Making love is good for health: 5 reasons to practice sex

Making love

You thought sex was beneficial for morale? You are wrong! The practice of physical activity 2 is very positive for the organism. The benefits of gender on health are numerous. We pinned a few.

After reading this article, many will want to slip under the covers to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. And for good reason! According to the Huffington Post and studies varying age, sex would prevent many ailments.

Here are 5 good reasons to be tempted by the formula:

1. A dreadful pain

Do you know of oxytocin? This secret natural substance endorphins and dopamine, excellent molecules to fight against pain. Imagine that it’s right in orgasm the body releases oxytocin. In other words, if you have a headache before having sex, there is a good chance that the practice relieves your pain.

2. Good for the heart

Sex help prevent cardiovascular problems. According to the site Terrafemina, men who would pass under the duvet at least twice a week are less likely to develop a stroke than those who do so less frequently.

3. Effective fight against stress

Stuart Brody, an American psychologist, tested the power of sex on stress. The scientist conducted his experiment with the help of 50 people. At the end of the study, hr submitted his guinea pigs to stress the relative test. As you can see, the same people who were demonstrating less resistant to stress factors have passed the tests through more regular and intense practice of sex.

4. A facelift

It cannot be invented! A regular sport coupled with a healthy diet is an excellent cure of Youth. Sex is no exception to the rule. Besides the undeniable physical, sexual relationships help maintain a good mental. According to studies by David Weeks, relayed by the site TopSanté, couples who have more sex three times a week, appear 10 years younger.

5. Work, sex, sleep

After love, you are relaxed. This is the perfect time to turn off lights and be lulled by Morpheus.


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