered
by a guarantee policy of up to 24 months.

About Infinix

Mobile is a Shenzhen-based smartphone company founded in 2013 and a subsidiary
of Transsion. The brand was born after the French mobile manufacturer Sagem
Wireless was acquired in 2011. The company has Research and Development
(R&D) centres sprawling between France and Korea and designs its phones in


is committed to building cutting-edge technology and fashionably designed
dynamic mobile devices to create globally-focused intelligent life experiences
through a merging of fashion + technology.


the brand spirit of challenging the norms, Infinix smart devices are designed
specifically for young people who want to stand out, reach out and be in sync
with the world.