Reham Khan the soft image of PTI

Imran Khan and Reham Khan

Reham Khan the new addition to the politics. She stands tall and by her hubby, Imran Khan, the main attraction of the crowds. The cross roads have brought her to the limelight. She has become popular overnight. She is strong, educated, attractive talented and sober person. She can influence people around her.

Reham Khan may not be liked by the inner circle of PTI, but she has appeal for the people and can pull the crowd to political meetings. She has been on the road with her husband addressing rallies and political gatherings. Reham Khan has a sobering effect on the workers.

She should lead the women wing of the PTI. Reham Khan is respected by elders of tribal belt. She can successfully engineer and run the party campaign. With her charms she can enamor people. I think she should focus on issues that concern the masses and policy matters.

Do not get discouraged by the current of fierce winds. These blow to carry you to soaring heights. i am sure that PTI has found the new soft face for the PTI to improve its image. Reham Khan can mesmerize the crowds to the advantage of PTI. The party can allure the people towards it by her mass appeal.


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