2nd US drone attack in Waziristan in less than 12 hours; killing 12 suspected militants


Pakistan intelligence reported in northwestern region of Pakistan, a US suspected unnamed aircraft has fired missiles at a house this Tuesday. The Missile attacked killed 13 alleged militants. It is second attack by US aircraft in less than 12 hours.

This attack has been observed when President Obama had announced that American administration is cutting of $800 million aid to Pakistan Military. Now these attacks express the furious plans of America, its also increasing tension between Islamabad and Washington.

The aircraft fired missiles Tuesday morning; the house was hit by four missiles. The house is located in Dremala village in South Waziristan tribal area. Pakistan intelligence officer has given this information to the media for not disclosing his identity, because he was not allowed to talk with media.

In North Waziristan, on Monday night a US drone had fired missiles at a house in Gorvak village. This attacked resulted in deaths of 12 alleged militants. This village is used as a passage to cross into Afghanistan by militants. The village is located close to Afghan border.

The main reason of tension between US and Pakistan is being told the reluctance of Pak military to target militants belonging to North Waziristan. These militants are responsible for attacks at NATO and western forces in Afghanistan.

Due to reluctance of Pakistan, US have increased the number of drone attacks in North Waziristan in past years.

Officials sometimes criticized the US drone attacks in Pakistan; they consider it against the sovereignty of country. But it was believed the government of Pakistan supported attacks in past.

In recent months due to attack at Al-Qaida leader’s compound in Pakistan the support for attacks has decreased by Paki government.


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