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We …………… store your IP address, type of your browser, staying time on our website rather than your personal information. We store this data just in order to use it for analytical purposes. We save this data just for enhancing the performance of our website for you.

Private and Third Party Cookies

The information which a user sends via web browser has saved in cookies; this is an easiest technique to get the information regarding visitors’ performance. We served by third party seller cookies as well as Google cookies system “DART,” which allow these sellers use our web page for commercial usage. If you want to privacy policy and DART cookies just click here:

Our private policy is not applicable on all commercials,’ if you need more details regarding privacy policy of our promoters check their respective guidelines. Users are allowed to block or disable cookies at any time for their own browsers, get assistance by clicking browser options.

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We appreciate you to contact us for your queries and problems about the privacy policy of our website. You just need to click the link below for any guideline:

Privacy Policy Reviews

We are authorized to replace, modify and update our private policies at any time without serving any notice. For our website visitors, its pretty good to check privacy policies periodically in order to stay updated with latest modifications. If you don’t check our privacy policies and visit our web page that means you are agreed with all the changes in our privacy policy.