Yogic Flying Pakistani Military In 2047?

General of the Army (GA) Camilla Torres was packing her office. As a five-star general, her staff would do this for her, but she insisted on doing it herself, just as she always had from the time she was a young lieutenant. She found that packing her own mementoes promoted purification and growth. It caused her to reflect not only on her previous assignments but on her entire career. Such introspection always brought a realization of what had been accomplished as well as what she could have done better. She learned much from these reflections and appreciated how she had grown.

GA Torres was leaving her plush corner office at the United Nations (UN), and the position she had created under great scrutiny from the world’s militaries: Guardian of the Peace (GoP). Under her leadership, the GoP had become the most powerful and coveted military position. In the past, militaries derived their strength from threats and using powerful weaponry. In recent years, they had come to realize that true strength is gained by preventing enemies from arising in the first place, victory BEFORE war.[1] Military scientists worldwide were exploring ways to harness the power of the mind to that end.

The primary duty of the GoP is to command all countries’ Military Prevention Wings:[2] groups of military personnel practicing an advanced consciousness-developing program twice daily. The Prevention Wings responsible for creating and maintaining world peace accomplished this by harnessing the power available at the source of existence, the level of the unified field, a thousand million million times (10 to the 15th power) more powerful than the nuclear force.[3] The ongoing group meditation technology to take advantage of this energy had so successfully alleviated the collective stresses leading to terrorism and war that war had become a thing of the past.

Under GA Torres’ command as GoP, the world had experienced a lasting peace that it had never before known. As a result, GA Torres became the first US “General of the Army” since GA Omar Bradley. Previously, this five-star rank was granted only to American generals commanding armies for another nation during a time of war. Because of GA Torres’ unprecedented success in establishing and leading Prevention Wings, the President asked Congress to change the rules and bestow this highest rank on all generals commanding the special UN Prevention Wings that maintain peace without fighting.

Few Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) officers last all the way through the officer ranks to become generals. Camilla Torres was truly an exception. As early as high school she was already exhibiting the charismatic leadership style that had served her well in her career. A sharp straight “A” student, she turned down scholarships from both USMA at West Point and the US Naval Academy.

Instead, she chose to attend Norwich University because it catered to her personal style of being “ahead of the pack.” It was the right fit for both because Norwich historically has pioneered bold innovative ideas. It was the birthplace of ROTC and the first military educational school to admit women.

Torres learned about the Norwich pioneering spirit even before she arrived. In 2012 emails[4] were sent to all rooks of the 4th Company, 3rd Platoon, asking if they would participate in a study using Transcendental Meditation (TM) to lower stress. She immediately went to the TM website and found a quote from the Mayo Clinic, the number one ranked hospital in the nation: “Transcendental meditation is a simple, natural technique… This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a state of profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace, without needing to use concentration or effort.”[5]

The quote immediately caught her attention because she was interested in the medical field and was planning on entering the nursing program offered at Norwich. She already knew from the nurses who recognized her potential and were mentoring her that nursing was a stressful profession, especially so in the US Army. Military nurses are often required to work long days and nights under challenging conditions to accomplish their mission.

This is why she decided to learn and practice the TM technique twice a day, every day at Norwich, and continued with this practice after she was commissioned in the US Army. The profound deep rest it provided gave her a competitive edge over her colleagues.

Traditionally people in the medical fields display their degrees on the wall of their offices in order to confer credibility. GA Torres was no exception; they were proudly displayed on the wall of her UN office. As she took them down to pack, she fondly glanced at her Norwich diploma. The “summa cum laude” designation certainly caught visitors’ attention over the years. This prestigious hard-earned designation also appeared on all of her other noteworthy degrees including her MD from Johns Hopkins.

The diploma which attracted the most attention over the years and had gotten her the most notice was the uncommon wording on her online MS degree in Maharishi Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine:[6] “By participating in the collective practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field, this graduate has directly enlivened the unified field in world consciousness, intensifying global coherence and giving the world a taste of utopia.” She smiled to herself as she packed away this diploma; these were certainly words she had lived by.

These bold words served her well later in her career when they caught the attention of GEN Rufus Jackson. Every four star general has a general’s aide who is a nurse. The general selected MAJ Torres because of her outstanding record as a competent, capable and intelligent leader. They first met as he was walking by her newly assigned office with his entourage and noticed her boxes piled up outside. Her door was wide open so he let himself in and introduced himself and his staff. She was hanging her unconventional diploma prominently featuring a photo of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in full beard and Eastern dress. The general had never seen such a unique diploma. As he looked it over, reading out loud the visionary words, he asked with a puzzled look: “What does this mean?”

She smiled, basking in the attention of the general and his staff, and said: “Yes, they are prescient words, but as an experienced leader this might be of interest you. Serotonin is a powerful neurohormone. It can mediate feelings of happiness, contentment, and even euphoria. Research indicates that leaders exhibit higher levels of serotonin. Research also indicates that low levels of serotonin correlate with aggression, poor emotional moods and violence. You would be interested to know that a peer-reviewed publication reports that when the size of a large group of people meditating at Maharishi’s university changed, serotonin production of people in the nearby community changed correspondingly. The results suggest a plausible neurophysiologic mechanism that could explain the reduced aggression and hostility found in a whole society in the vicinity of large groups of individuals practicing this type of meditation together.[7] Not only are we humans influenced by the unified field, but we derive our very being from that field. Thus we influence that unified field through our thoughts and deeds, especially strongly through the advanced TM techniques I have studied.”

“That’s a bold statement, young lady,” the general said, “It’s good that you are tuned in to the scientific research. Without good research to back these claims, people will not take you seriously.” Years later, after finishing her assignment, COL Torres again met GEN Jackson, now retired, to ask his advice on how to handle her recent acceptance into the US Army War College (USAWC). “Camille,” he said, “From the very first day we met I felt it in my bones – this is a gal who will rise to the highest levels of command.”

As GA Torres took down her USAWC Masters diploma off the wall, she reflected on her time well spent there. She had learned valuable information from the required military history readings. Militaries are traditionally conservative to new ideas. As an example, tanks were first used to follow-up after the infantry rather than to lead, because military leaders were initially afraid to use this new technology. They only reluctantly agreed to deploy tanks with the tactics they were accustomed to. She remembered reading that Dwight Eisenhower, soon after WWI was threatened with court-martial by the Chief of Infantry. His offense? Advocating revolutionary new ways to deploy tanks. In his Infantry Journal article,[8] Eisenhower pioneered what is now called a Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA).

Technologies of Consciousness – the new Revolution in Military Affairs

As a junior officer an inner voice told Torres that another, unprecedented RMA was looming on the horizon. She would be an important part of it. Her TM course mentioned compelling, peer-reviewed research, which could be applied globally to prevent war and terrorism. The concept intrigued her, especially later when she came across an article published in Pravda.[9] Militaries were already beginning to utilize this very approach.

Fascinated, she researched what is known in military circles as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). Dr. David Leffler,[10] a coauthor of the Pravda article, was a pioneering IDT researcher and prolific writer who had earned a Ph.D. studying IDT[11] and served as an associate for a think tank at USAWC.[12] Over his career he had published in over 4000 locations worldwide[13] on the topic of IDT.

“Why had I never heard of him?” she wondered. Intrigued, she met with Dr. Leffler, long retired at 80 years old but still possessing a keen intellect. He advised her to carefully study the proceedings from the three International Conferences for Invincible Defense.[14] She noticed former Soviet Bloc countries had sent representatives who spoke highly of IDT. One of the key speakers was Lt. Gen. Tobias Dai, Former Commander of the Armed Forces, Republic of Mozambique, who gave a presentation about the Mozambique military achieving peace by utilizing IDT.[14a]COL Torres also read a thoroughly conducted longitudinal study of the lasting effects of that project in Mozambique.[14b]

Amazingly, the defense strategy was based on a powerful advanced meditation technique – Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program, including “Yogic Flying.” COL Torres was astounded. How could meditation prevent war? But once she started researching TM and Yogic Flying, she was captivated by the prospect of deploying IDT to prevent terrorism and war. She pored over a previously published Masters paper in the USAWC library by COL Brian Rees titled: “The Application of Strategic Stress Management in Winning the Peace.”[15] Rees, she discovered later, was a respected former US Army Command Surgeon featured in Stripes and published in Military Medicine.[16]

COL Torres’ time at the USAWC ended abruptly one week before she was to graduate, when CPT. Blaine MacGregor, the aide to the Commandant MG Isamu Hyun burst into the National Security Seminar, where COL Torres was giving a presentation in Root Hall. Since it was a classified presentation, there was no way for the aide to previously contact anyone in the room; by regulation all electronic devices were turned off. CPT MacGregor did not bother to walk quietly up to the podium to whisper to her; instead he opened the door, gasping for breath after running up the stairs, and shouted, “COL Torres, report downstairs to Commandant’s office immediately!”

Embarrassed, her face turned red as she quickly left the room with all eyes upon her, valiantly attempting to keep up with CPT MacGregor who was already twenty feet ahead of her. She thought: “My God, what could I have done wrong to provoke this disconcerting response? Whatever it is, what a shame, so close to graduation,” she thought. As they were running down the stairs towards his office she asked him: “What’s going on?” He tersely replied: “Classified.” Nothing else was said until they arrived at the Commandant’s office and the door was tightly closed.

No pleasantries were exchanged, the Commandant MG Hyun got right down to business immediately. COL Torres looked at final USAWC Program Research Paper advisor Prof. James Lynch with a look of puzzlement that implied “What’s wrong.” He nodded in acknowledgement but said nothing. MG Hyun pointed to the live video screen and briefly introduced the key members of the ongoing classified teleconference, which included Directors of the CIA, DIA, NSA, members of the National Security Council (including the Joint Chief of Staff) and the US President Rachel Goldstein.

MG Hyun spoke: “The President and Directors of all of these organizations have questions for you. Computer searches of your military records as well as Internet searches have revealed that you attended Maharishi University of Management,[17] and participated in Yogic Flying.[18] Is this true?” “Yes, sir, it is,” she replied. “Please elaborate,” said the general.

“As part of my academic studies I learned this advanced meditation technique as well as others. I practiced it together with other students in a large group in a class every day called “Collective Research into Consciousness.” “Sir,” she asked, “May I please ask what this about, so I can better answer any further questions.”

MG Hyun paused for a moment, thinking ‘to save time I better go right to top.’ “Madam President, do we have your permission to show COL Torres the classified video and quickly brief her regarding this situation?” “Yes,” the POTUS replied, “but be brief, we’re running out of time.”

As the video ran, the CIA chief explained that an operative secretly recorded it at an Ecuadoran military base. Their security forces meditated close together, in the cross-legged lotus position. Suddenly, many simultaneously hopped high into air, like popcorn kernels popping at the same time. Several hovered for several seconds.

With an astonished look COL Torres exclaimed: “They have broken the hovering barrier!” “What do you mean?” asked the NSA chief. COL Torres replied, “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali describes three stages of yogic flying. First, hopping: the body shakes and hops like a frog. The next level is hovering: the body rises up and floats in the air as you have seen in this video. The third level is flying: the body flies through the air at will.[19] This is described as ‘mastery of the skies’.”

COL Torres continued, “I was a finalist in the Yogic Flying Competition. However, as good as I was, I have not yet hovered. This feat has tremendous ramifications for mankind.”

Picture of Prevention Wing of the Military in Ecucador

Ecuador’s Meditating Security Forces used IDT technology to break the Yogic Flying hovering barrier

Indoor Picture of Prevention Wing of the Military in Ecuador

“The President of Ecuador agrees” said the DIA chief. “He called an international press conference tomorrow morning to announce their breakthrough. We secretly obtained a draft of his speech. We are concerned about what he will say.”

The CIA chief added, “This situation parallels Russia launching Sputnik. It will be embarrassing to the US.” The POTUS agreed, saying “I will take prompt action by calling on Congress to vote for immediate funding for a Department of Defense program so our military owns the domain of ‘Inner Space.’[20] They must become ‘Inner Space’ experts who harness all of its possibilities.”

The POTUS continued, “Tomorrow afternoon I will deliver a speech before a joint session of Congress to inform them that the United States must win ‘The Race for Inner Space’ just as we won the race for outer space by beating the Russians to the moon. According to my briefings, our military personnel must quickly learn to contact the inner space of the unified field to maintain our military superiority and competitive advantage. They must quickly learn to manipulate the unified field of pure nothingness, as Ecuador’s hovering Yogic Flyers prove that even nothing is really something in the quantum world.”[21]

COL Torres asked, “Madam President, if I may humbly ask, what does this have to do with me? The POTUS replied, “My speech is scheduled, but it is not written yet. I have no cohesive plan to achieve this goal. I spoke with your Master’s degree paper advisor. He and other faculty members concur that your paper presents an intelligent plan to harness the full potential of Yogic Flying to defend our country by creating victory BEFORE war by preventing enemies from arising.”

“Please come to the White House immediately to help write my speech. After my talk, you will give a non-classified presentation about your plan to the press.”

COL Torres, ever practical, replied, “Madam President, I will be honored to help you, but afterwards I want to return to Carlisle Barracks to graduate with my class,” “My apologies,” said the POTUS, “but you will not be returning to Carlisle. Major General Hyun, can you arrange for Colonel Torres to graduate immediately from the Army War College? I want to mention her distinguished accomplishment in my speech.” “Yes, Madam President; you can also mention she graduated summa sum laude and already lives up to the USAWC Vision statement of “Our graduates will be highly valued, respected and in demand.”[22]

The POTUS replied: “Major General Hyun, it is important for her to experience a rite of passage marking her graduation with honors. Please quickly arrange a short graduation ceremony combined with her promotion ceremony. By direct executive presidential order I am promoting Colonel Torres to the rank of Major General. She is ordered to assume the duties of commanding a military unit of Yogic Flyers, which she will form immediately.

After hearing this, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said: “I am not sure of the legality of your request; this will take some time to research. Won’t Congress have to approve this?” The President responded, “Surely you agree that this is an extraordinary situation which demands extraordinary measures? You have seen the movie “Patton?” “Uh…yes,” the Chairman responded, “several times.” The President replied: “Remember the scene where General Omar N. Bradley frowns as Patton is pinning on his third star and says, ‘What’s the matter, Brad? I’ve been nominated by the president.’ And Bradley replied, ‘I know… but it doesn’t become official until it’s been approved by the Senate.’ Patton wisely answered, ‘Well, they have their schedule and I have mine.’ Well, we must all be wise and everyone’s schedule must be expedited, because tomorrow afternoon the American people will demand answers why were not the first to deploy a defense system that, paraphrasing from the Star Wars movies, is ‘more powerful than we can possibly imagine’.”

“I understand, Madam President,” the Chairman replied. “The promotion ceremony will take place immediately at the Army War College, as you have requested, and if you so further order, I will quietly brief and elicit influential members of Congress to make sure there are no obstacles to your request.”

Late that night, after arriving at the White House and reading the current draft of the President’s speech, MG Torres intuitively knew that she, the POTUS and her writing team would not have enough time to come up with a cogent and creative speech that would stand the test of time. She said to the President, “Sun Tzu’s Art of War advises when weak, appear strong. We are tired and time is of the essence. Tomorrow when you address Congress as Commander-in-Chief, the American people as well the whole world must see you rested and powerfully full of vigor. In 1961, President Kennedy gave a tremendously successful and nearly perfect speech. It united our great country and inspired us to win the race for outer space. Let’s paraphrase President Kennedy’s time-tested stern logic, clear connections and utter simplicity to inspire our country to win the race for inner space.

We can utilize the historical legacy of President Kennedy’s “Camelot” by updating his urgent call to action. In your speech you could compare his situation with our current situation. Then paraphrase his still relevant words as follows:

Recognizing the head start obtained by the security forces of Ecuador with their large groups of Yogic Flyers which gives them many months of lead-time, and recognizing the likelihood that they will exploit this lead for some time to come in still more impressive successes, we nevertheless are required to make new efforts on our own. For while we cannot guarantee that we shall one day be first, we can guarantee that any failure to make this effort will make us last.

We take an additional risk by making it in full view of the world; this very risk enhances our stature when we are successful. But this is not merely a race. This is an exciting and historical opportunity! Inner space, the unified field of all the laws of nature, is open to us now; and our eagerness to share its meaning is not governed by the efforts of others. We must master inner space because whatever mankind must undertake, free men must fully share.

First, I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of achieving the third stage of Yogic Flying–mastery of the skies. No single project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for creating lasting world peace; and unlike the race for space 75 years ago, will be so much easier and less expensive to accomplish.

Certainly we will salute the success of our military personnel who first make these daring flights. But in a very real sense, it will not be just our military members mastering the skies–if we make this judgment affirmatively–it will be our entire nation. For all of us must collectively desire to put them there.

The POTUS voiced her approval and the next morning they put the finishing touches on her speech as they watched the international press conference by the President of Ecuador. As predicted by the US intelligence leaders the previous day, the world was astounded. The incredible live Yogic Flying demonstration of Ecuadoran warriors constantly played over and over on the world’s news services.

The President’s speech at Congress was well received and then it was MG Torres’s turn to present. She started her presentation with two slides that Dr. Leffler had given her taken from his paper: “A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising–Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace.”[23] They provided simple illustrations of the abstract IDT concept. This made the rest of her presentation much easier to understand.

Typical Military Model
Obsolete means of defense: the military fails to address social stress responsible for terrorism
Invincible Military Model
Invincible Defense Technology addresses social stress, thereby ending terrorism, violence and war.

MG Torres’s presentation was very well received. After her talk she was asked this question by a conservative reporter from the Wall Street Journal: “Many of our readers do not believe that the security forces in Ecuador are really hovering. This must be some kind of cleaver trick. How could so called Yogic Flyers violate the laws of physics to accomplish levitation?” MG Torres answered, “They are partially right about violating the laws of physics. However, these are the laws of classical Newtonian physics that apply largely on the macroscopic level. The Yogic Flyers are not violating the laws of quantum physics. They operate on the super microscopic level of the Planck scale, the finest time and distance scale found at ten to the negative 33 centimeters. The laws of quantum physics here supersede the laws of classical physics. At this level of the unified field of all the laws of nature gravity is weak and at that level Yogic Flyers manipulate it to their advantage.”

The answer she gave to the last questions she took from CNN’s Pentagon correspondent would later make her famous:

“In the President’s speech she used the term ‘mastery of the skies.’ What does this mean? Is it some kind of advanced air superiority? How will we know when our military achieves it?”

MG Torres replied: “To my knowledge, there is no one currently alive who has achieved this level of human development so we are not certain what it entails. Yogis refer to this highest level of Yogic Flying as “mastery of the skies” where the human body can fly through the air at will.”

MG Torres then said the words which became her career’s most famous sound bite quote. It was gleefully played over and over by every news services worldwide. At the time it was taken as a joke, years later her profound words were taken seriously: “When the US Army Golden Knights demonstration and competition parachute team no longer have to wear parachutes to safely accomplish the same complex aerial stunts performed so artistically and beautifully by the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels, then it is a safe bet to say that the US Army has achieved the ultimate level of air superiority–“mastery of the skies.”

Years later, right after LTG Torres was bestowed her third star along with the Presidential Medal of Freedom,[24] the US Army Golden Knights put on a thrilling aerial show in her honor to demonstrate their amazing precision expertise in Yogic Flying and they did NOT wear parachutes.

Also in GA Torres’s UN office was the citation for the Defense Superior Service Medal[25] which she was awarded by the Secretary of Defense for her brilliant plan that successfully prevented nuclear war with North Korea. Known as “Torres Four Prong Prevention Plan” or “T,” “F,” triple “P” (TFPPP). It has since been studied reverently in all war colleges worldwide. Here is a short synopsis of her radical plan:

  1. Just in time, intelligence revealed the exact moment of the North Korean secret nuclear attack against the United States. In order to counteract and prevent this attack, the US Air Force immediately sent large cargo planes loaded with Yogic Flyers. The Yogic Flying sessions were coordinated and timed to commence at the exact moment when all simultaneously arrived at their secret locations. This initial and crucial phase of Torres’s plan used the unified field to create immediate social coherence in North Korea and de-escalated the rising tensions just as one drop of cool water can lower the temperature of water to just below its boiling point.According to the mission description released to the public, these planes flew as close to North Korea as possible without interloping on their territory. Obviously, crossing the border would be seen as a provocation. But in reality, years later after all the mission details were declassified, it was revealed that these planes were outfitted with a new top secret cloaking technology as well as specially built silent engines which emitted no thermal signature. Some of these planes managed to circle undetected around the high stressed areas, including the capital of Pyongyang as well as military-related facilities deep in North Korea.
  2. When Torres was formulating the plan she knew that she needed enough Yogic Flyers to equal at least the square root of one percent of the population of North Korea.[26] But since nuclear war was eminent, she opted to play safe and follow part of the Powell Doctrine[27] of going in with overwhelming force.Yes, it was definitely yogic flying overkill, but to make sure societal coherence was quickly established, her plan called for the US Navy to send in not just one, but two carrier battle groups just skirting off the 12 mile limit from North Korean Eastern shores. One battle group was positioned in the Sea of Japan and the other in the Western Korea Bay. Each battle group carried an additional carrier with no planes, so larger numbers of Yogic Flyers could be accommodated on board. LTG Torres adapted this idea from her USAWC military history class when she studied the 1994 Haiti operation which used an aircraft carrier as a huge troop carrier.[28]
  3. Army Yogic Flyers manned the carrier along with Navy and Marine personnel who participated in creating coherence via yogic flying when not performing their other duties. Selected Coast Guard personnel also participated, so all military services were represented in this critical historic mission.
  4. The most important and last part of the Torres plan was implemented after the tensions had completely dissipated. It could only happen after the North Koreans had first-hand experience of how Yogic Flying had so completely out foxed them. Only then did their leaders come to the realization that their military was far behind ours and was using obsolete technologies to defend their country.

The Supreme leader of North Korea personally invited the US Marines to land on their beaches and immediately set up bases of Yogic Flyers to continue to calm the tensions in their country. As soon as this was accomplished, the Supreme Leader and other governmental leaders began to effectively govern from a place of higher consciousness, brought about by the strength of the unified field created by the Yogic Flyers, and with their help they were finally able to achieve their nation’s once elusive lofty goals. Marine Yogic Flying instructors supervised the training of North Korean military forces to create their own Prevention Wings. The Supreme Leader awarded LTG Torres the Order of Friendship[29] for devising and commanding her bold and innovative TFPPP.

GA Torres was almost done packing. One item remained. It was a sealed envelope that Dr. David Leffler had presented to her at his New York City presentation on the history of IDT at the International Center for Invincible Defense.[30] Although she had a busy schedule at the UN that day, intuition hinted this might be their last chance to meet again because he was in his nineties. After his presentation, Dr. Leffler spotted her and said, “I have a special gift for you; it is a part of history you should have.” Before giving it to her, he made her strictly promise not to open it until completing her UN assignment. She eagerly opened the faded tan envelope.

Inside was an autographed and dated 2017 draft paper copy of Dr. Leffler’s entry in TRADOC’s first “Mad Scientist Science Fiction Writing Contest about Warfare in 2030 to 2050.”[31]

It also included a copy of the contest rules. On the title page in his sloppy childish handwriting Dr. Leffler penned, “Thank you for leading the transition of our world’s family of nations into a safer and better future. Without you our planet would have followed the obsolete and futile practices predicted by others in ‘Warfare in 2030 to 2050.'”

As GA Torres read Dr. Leffler’s essay, she wondered, “How could he know how and when my life events would occur. He could have researched her life using Internet searches and secretly contacting people who knew her, but what about all the things that were correctly predicted after 2017? Is it possible he mastered time travel?”

Dr. Leffler had devoted his life to researching consciousness by regularly practicing TM and Yogic Flying. GA Torres recalled an aphorism from a page in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. She rummaged through one of her boxes of packed books and read from the page. It said that through advanced meditation one can obtain “knowledge of past, present, and future.”[32]

She wondered, “Is that how Dr. Leffler the Mad Scientist did it? No, he couldn’t have, because the contest guidelines clearly advise entrants to “avoid ideas that violate the laws of physics.”[33] “Precognition violates such natural laws,” she thought, or “hmmm … or does it?”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Pakistani military leaders may find this article originally published in Pakistan Defence to be of interest:

Dr. Hussain Khan, Dr. David Orme-Johnson, Major General Kulwant Singh (Indian Army, Retired) and Dr. David Leffler (23 August 2011). Create an International Military Yogic-Flying Zone in KashmirPakistan Defence. Expired original link: http://www.defence.pk/create-international-military-yogic-flying-zone-kashmir-526/ [article is also archived in “Pakistan Defence News part 1,” History-Facts-Knowledge.]

About the author:

Picture of Dr. David Leffler Dr. David Leffler has a Ph.D. in Consciousness-Based Military Defense and has served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) and lectures and writes worldwide about IDT. He is available on Twitter and Facebook.


[7] Walton KG, Cavanaugh, KL, & Pugh , ND (2005): Effect of group practice of the Transcendental Meditation program on biochemical indicators of stress in non-meditators: A prospective time series study. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 17(1), 339-373.
[19] The Complete Book of Yogic Flying, by Craig Pearson, (2008) Maharishi University of Management Press, p. 546
[32] Yoga Sutras by Rammurti S. Mishra, published by Doubleday Anchor Books, Garden City, N.Y. 1973, p. 316
[33] US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)
Mad Scientist Science Fiction Writing Contest
– This essay about Invincible Defense Technology was submitted to this contest. A PDF about this contest can be download at: http://mwi.usma.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Mad-Scientist-Writing-Competition-Flyer.pdf – A PDF of this essay is available for download at US Army TRADOC Mad ScientistArticles of Interest


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