At least 90 hectares of forest gone up in smoke in Saint-Jean-d’Illac

Saint-Jean-d'Illac forest fire

The forest of Saint Jean D’Illac suffered significant damage due to large fire on the night of Friday to Saturday. At least 90 hectares burned. The fire is now under control but the weather and especially the wind made it difficult for some 150 firefighters mobilized that night.

A forest fire broke out on Friday in late afternoon Road Ombriere in Saint-Jean-d’Illac. It was overpowered early this morning by firefighters, accompanied by forty trucks and a bomber plane Dash.

It took several hours in the middle of the night, for firefighters to tackle the flames. The weather conditions of the last days, namely rotating winds and heat, not to mention the dry land gave them much trouble. They were up to 156 mobilized at the height of the fire. This Saturday afternoon and at least for the weekend, they are a hundred to stay put for monitoring the forest fire and prevent recovery, especially in the edges.

Two residents were evacuated from their homes, which ultimately remained intact.

Saturday morning, the bomber dropped water three times at the scene of the fire.

This is the major fire of the summer after the inferno, not surprised at the extent of damage since the risk of fire was “severe” in recent days.


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