HUAX, a digital asset trading platform has surpassed more than 1 million registered users across 200 countries and regions

HUAX, a digital asset trading platform has surpassed more than 1 million registered users across 200 countries and regions

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 4
September 2020 – HUA Exchange
“HUAX” has registered over 1 million users, across 200 countries and
regions. HUAX (Hua Exchange) is a digital asset trading platform, registered in
Cayman Island. With the key mission of “Your own Exchange, You can
Trust”, HUAX is currently offering traders with the lowest transaction
fees, a cutting-edge security system, and deep liquidity trades for digital
assets, over-the-counter and derivatives products.

HUAX sophisticated order execution engine provides
retail and institutional investors access to low fees and digital assets
markets around the world. HUAX service individual investors, institutional
investors, hedge funds, proprietary trading groups, and financial advisors. The
team’s decades of focus on building technology and high-frequency trading
automation has enabled HUAX to equip clients with a low latency trading platform
to manage and trade their investment portfolios, with the highest standards in
compliance and security protocols.

HUAX currently lists more than 30 popular digital
assets trading pairs, crypto derivatives products, and OTC platforms. These
allow investors to increase their digital assets portfolio, through US Dollar,
Malaysia Ringgit, Renminbi, and more local payment methods. HUAX operates with
a dedicated team of customer service
support operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week to deliver a
high-speed, secure, and reliable digital asset trading platform. In the product
pipeline, HUAX will introduce a range of decentralized financial products,
tokenized assets, and stable coins, for greater mainstream participation in

“Compared to other digital trading platforms, HUAX
has two main advantages, a strong community, and ecosystem development aspect.
HUAX has established partnerships with local community partners across various
countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, and more.
Collaboration with local communities to customize specific products and
development according to the needs of the local market. HUAX also provides the
highest, up to 60% transaction fee rebates for community partners and strives
to achieve an exchange that allows various communities to participate and
develop together.” said Lei Hua, Co-Founder of HUA Exchange. “HUAX in
conjunction with other ecosystem partners of its group can provide one-stop
services for project parties. Besides, HUA capital under the HUAX group can
provide multi-dimensional ecosystem support and capital assistance to project
parties. To support them to achieve an ecosystem development and win-win
situation for all parties”.

Building from the ground up, HUAX combines its
proprietary trading engine with leading cold wallet custody solutions, to
deliver a scalable and reliable trading platform experience globally. Simple
onboarding with HUAX for liquidity partners and market-making partners via
encryption protocol have been made possible. “HUAX delivers a highly secure and
scalable trading system, with world-class security frameworks and tools in
place. Ensuring large volume orders can be processed at a rate of thousands of
transactions per second. With a good sense of the local market and local regulatory
requirement to build a global trading platform, the team is constantly
innovating and flexible in our approach to meet the regulatory needs and
fast-moving cryptocurrencies market” said Vincent Daniel, CTO, HUAX Global
Technology Limited.

About HUAX Exchange

HUAX is the next generation of a digital exchange
platform, part of HUAX Global Technology Limited registered in Cayman Island.
HUAX specializes in developing leading-edge blockchain technology and digital
asset management tools. The HUAX team has extensive experience in highly
available and highly secure global infrastructure for some of the world’s
fastest-growing technology companies. HUAX’s goal is to deliver a next
generation trading platform, providing low transaction fees, high security, and
deep liquidity for a wide range of digital assets.

JinMatic Launches SEO Rescue Package for Social Enterprises in South East Asia

JinMatic Launches SEO Rescue Package for Social Enterprises in South East Asia

4 September 2020 – JinMatic,
one of the leading SEO agencies based in Malaysia, today announced the launching
of SEO Rescue Package for social enterprises in South East Asia. This noble
initiative focuses on helping social enterprises thrive during the difficult
times of pandemic, and to improve their brand awareness and revenue. Any social
enterprises in South East Asia are entitled to SEO Rescue Package which is
totally free. The applicants will get a customized strategy plan, website
diagnosis, and market research. Comprehensive reports will be provided.


digital marketing team will carefully review the applicants’ websites and
provide actionable insights on aspects such as user experience, current keyword
rankings, website architecture and content. For example, the team will analyze
the applicants’ website security and loading speed, which are important factors
in improving user experience.


idea was inspired by a recent collaboration with Du Anyam that happens to be an
Indonesian social enterprise. Du Anyam aims at improving the health and
financial condition of women in the rural areas. They have also handed over 170
scholarships to students thereby giving them a shot at making a good life and


a social enterprise is more challenging than small and medium enterprise
because social enterprises have to achieve both economic sustainability and
their social mission.”, said Terence Lim, founder of JinMatic. Terence
continued, “We are all going that extra mile to support one another during
this difficult, unpredictable period. By offering this package to social
enterprises, we hope we are doing our bit to support the good cause.”


global pandemic seems to have hit everyone hard and so by doing a little, the
company may be able to help achieve social objectives. Social enterprises are
finding it hardest to thrive because the challenges have got bigger.


is pioneered by Terence Lim and he is proficient in SEO services in Malaysia
and analytical tools. This gives him an edge in helping those who really need
it. The company takes a maximum of 3 working days to review the application of
SEO Rescue Package.


social enterprises in South East Asia can apply for SEO Rescue Package here:


About JinMatic

since 2008, JinMatic is a leading search engine optimization company with GAIQ
qualification. Based in Malaysia, the company is trusted for its expertise in
internet marketing solutions, backed by experienced digital marketers. It
offers a broad range of search engine optimization solutions from website
audit, keyword research, competition research, content optimization and
full-service SEO. JinMatic has worked with a wide range of clients including
hospital, social enterprise, architect and industrial cleaning supplier to help
them acquire quality leads from search engines.


Eat With Your Family Day supports greater family bonding amidst COVID-19

 – 4 September 2020 – Strong
family bonding is becoming even more pertinent amidst the challenges posed by
the COVID-19 season. To celebrate the importance of spending quality family
time over a meal and building stronger family ties, Eat With Your Family Day
is encouraging more companies to allow their employees to leave work early
at least four times a year so that they can enjoy a meal together with their


Underpinned by multiple
research studies that show how connecting as a family over a meal can improve
the physical and mental health of family members, EWYFD was launched in 2013 by
the Centre for Fathering to encourage organisations to arrange for employees to
leave work at 5pm so that they can eat with their families. The initiative also
aims to remind parents to put aside time to eat with their children regularly.


Held on the last Friday
of each school term, the dates for EWYFD 2020 are 13 March, 17 July, 4
September and 20 November. It is brought
to you by MUMS for Life, DADs for Life and Centre for Fathering, in support of Made
for Families.


“Research has
shown that children who eat with their parents thrive emotionally, socially and
academically. It is therefore important for parents to put aside time daily,
away from work and devices, to connect with their children during meals,” said Mr
Bryan Tan, CEO of DADs for Life and Centre for Fathering.


He added,
“Employers play a critical role in supporting families, as better work-life
integration leads to stronger productivity, higher staff commitment and greater
job satisfaction. As such, it is important for companies to embrace EWYFD to
nurture a family-friendly work culture. Even with employees working at home due
to COVID-19, employers can encourage them to consciously stop work early to
have a meal with their families.”


Building A
Family-Friendly Work Culture


Companies such as
City Developments Ltd (CDL), Etiqa
Insurance Pte Ltd and Eu Yan Sang International Ltd have adopted EWYFD with the
intent of creating a family-friendly work culture and promoting greater
work-life harmony.


“As a family-friendly company, CDL
recognises that employees can be more productive and effective at work when
they are able to harmonise family and work responsibilities. Over the years, we
implemented a series of other initiatives and schemes to foster a
family-friendly work culture. EWYFD has become an integral part of our
family-friendly initiatives. Since 2012, we have also increased the frequency
of this initiative to four times a year to encourage employees to leave work
earlier to have dinner with their family,” said Mr Steven Tan, Chief Human Resource Officer, City Developments


“Here at Etiqa, we believe that
family support is instrumental in reducing work stress and facilitating
productivity. With this in mind, our company practices EF2F — Early Friday 2nd
Friday — to allow staff to return home early the second Friday of each month
for dinner with their family. This arrangement boosts staff moral while
creating a culture of good work-life balance in the company,” said Mr Collin
Sta Maria, Head of Human Capital, Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd.


“At Eu Yan Sang, we not
only believe our people are a key contributor to our success, but also that
their families inspire them to be the best they can be. EWYFD allows us to
recognise both our staff and their families. We started this in 2018, as one of
many family-friendly programs that we offer, including staggered working hours
and a lactation room, among others. These supportive practices provide our
staff greater work-life balance and strengthen Eu Yan Sang’s ability to attract
and retain talent, as well as improve employee engagement and morale,” said Mr
Aaron Boey, Group Chief Executive Officer, Eu Yan Sang International Ltd.


Reflecting employees’
appreciation of this initiative, Ms Loh Ferng Lyng, Manager, CDL, said, “With
my husband and I working full-time, we seldom get to have family dinners as our
kids usually have their meals by 6pm. I really appreciate that CDL grants us an
early release of 1.5 hours every quarter on the last Friday of the school term.
This allows our family to get together and have a good meal and brings us
closer as a unit. It has become such a joy that my children look forward to
EWYFD and will constantly remind us when the date draws near!”

EWYFD programmes to enhance family bonding


To support families who may
be facing challenging times during the COVID-19 season, the organisers of EWYFD
are working with over 40 organisations to plan a special programme for their employees.
The 150 families nominated by their organisations will be receiving a family meal
delivered to their homes on Friday, 4 September 2020. These families can also
participate in a photo contest and movie trivia to win prizes and goodie bags.  


In addition, EWYFD 2020
is also offering:

  • Special deals from merchants islandwide which provide
    families with more food, retail and fun options for family outings;
  • Complimentary fathering and parenting workshops conducted
    by the Centre for Fathering;
  • A special movie screening of “Happy Feet” on 4
    September 2020 at 6.20pm on Mediacorp Channel 5.

For more information, go to


About Centre for Fathering, DADs for Life and MUMs for Life

Centre for Fathering (CFF) is a non-profit organisation founded in
2000 to promote active and involved fathering and address issues caused by
fatherlessness in Singapore. The organisation aims to turn the hearts of
children towards their fathers by empowering more fathers to be better role
models and an enduring inspiration to their children.


Since 2015, CFF has been the driving force behind Singapore’s
nation-wide fathering movement – DADs for Life which seeks to inspire and
mobilise fathers to become more involved with and a good influence to their
children… for life. Under the DADs for Life umbrella are initiatives such as
DADs@School, Back to School with DAD, Eat With Your Family Day and Celebrating
Fathers — to encourage fathers to spend time with their families and create a
culture that promotes active fathering.


MUMs for Life is a ground-up movement to celebrate a mum’s
unique identity as a woman, daughter, wife & mother. Our key partner is DADs
for Life because we believe that mums and dads play irreplaceable and
complementary roles in parenting together.  


is Made For Families


CFF is proud to be part of the ecosystem supporting families in Singapore, and identify ourselves as an organisation that is Made For Families.

Made For Families represents the different ways — big and small — in which Singapore supports families. Companies, organisations and community groups can adopt the brand mark to identify themselves as promoting the value of family in our society.  Together, we can build a society that is Made For Families, by laying a foundation of support, from family-friendly spaces and workplaces, products and services, and family-bonding activities.  

Visit for more information.

Aon Announces Singapore Coalition to Help Move the Economy Forward

Aon Announces Singapore Coalition to Help Move the Economy Forward

  • Coalition to focus on creating a benchmark for
    how local businesses work, travel and convene in the wake of the COVID-19
  • This is the third of several regional
    coalitions that Aon will be rolling out globally

– Media
 – 4
September 2020 – Aon

(NYSE: AON), a leading global professional services firm providing a broad
range of risk, retirement and health solutions, today announced the formation
of a coalition of leading Singapore companies to strengthen communities and
move toward societal and economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19

The coalition, which recently held its virtual kickoff
meeting, consists of key employers from a broad set of sectors focused on re-introducing
fundamental aspects of society and the economy: working, traveling and
convening. These top Singapore organisations will collaborate to outline a set
of guidelines for businesses and communities to help restart the economy safely.

Aon has launched similar coalitions in Chicago and New York
and plans to conduct similar efforts in other cities, including London and

“We are deeply committed to the communities we operate in
and are excited to bring this important work to Singapore,” said Greg Case, Aon
CEO. “We have helped our clients maintain their operations and mitigate risk
during the pandemic and believe that we have a responsibility to play a larger
role in helping organisations return to the workplace and rebuild economies
with confidence and certainty.”

Convened and led by Aon, the coalition will focus on Work,
Travel and Convene efforts across leading businesses.

Na Boon Chong, Managing Director & Partner, Human Capital
Solutions, Southeast Asia, Aon said, “There is much to gain from a united approach,
and we welcome the partnership and sharing of expertise among Singapore
companies in navigating the pandemic. We are confident that with our
collaborative efforts, we can help local business leaders make better decisions
about protecting communities in the short term and rebuilding how we work,
travel and convene over the long term.”

Alexis Saussinan, Global Head of Strategic Workforce
Planning and Analytics, Merck said, “Bringing together companies across sectors
and top leaders across functions in Singapore is a great opportunity to share
experiences and co-create new approaches to operate and compete. I look forward
to sharing how Merck is shaping our future ways of working and learn from best
practices in other companies.”

The coalition will share insights and learnings from its ongoing
efforts across industries, sectors and geographies as well as discuss issues
related to the current pandemic. This collective knowledge will then be used to
create a first-of-its-kind benchmark to develop recommendations and guidelines
to build a path forward. Aon expects to publish an initial assessment report in
November 2020.

About Aon

Aon plc (NYSE: AON) is a
leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk,
retirement and health solutions. Our 50,000 colleagues in 120 countries empower
results for clients by using proprietary data and analytics to deliver insights
that reduce volatility and improve performance.


Aon on Twitter and LinkedIn 

Stay up
to date by visiting the Aon Newsroom and hear from Aon’s
expert advisors in The One Brief.

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for News Alerts here

SWIFT: New report reveals how cyber attackers ‘cash out’ following large-scale heists

SWIFT: New report reveals how cyber attackers ‘cash out’ following large-scale heists

  • By illuminating final stage in
    money laundering process, BAE Systems report commissioned by SWIFT supports
    efforts by banks to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks

3 September 2020 – SWIFT and BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
today published ‘Follow the Money’, a new report that describes the complex web
of money mules, front companies and cryptocurrencies that criminals use to
siphon funds from the financial system after a cyber-attack.

The report highlights the ingenuity of money
laundering tactics to obtain liquid financial assets and avoid any subsequent
tracing of the funds. For instance, cyber criminals often recruit unsuspecting
job seekers to serve as money mules that extract funds by placing legitimate
sounding job advertisements, complete with references to the organisation’s diversity
and inclusion commitments. They use insiders at financial institutions to evade
or undermine the scrutiny of compliance teams carrying out know-your-customer
(KYC) and due diligence
checks on new account openings. And they convert stolen funds into assets such
as property and jewellery which are likely to hold their value and less likely
to attract the attention of law enforcement.

commissioned BAE Systems to investigate this element of the money laundering
process as part of its Customer Security Programme (CSP). The CSP continually
helps the financial community to strengthen its cyber
defences through a range of measures including mandatory controls, intelligence
sharing and thought leadership. Although there has been much research into the methods that cyber criminals
use to conduct attacks, there has been less investigation into what happens to
funds once they have been stolen. The aim of this report is to illuminate the
techniques used by cyber criminals to ‘cash out’ so that SWIFT’s global community
of over 11,000 financial institutions, market infrastructures and corporates can
better protect themselves.

Brett Lancaster, Head of the Customer Security Programme at SWIFT
said: “The threat posed by cyber-attacks to the financial sector has never been
greater. Attackers are well-resourced, constantly evolving their modus operandi
and using untraceable money laundering techniques. The report highlights how
the growth in cyber-attacks is increasing the need for the convergence of
anti-money laundering, fraud and cybersecurity processes in financial
institutions. It calls for them to increase information sharing, tighten due
diligence requirements and smartly invest in maintaining systems to strengthen
their defences.”

Simon Viney, Cyber Security Financial Services
Sector Lead at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence said: “The activity from cyber
criminals and gangs across the world is estimated to result in over $1.5
trillion dollars in annual losses. This report focuses on money laundering related activities necessary for
cyber attackers to conduct and ‘cash out’ a successful attack and avoid the money
subsequently being traced. As technology and criminals’
techniques evolve at a rapid pace, so will the need for institutions, both
private sector and law enforcement, to collaborate and maintain awareness of
evolving money laundering techniques, in order to reduce the opportunities for
threat groups to benefit from committing high-value cyber heists.”

Among the other findings in the report:

  • Front companies — cyber criminals tend
    to focus on textile, garment, fishery and seafood businesses to obfuscate funds.
    They find it easier to operate in parts of East Asia where less stringent
    regulations make it easier to conduct their activities.
  • Cryptocurrencies — while the number of
    identified cases of money laundering through cryptocurrencies is low so far,
    there have been a couple of major incidents involving millions of dollars.
    Digital transactions are appealing because they are conducted in a peer-to-peer
    manner that circumvents the compliance and KYC checks conducted by banks, and
    often require only an e-mail address
  • Experience – The method chosen by cyber
    criminals to cash out and spend the stolen funds is indicative of their levels
    of professionalism and experience. Some inexperienced criminals have immediately
    made extravagant purchases drawing the attention of law enforcement agencies
    and leading to arrests.

The Follow the Money report is available to
download now. Visit
to download your copy of the report.


SWIFT is a global member owned cooperative and the world’s leading
provider of secure financial messaging services. We provide our community with
a platform for messaging and standards for communicating, and we offer products
and services to facilitate access and integration, identification, analysis and
regulatory compliance.

Our messaging platform, products and services connect more than 11,000
banking and securities organisations, market infrastructures and corporate
customers in more than 200 countries and territories. While SWIFT does not hold
funds or manage accounts on behalf of customers, we enable our global community
of users to communicate securely, exchanging standardised financial messages in
a reliable way, thereby supporting global and local financial flows, as well as
trade and commerce all around the world.

As their trusted provider, we relentlessly pursue operational excellence;
we support our community in addressing cyber threats; and we continually seek
ways to lower costs, reduce risks and eliminate operational inefficiencies. Our
products and services support our community’s access and integration, business
intelligence, reference data and financial crime compliance needs. SWIFT also
brings the financial community together — at global, regional and local levels
— to shape market practice, define standards and debate issues of mutual
interest or concern. SWIFT’s strategic five year plan, SWIFT2020, challenges SWIFT to continue
investing in the security, reliability and growth of its core messaging
platform, while making additional investments in existing services and
delivering new and innovative solutions.

Headquartered in Belgium, SWIFT’s international governance and oversight
reinforces the neutral, global character of its cooperative structure. SWIFT’s
global office network ensures an active presence in all the major financial

About BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

At BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, we help nations, governments and businesses around the world defend
themselves against cybercrime, reduce their risk in the connected world, comply
with regulation, and transform their operations.
For more information regarding our compliance, fraud detection and
prevention solutions, visit

Syinix Becomes Leicester City Football Club’s Official Home Appliances Partner

Syinix Becomes Leicester City Football Club’s Official Home Appliances Partner

LEICESTER, UK – Media OutReach – 3 September 2020 – The emblematic Syinix mascot Mr. Fox might soon be changing his green
hoodie for a royal blue shirt! That’s right, Syinix has become Leicester City Football
Club’s (LCFC) official partner of home appliances. Premier League’s Foxes, the
most recent first-time champions, were the heroes of the fairytale season that
defied all the odds as they lifted the Premier League trophy in 2016. In 2020
they remain a force to be reckoned with, ending the season by qualifying for
the Europa League ahead of other illustrious teams, and the team’s talismanic
striker Jamie Vardy finally winning the Premier League’s Golden Boot.


LCFC returned to the Premier League in 2014,
one year later Syinix was launched. Since then, the reinvented Foxes team and
Syinix have both been on a meteoric rise. Justin. Liu, General Sales Manager of
Syinix said: “Syinix is an ambitious undertaking aimed to deliver a
smart and better life to our consumers in emerging markets. LCFC is a real
challenger in the world of football. We were very impressed with their progress
and have identified them as a great ambassador to help convey our ambition to a
larger audience.”


Harj Hir,
Head of Partnerships at Leicester City, said: “We are thrilled to welcome
Syinix to Leicester City as an Official Partner. It’s great to have such an
innovative brand on board, and we look forward to working with them over the
next four seasons.”


With LCFC, the next celebration is never far
away. And now, Syinix will bring fans closer to the next Vardy Party. Syinix
core belief “starting smart life” focuses at enriching customer’s life
experiences. Syinix is thrilled to introduce the upcoming majestic products
with special features from LCFC players.


Syinix are ready to bring more spotlight on
LCFC and their fantastic players, as well as a chance to bring the fans closer
to players with frequent interactive campaigns, prizes, and bigger and smarter
android TV. Stay tuned!


About Syinix

Launched in 2015, Syinix is a
global smart home appliance brand launched in guided by the
brand philosophy of “Starting Smart Life”.
Syinix is committed to providing consumers with innovative smart
home appliance solutions that are practical and beautifully crafted
to improve the quality of life at home.

Syinix to Release the Brand’s First Android TV, Continuing to Elevate the User Experience for a Smart Life at Home

Syinix to Release the Brand’s First Android TV, Continuing to Elevate the User Experience for a Smart Life at Home

ABUJA, NIGERIA – Media OutReach – 3 September 2020 – Syinix, a
global smart home appliance brand, will launch the brand’s first
Android TV™ in Ghana and Nigeria on 15 Sep. Given the increasing demand for
smart home appliances, this will be a huge step forward for consumers to
elevate their experience and start a smart life.


The new Syinix Android TV features
a frameless screen display, Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, 4K Ultra HD Resolution,
Dolby 5.1 Perfect Surround Sound and Android TV operating system at competitive
price point.


“Driven by the brand philosophy of
‘Starting Smart Life’, our goal is to empower customers to modernize and
streamline the efficiency of their life at home. We
respect for our customers mandates that we always strive to provide the best
possible value for our customers at an achievable price. Through our
collaboration with Google, we believe it will further elevate the utility of
our smart devices, and in turn, give our customers more power to enjoy their
family life in a smarter way.” said Leon , Marketing Director of Syinix.


Multi-faceted Approach to Connection Gives Users Flexibility

Syinix Smart Android TV is
equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which works with many Bluetooth devices such as
sound bars, speakers, or a keyboard and mouse to control, and increase the ease
of connection. With more options to connect to outside sound systems, it is
possible to customize the TV’s functions to even better cater to large crowds
at home, such as house party guests, enabling people to enjoy socializing with
friends or family at home. Meanwhile, Android TV’s comprehensive content
selection via Google Play includes 5,000+ apps and games, providing users with
all-round entertainment experience .


Frameless Display, 4K Ultra HD Resolution and Surround Sound
Creates an Immersive Entertainment Experience

The Syinix Android TV features a
frameless design, offering a greater field of vision. The TV will be sold in a
wide range sizes ranging from 32″ to 75″ to cater to the diverse needs for
large screens.


The Syinix Android TV has 4K Ultra
HD Resolution, with more than 2 times the resolution of 1,080P , 8.29 million
pixels, offers the best picture quality and unfathomable resolution.
The TV  has improved image processing
with HDR 10+, Dolby Vision,enabling users to see richer and more realistic

The TV is equipped
with immersive 5.1 Surround sound with a Dolby decoder that optimizes
its sound quality for a seamless entertainment experience that allows consumers
to immerse themselves in their content of choice.


Android TV Delivers a Simple, Helpful and Comprehensive  Interface

Android TV allows users to access
content from a variety of platforms, and for them to connect their TV to wide
range of smart devices within their home in a more user-friendly way.


With Chromecast built-in, the
Syinix Android TV can act as the second screen of a consumer’s mobile phone, to
easily cast their favorite movies, music, photos and more to their TV.


Google, Android TV
and Chromecast built-in are trademarks of Google LLC.


About Syinix

Launched in 2015,
Syinix is a global smart home appliance brand guided
by the brand philosophy of “Starting  Smart Life”.
Syinix is committed to providing consumers with
innovative smart home appliance solutions that are practical and
beautifully crafted to improve the quality of life at home. For more
information, please visit

CIFI’s contracted sales grew by 86% year on year to RMB 25.60 billion in August 2020

CIFI’s contracted sales grew by 86% year on year to RMB 25.60 billion in August 2020

For first eight months, contracted sales grew by 10% to RMB128.32 billion; cash collection exceeded RMB 120.00 billion


HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 3 September 2020 – In August 2020, the Group achieved contracted sales of RMB25.60
billion, representing a year-on-year increase of approximately 86%
(compared to August 2019). GFA sold under contracts amounted to approximately
1,816,500 sq.m. Contracted ASP was approximately RMB 14,100 per sq.m. in August


From January
to August 2020, the Group achieved contracted sales of RMB128.32 billion,
representing a year-on-year increase of approximately 10%. GFA sold under
contracts amounted to approximately 8,244,300 sq.m., Contracted ASP was
approximately RMB 15,600 per sq.m. from January to August 2020.



August 2020, the Group completed the following land acquisitions: 



Group’s  Equity Interest

Primary Use



Planned GFA (Excluding Carpark) (sq.m.)

Attributable Consideration (RMB)


Cost (Excluding Carpark)





2020-062 Project










Guo Chu,

2020-20 Project











Mu Project








North Community,












Shunyi District,










Company News

14 August, the latest quarterly review of the Hang Seng Index Series was
announced.  CIFI will be included in the
Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index Series as a constituent with effect
from 7 September 2020. This demonstrates the capital market’s recognition of
the Group’s outstanding performance in sustainability. The Group’s inclusion in
the index would also help to broaden its investor base, increase its stock
liquidity, and enhance its investment value. Moreover, the Group has taken its environmental,
social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) practices to the next level.


15 August, CIFI launched CIFI-7, the 7th generation product series. HUMAN Smart
Healthy Living 2.0 Operating System, which is one of the Group’s three major
products, was jointly developed by Alibaba’s AIoT and the Group. It is the
first time of achieving the integration of built-in appliances provided by
developers and the intelligent appliances subsequently installed by the house


August 2020 marks CIFI’s 20th anniversary. In the past 20 years, CIFI has been
serving its customers with dedication and forging ahead. In the next 20 years,
CIFI will continue to work and grow together with those who give it their
support. CIFI will press on with its mission to “Build a better life”, try
to excel itself and aim for greater achievements.


18 August, CIFI acquired property development project in the start-up area in
Chengdong New District, Changde. It plans to build an iconic commercial complex
that will have total GFA of 2 million sq.m. and include a shopping mall. The
commercial complex will be another city center of Changde city. The first phase
of the project will have GFA of 540,000 sq.m. according to the plot ratio and
the land cost per sq.m. of GFA is RMB2,150. ASP to land cost is over 4x. The
project represents another significant achievement under CIFI’s strategy of
acquiring land through diverse channels.


28 August, the award presentation ceremony of “2020 Best Managed Companies” was
jointly organized in Hangzhou by Deloitte China, Bank of Singapore, Hong Kong
University of Science and Technology Business School, and the Chinese edition
of Harvard Business Review. CIFI won the title of one of the “2020 Best Managed
Companies” as it stood out from the shortlisted leading companies in various
industries. CIFI was also one of the only two property companies that won the


WeTrust Asset Management Selects Refinitiv’s Cloud-based Solutions to Power Investment Management Operations

WeTrust Asset Management Selects Refinitiv’s Cloud-based Solutions to Power Investment Management Operations

Refinitiv’s integrated front-to-back solution optimises newly launched Singapore-based hedge fund’s investment process


 – 3 September 2020 – Refinitiv,
one of the world’s leading providers of financial market data and
infrastructure to the buy-side, announced today that Singapore-based hedge
fund, WeTrust Asset Management, has adopted its end-to-end trading workflow and
data solutions to support its investment management operations. WeTrust Asset
Management, founded by Keith Wu, former Head of Equity Investment for China
Everbright Limited and three-year champion of China Securities Journal’s Golden
Bull Awards, launched its flagship China focused L/S equity strategy, WeTrust
Absolute Return Growth Fund, earlier this year.


of Eikon, AlphaDesk and REDI EMS, Refinitiv provides WeTrust with a multi-broker,
cross asset, electronic execution platform whilst equipping the firm with
automated pre-post trade compliance, integrated risk, modelling, rebalancing
and live P&L for order management. This is all in addition to Eikon terminals
providing research and analytics accessibility in an integrated offering. From
a back office perspective, Refinitiv also facilitates the firm with its historical
transactions, automated reconciliation with counterparties, performance and
reporting alongside shadow NAV, dividends, corporate actions and much more.


are delighted to be part of WeTrust’s growth journey in Asia and to support their
operations as the fund grows. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the
importance of having strong and robust technology infrastructure for buy-side
traders and asset managers to navigate the changing business environment. Our cloud-based
platform offers a one-stop-shop solution for hedge fund managers, providing a
seamless path to implementation and integration, yielding significant
cost-savings and agility for our professionals across the buy-side community,”
said Paul Palackel, Business Director, Trading Solutions at Refinitiv.


added, “WeTrust’s adoption of Refinitiv’s solutions also comes in line with our
strategic vision to expand our offerings as Singapore’s financial sector
continues to grow and evolve. We aim to help clients get up and running in the
region efficiently by delivering a scalable front-to-back solution that is
flexible, compliant and interoperable.”

WeTrust Asset
Management’s Founder and Chief Investment Officer Keith Wu said, “We have successfully
launched a cross-border hedge fund with presence in the twin cities of Singapore
and Shanghai whilst amid the challenges of Covid-19. We’re pleased to have
partnered with Refinitiv to establish an institutional level operation setup and
have been more than impressed with the adoption of Refinitiv’s investment
platform to support our workflow as we continue our growth.”


For more
information on Refinitiv’s hedge fund solutions, visit here.


About Refinitiv

Refinitiv is one of the world’s largest
providers of financial markets data and infrastructure, serving over 40,000
institutions in over 190 countries. It provides leading data and insights,
trading platforms, and open data and technology platforms that connect a
thriving global financial markets community – driving performance in trading,
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About WeTrust Asset Management

Singapore-based hedge fund manager, WeTrust Asset Management, was founded in 2019 by Keith Wu Yuanqing and other veteran investors of Chinese equity markets. Its mission is to become a trustworthy cross-border investment manager  that will generate decent compounding absolute returns over the long run for its investor clients both at home and abroad.  WeTrust Asset Management launched its flagship China focused  long/short equity strategy, WeTrust Absolute Return Growth Fund, on 1 June 2020.
Prior to founding WeTrust, Keith was the Managing Director and Head of Equity Investment for China Everbright Limited (0165.HK) under Chinese financial conglomerate China Everbright Group. Keith was also the Portfolio Manager of Everbright China Focus Fund since its inception, generating  16.22% net of fees per annum for its investors in his past career, and won many industry accolades including the most prestigious China Securities Journal’s Golden Bull Private Fund Manager Awards (2017, 2018, 2019) and Eurekahedge’s Asian Best Absolute Return Long Only Fund Award (2016).