Niaz Bibi, 16, becomes a boy, now named Enamullah

Enamullah with father

In an Afghan village, Paloso Naw of Kunar Province, the life of a 16-year-old girl changed forever; when the oldest daughter of a 12-sister-family became a boy. Niaz Bibi, now named Enamullah, says it was nearly 2 years ago when she first realized that some ‘changes’ were taking place inside her, in her body structure.

The inevitable happened and eventually Mariyam, a local lady doctor broke the news to Bibi’s father Sardar that he had brought a ‘male’ patient to a female doctor instead. A school teacher by profession, Sardar felt both shocked and extremely happy to learn the post-checkup report and why not; after all he was ‘blessed’ with a son, though his two wives had given birth to 11 and 1 daughter, respectively.

Emanullah informed that he had first talked about the ‘changes’ he felt while being Niaz Bibi with one of her uncle’s wife, who later passed on the ‘information’ to Bibi’s parents. Niaz Bibi, who attended the school up to 6th level, further said that after my complete checkup, the lady doctor advised my father that he should better take me to a male doctor. Acting upon the doctor’s advice, Sardar finally consulted a Kunar Province-based hospital doctor named Haider, who after examining the patient declared that Niaz Bibi was actually 70% a boy, a male.

Haider further said that a small operation/surgery would be required for Bibi to completely turn into a boy after which, Bibi’s hairstyle was changed to a boy cut one while her parents were happy to buy their daughter new clothes too, the boyish dresses in fact. Bibi Niaz was amused to see the happiness on her parents’ faces and of course on the faces of her 11 sisters, who all of a sudden had an Elder Brother!

As mentioned above, Sardar had married twice but could have 10 daughters from his first wife while the other one was also blessed with one daughter only therefore, he was very disappointed. However, now the nature has fulfilled his desire of having a son, who would require just one more minor surgery to turn the 16-year-old into a fine, young Man.

Sardar meanwhile shared another secret with the media that since Niaz Bibi has been engaged the news of her change of sex reached to her husband-to-be as well and he not only visited Sardar’s house but also congratulated his fiancée on becoming Enamullah. “I will find someone else for engagement,” said Bibi’s husband.


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